Tips After Dental Implants you need to take care of

Tips after dental implants are our theme today, where dental hygiene is an important part of human health in general, for what it represents of health benefits such as eating and chewing well, in addition to the ability to speak clearly and speak properly, plus to its aesthetic appearance.

Like any other body part, teeth are exposed to some problems, which can develop significantly and painfully as a result of decay, fracture, or natural health decline accompanying age, and with the development of medicine in general and the field of dentistry in particular, dental implants have become the solution and the best alternative in some cases to replace lost teeth.

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Tips after Dental Implants

Anxiety and fear that overcome the patient, is very natural, although dental implants in an easy procedure, its followings may be troublesome and disturbing to the patient, especially that its results need a long time and continuous follow-up before they appear in their full form, and the more the patient was aware of the implantation’s outcome symptoms, and realized the importance of following the doctor’s instructions and guidance, the more the recovery time was less tension and discomfort.

After undergoing the dental implant, the patient needs to commit to the post dental implant tips, and to take care of the area where the dental implant took place, he should also follow the advice of the surgeon who has performed the procedure and follow all instructions during the first month after the operation, especially during the first 24 hours. The importance of the first few months is that period in which the tissue and bones are healed. Also the bone cohesion, which takes a normal six months for the upper jaw and three months for the lower jaw, during this period the patient should avoid any problems or complications that may occur.


Steps the patient needs to follow

  • In the early hours after dental implants, you should sleep on a high pillow so that the head is higher than the body, to prevent fluid gathering in the face.
  • The need to commit taking the prescribed medications on their specific time.
  • You should stop eating until the effect of anesthesia has ceased, and you can only drink cold drinks and prefer to eat ice cream on the first day only.
  • The patient will refrain from eating anything hot for 24 hours, abstain from taking a mouth bath for 24 hours, do not use the toothbrush for eight hours after implanting, also to bite on the cloth that the doctor has placed for an hour, and put the ice compresses (pieces of ice in cloth) On the cheek on the side face of the implantation, and this is one of the most important tips after dental implants.
  • The patient must avoid touching the implantation place with the tongue or fingers, in order to avoid irritation or contamination of the implanted place.
  • You should refrain from exercising during the first 48 hours after the implantation process and strictly abstain from smoking for two weeks. A week after the surgery, you need to see the doctor to review the condition again and check the initial results of the examination or correct any negative symptoms, if any, from the beginning.

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The most important thing to know for the patients who have undergone the process of implantation  is, tips after dental implants, as the symptoms may be very disturbing for them, including bleeding and swelling and the pain associated with them, those symptoms are natural and here a detailed explanation of these elements to facilitate the follow-up of the situation:

  1. Bleeding: it’s quite normal to have 1to bleed the first day, the patient can see blood with saliva during the first hours after the dental implant, and there is no need to worry because this bleeding can be controlled, and to reduce blood flow by placing gauze on the area of implantation and biting it gently for 30 minutes, this process can be repeated until the bleeding decreases, or totally stops, and in case the bleeding continues or got worse after passing 24 hours you should inform the doctor.
  2. Swelling: to have swelling after the dental implant is expected, and it can easily be controlled by put ice-gauze on the cheek where the dental implanted was operated, the ice-gauze is used for the first 48 hours after dental implant to reduce the swelling, put it on for fifteen minutes, then fifteen minutes off, and so on for two days.
  3. Antibiotics: you need to take all the antibiotics that the doctor describes preventing having any infection in the dental implanted place.
  4. Diet: the patient has to drink lots of liquids, and he needs to stay away from eating or drinking hot drinks and food, also the patient needs to eat soft food and drinks after dental implant, and the patient can go back to his/ her normal diet when the patient feels like they can.

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The most important things that we recommend taking care of after dental implant is the oral cleanliness, you need to maintain it for fast, healthy healing, so the patient needs to clean his teeth as usual, however, he/she needs to avoid the implantation area, also the patient needs to use the mouthwash, which the doctor prescribed, twice a day, as well as using salty warm water about four to five times a day – preferred after every meal- to help the dental implant to succeed.

As for the people using kits and toothpaste, those should not be used for at least 10 days after the implantation procedure.

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Tips After Dental Implants you need to take care of