Tummy Tuck in Turkey disadvantages, advantages and cost

Tummy tuck in turkey is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Turkey because turkey has the best position in the field of cosmetic surgeries, especially tummy tuck surgery, and its efforts to be always the best in this field of the cosmetic surgeries, between the countries of east and west alike.

Turkey is an attractive point for tourists from all over the world who were seeking treatment, and it takes the highest position of the medical tourism, when its volcanoes had erupted, which led to the mixing of clay with the healing and the mixture of water with the minerals, which helps to treat allergic diseases, in addition to the flow of springs (hydrology) and its hot groundwater that allows treating rheumatic diseases.

Tummy Tuck in turkey (commonly known as Abdominoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that removes wrinkles from the abdomen and waist areas by dissolving the fat under the skin, and then lifting the abdomen muscles, depending on the latest techniques used in a tummy tuck.

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Types of tummy tuck in turkey

Turkey depends on modern techniques and models used in cosmetic surgeries, especially tummy tuck surgery, as well as it keeps up with the developments of technology and all the latest in the field of plastic surgery, which is done in the best worldwide cosmetic centers that contain the latest techniques used in tummy tuck surgery.

There are two types of tummy tuck in turkey, including:

  • Partial tummy tuck: commonly known as a mini abdominoplasty, is done on people whose a small amount of fat are located below the navel, in which the surgeon cuts the belly button, then, removes the excess fat, and it may take only two hours.
  • Complete tummy tuck: the fat is dissolved under the skin, then, suctioned, so full abdominoplasty is done by cuts the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and contours the skin and muscle. It is done on people whose a large number of fat deposits are located all over the abdominal and waist.

The patient who performs Tummy tuck in turkey, will be under general anesthesia, to sleep during the operation, and the procedure will take an hour to five hours, according to the patient’s case and the amount of excess fat, and the patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital.

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The advantages of tummy tuck in turkey

Turkey has a lot of qualities that make it one of the greatest cities, where many people are going to perform cosmetic surgeries, turkey contains a large number of the most excellent worldwide medical centers, which equipped with the latest technology and devices used in the cosmetic surgeries, and it depends on the most efficient medical staff with a high professionalism, and the most critical advantages in tummy tuck are:

  1. The patient will get a shape and a slim body, after the operation.
  2. The procedure is done by the most qualified surgeons whose approved evident professionalism at performing a tummy tuck with its all types.
  3. The patient will get a lifted abdominal, after abdominoplasty.
  4. The patient will get the perfect body, which many people dreamed.
  5. The low price of tummy tuck in turkey compared with other Arabic and Western countries.
  6. The tummy tuck surgery is carried out at the most qualified medical centers, which has been approved by international committee (ICRC).
  7. The patient will get the full care and a high quality of medical services until he will get the results.

As well as, when the patient visit Turkey, he can treat the soul before treating the body, by enjoying the beautiful weather and the nature of Turkey, in terms of the hills covered with ice, waterfalls, lakes and green mountains, in addition to the multiplicity of the green places, where helps for the breathing of the fresh air and feeling of comfortable.

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Tummy tuck disadvantage

The disadvantages of tummy tuck in turkey are the complications and the side effects, which occur after cosmetic surgeries, some of these complications are:

  1. Feeling the pain, which you can dispose of when you take painkillers drugs dictated by the doctor.
  2. Bleeding under the skin is rare after abdominoplasty, and lasts for 24 hours.
  3. Complication of anesthesia, in which some of the patients have allergic from anesthesia substances, so you can take antibiotics dictated by the doctor.
  4. Numbness lasts for several months.
  5. A blood clot is rare.
  6. Infection might occur after tummy tuck surgery.
  7. The procedure of tummy tuck needs an extended period of recovery, and he must follow up with the medical center up to a week.
  8. The patient may need to stay overnight in the hospital, according to in his case.
  9. Change in the color of the skin.

As well as, the only disadvantage of turkey is a hugeness of the city and the traffic jams, which prevent a lot of people to visit what they want in Turkey.

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The cost of tummy tuck in turkey

The Turkish economy seeks to provide a competitive price, which is attractive to many and accessible to all. Turkey is characterized by its low cost of all cosmetic surgeries, especially tummy tuck, compared with the European countries, which offer a close proportion of quality excellence, and the Arabian Gulf countries, which get its cosmetic surgeons from abroad, which make it with a high price, but Turkey is dependent on Turkish cosmetic surgeons because of the high quality of education in the field of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey, which makes it low cost.

The cost of tummy tuck in Turkey ranges from 4000 $ to 15000 $, and It varies depending on the types used in the tummy tuck surgery, whether partial abdominoplasty, or complete abdominoplasty, as well as the amount of fat accumulation in the abdomen and where it.


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Tummy Tuck in Turkey disadvantages, advantages and cost