Tips after Abdominoplasty Need to Take Care Of

Tips after Abdominoplasty operation. Obtaining the perfect feature is not an easy thing to have, it requires lots of arrangements and procedures that enable us to have the magnetic body, and free from fat or laxative, and one of these procedures is Abdominoplasty operation. Abdominoplasty operation is just a beginning of abdomen’s accumulated fat and flabbiness removal, however, to maintain the tight abdomen, the patient should follow some instructions and tips after Abdominoplasty operation to ensure the success of the operation, and get the best results.

Abdominoplasty operation is a minor cosmetic procedure, enables the patient disposing of the hardened fats, flabbiness and wrinkles in the abdominal area, through two different methods; either the partial Abdominoplasty operation or the full Abdominoplasty operation. The most suitable method for the patient is picked up to the accumulated fat amount in both waist and abdomen areas.

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Tips After Abdominoplasty Operation

There are many tips after Abdominoplasty operation in Turkey, in which the doctor dictates to the patient who’s undergoing Abdominoplasty operation, those instructions the patient need to commit to them adequately to ensure obtaining best satisfying results, these instructions are:

  • The recovery period is relatively long, up to eight weeks, and the patient has to endure this time, until he/she sees the desired results, and the patient can carry on with his/ her normal life, within four weeks at most, committing to the necessary precautions and to follow-up with the medical center periodically.
  • Wearing the corset, for six consistent weeks after Abdominoplasty operation, this corset must be on all the time unless in the extreme cases, such as; taking a bath and such, this corset helps to reduce the swellings caused by the operation. Where a swelling happens to the abdomen straight after the operation and it keeps on for the first four days. However, wearing the corset this swelling gradually fads away through the first six weeks, as well as it helps to stabilize the desired shape of the abdomen and waist areas after the operation.
  • Staying away from any physical effort, hard work, exhausting exercise, and swimming, which can delay the healing process of the wound or cause a profound setback in the injury again, therefore the patient must commit to the complete comfortable.
  • The patient needs to sleep with a particular bend, not to lie on the bed in a straight position, and the doctor will dictate the patient how to do so by using medical pillows, the patient will continue to sleep in this position until the end of recovery time and the completion of the wound healing.
  • Carrying up heavy things or bending for a long time is forbidden, for at least eight weeks after the operation, and this is the most essential tips after Abdominoplasty operation, the patient needs to commit to carefully until the wound heals.
  • The occurrence of some bruises, which fad away once antibiotics are taken, where the patient has to commit to having the medical drugs the doctor described such as; painkillers, and antibiotics, for a week after the operation.
  • The female patient must abstain from pregnancy entirely after the Abdominoplasty operation, as pregnancy damages the procedure entirely, and negatively affects the wanted results.
  • Do not remove the silicone tubes for at least a week, until the process of fluids discharges decreases, and the tube is a pipe through which the liquids located in the wound area are removed, this period depends on the number of fluids and the patient condition.
  • Once the recovery period of eight weeks ends, the patient can go back to practice light sports such as; running or walking, for half an hour daily to maintain the results.

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  • There are tips after Abdominoplasty operation, especially in nutrition, as the patient has to follow a healthy balanced diet, eating vegetables and fruits, and food contains proteins and vitamins, staying away from fast food or foods that contain high calories.
  • If the person suffers from a specific disease led to flabbiness, or fat formation, such as; liver diseases, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid disease, dysfunction of hormone secretion, then he/ she needs to treat this illness thoroughly to maintain the achieved results after performing the operation.
  • The scares appear in the abdominal area, and it remains for a few months. However, it gradually fades away without the need of having medical drugs, or the use of therapeutic cream, as the patient need to stay away from using any kind of creams in the abdominal and waist areas.
  • Almost having no sensation in the abdominal and waist regions, for two months, and it can gradually come back, without the need to have any medical drugs, in addition to the high possibility of color changing, and it is advisable to no use any kind of medical creams without the doctor consultation.
  • Certain unusual cases don’t need to follow the tips after Abdominoplasty operation only; once a patient notices them, he/ she need to contact the doctor right away. Those cases are; Excessive pain, high fever, or bleeding.


In case you already had Abdominoplasty operation, you need to follow the tips after Abdominoplasty operation, this article contains all the instructions and tips needed to be followed after the operation, so share this article with your friends, so the instructions will reach to all people who intend to perform the Abdominoplasty operation.

Tips after Abdominoplasty Need to Take Care Of