Women Hair loss, Reasons, and Treatments at Home

Hair is a beauty icon for women, as known, female beauty lays in the length of her hair, mainly if we talked about the Middle Eastern society; still, there are many problems facing women, especially women hair loss.

As reasons vary, women hair loss differs from men, which causes psychological exhaustion, for all those women, as a study conducted at Harvard Medical University found that one-third of the world’s women suffer from hair loss, as well as experiencing hair density diminishing, at least during one period of their lives.

This loss is no longer associated with a certain age, as people believed in previously; nowadays it might occur in different periods in the female life.

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Women hair loss

The average of existed hair in the scalp for the ordinary person is about 100.000 hair, varies in type.

One-hair follicles – monolithic – or two hair – double hair – or three-bristles – triple – or four-bristles – quad – and each one of them grows in an average of 1cm monthly, nevertheless, there are different factors that cause hair loss, however, the falling off hair is 85% normally replaced, so hair loss for women daily average is something between 50 up to 150 hair, which is normal, nevertheless, the up normal falling happens for lots of reasons; during hair washing, hair styling, or even during sleep.

So let us know in this article about reasons and hair loss types, and treatment.
Hair Loss Types

  1. Diffuse Fall: It is one of the most common types of hair loss, it affects the entire scalp, and is caused by the lack of sufficient elements of the primary metabolism necessary within the roots, in a way the roots become unable to do their functions, affect the hair growth stage, and then leads to hair loss more than its growth rate, which is the most spread types of women hair loss.
  2. Cancerous hair falling: this type of hair loss causes spots in the middle of the scalp, due to chemotherapy drugs effect used in cancer treatment, which causes total damage to the hair follicles; however, these follicles return to its normal function once chemical treatments are completed.
  3. Seasonal hair loss: where the hair fall occurs due to the seasons, especially in the fall and this is regular hair loss, where this falling hair naturally compensated.

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Treatment of hair loss at home

  • Having Supplements: best to take with natural supplements such as; iron supplementation, B complex, and zinc. Here, it is essential to make the necessary blood tests to know the vitamin ratios, as a note, it is essential to understand that increasing the percentage of some vitamins or taking additional vitamins may cause significant damage, including body poisoning and causing women hair loss.
  • Natural Hair Masks: which provides hair with a natural conditioner that moisturizes through; natural masks, oils like; coconut milk, honey, and castor oil.
  • Improving food style: Eating food of high iron rates is essential for healthy hair while staying away from drinking tea two hours before having a meal for its high ability to absorb the iron needed for your hair health.
  • Scalp massage: one of the best methods works on blood flow in the scalp.
  • Avoiding heat and chemical substance: Thermal styling and chemicals cause hair damage weakening the grafts, leading to its fall.
  • Dealing with wet hair gently: you should give special care after washing it, as it reaches its highest level of weakness when it’s wet, and it should be dried gently so it won’t lead to its fall.

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Hair Loss Causes

The cause of hair loss differs, in some cases; the reason is genetic, such as inheritance of baldness genes, or the fallout caused by stress or an unbalanced diet. Other internal medical conditions require a problem understanding to determine how to deal with it and treat it.

  1. Thyroid problems: Thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland, located at the front of the neck in front of the lungs trachea, it consists of two lobules. It secretes the hormones that regulate many of the processes in the body. Women often experience particular thyroid disorders. If the gland Hormones are produced differently, more significant or less. This leads to a defect in the hair growth cycle and causes women hair loss.
  2. Pregnancy and childbirth: Birth leads to body exhaustion, which causes hormones secretions weakness, and that leads to severe and abruptly hair fall, during the first three months after birth, the falling off period increases, however, sometimes it may get longer, depending on people, as it varies between people depending on the nutrition system. Women hair loss due to pregnancy and childbirth, between three to six months until the hair grows again usually.
  3. Anemia: means a lack of red blood cells or iron deficiency in the blood, leading to women hair loss. Nutritional supplements and vitamins such as iron can help to improve the growth and nourishment of hair, which can be obtained from food such as spinach, or drugs such as vitamin B12 or folic acid.
  4. Genetic Baldness: The baldness is one of women hair loss forms, due to hair follicles obstruction where women are exposed to thinning hair, affecting the head front line, and sometimes it causes spaces between hair follicles in the central scalp region, where hair density and thickness decrease, also it occurs as we grow older.
  5. Psychological Stress: lots of women experience stress, anxiety, and depression, especially during period that causes anorexia and sleeping disorder, which increases the stress hormones in the body, leading to hair loss, also, it includes polycystic ovary syndrome, a period disorder, where the body produces Estrogen that works on slowing down the hair growth process, as a result, fall off hair increases more than the usual growing hair.
  6. Malnutrition: caused by the lack of sufficient nutrients to the body and causing malignancy of hair follicles, as well as the bad habits of eating fast foods that contain high proportions of chemical compounds is one of the leading causes of hair loss.

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Medical Treatment for women hair loss

  • Mesotherapy: a combination of vitamins, antioxidants and botanical preparations needed for hair growth, which is injected into the scalp using a skinny and painless needle that gives 95% guaranteed results to stop the hair fall and get attractive and robust hair, also the duration of the session Is approximately 15 minutes
  • Plasma Injection Therapy: a fast and guaranteed treatment for hair loss, it is taking a sample of a person’s blood, and inserted it into a centrifuge, separating the plasma from the rest of the blood components and get a liquid rich in platelets, which is added calcium and some ingredients and injected into the scalp on several sessions to see results after three months of treatment.
  • Hair transplantation: baldness treatment through transplantation, as for hair loss in some cases lad to big bald spaces, and women hair transplant here is the perfect solution.


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Published on: Nov 15, 2013 at 17:18

Women Hair loss, Reasons, and Treatments at Home