The importance of Dental Implant in Replacing Your Missing Tooth

The Importance of Dental Implant. Dental health is one of the most critical concerns not just today, but years ago. Today’s technology has made dental care easy and accessible for everyone and has offered many solutions and techniques to solve all the dental problems that a person may face, including, the most straightforward procedure, tooth bleaching, up to dental implants, the most significant medical procedure in dentistry.

Dental implants today are the root solution for most people with weak teeth for one reason or another, such as weakness of the gums and tooth structure, tooth decay, teeth fall due to inflammation of gingival tissue, or at least aging. The existence of a genetic factor, in all cases, dental implants have become the most prominent solutions offered by dentistry today. Teeth fall due to inflammation of gingival tissue.

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The Importance of Replacing the Missing Teeth

Aside from the noticeable effects that missing teeth can have on personal appearance, there are other more serious consequences. When a tooth is lost, space is created, and bone loss occurs. Normal oral pressures and stress can cause the remaining teeth to shift. This shift can cause healthy straight teeth to tilt and become unstable. This can lead to even more bone and tooth loss. Furthermore, missing teeth can cause a drastic reduction in chewing efficiency. Dental implants fill in the space of lost teeth. They preserve the supporting bone and stabilize your remaining teeth. You can eat on them just like healthy teeth.


Dental Implant

Tooth implants are substitutes for missing teeth. They are made of pure titanium and are designed to encourage bone formation. A typical implant is made of the following three components:

The Fixture is the part of the implant that is embedded in and becomes fused with the jawbone. It is the portion that lies below the gum line and for all practical purposes can be considered to be an artificial root.

The Abutment is the portion of a tooth implant that lies at and above the gum line. It is the part that supports and secures the dental work (crown, bridge, and denture) that is placed on it.

The Dental Prosthesis refers to the dental work that sits on top of the abutment. Depending upon its design, it may be cemented or screwed (i.e., crowns, bridgework), or else clipped or snapped (i.e., dentures), into place. It looks and functions like a real tooth.

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Advantages and disadvantages of dental implants

Dental implants give many solutions and reduce the problems that may hinder its holder to live in peace, dental implants despite its simple obstacles; however, they have many essential features, such as;

  • It gives the mouth its beautiful and harmonious form, and the correct pronunciation, in addition to chewing the food well.
  • Get teeth that are closest to natural teeth.
  • Dental implants save the gums from many problems, whether these problems are infections, bleeding gums, or foul mouth odors.
  • Dental implants help you live your life confidently without pain, or even feeling ashamed of the appearance of your teeth.
  • The disadvantages that may result from dental implants are:
  • Some out coming infections, due to the surgical incision, which is treated locally.
  • Bleeding in one of the blood vessels in one of the implanted supporters of the tooth.
  • Some swelling and redness in the gums where the implants were placed.
  • The extended period it takes to full recovery, which extends between three or four months.
  • When using Veneers, it is not possible to return to the original tooth, because it was done by carving and rubbing the surface of the tooth before the installation of these crusts, so when choosing this technique, a person should be aware that he/she has to adhere them for life.
  • Damage can happen to the teeth, as a result of using unauthorized dental materials, such as using an incorrect adhesive type.
  • Associated pain, both in the mouth and in the head, which can be relieved by taking the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.

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For additional information, to all patients looking to know more about the dental implants, it is essential for them to know, that nothing implanted in the mouth lasts for a lifetime, as some think, dental implants can only be safe to use for no longer than 15 years, for more clarification; It is not the dental material that changes over the time, it is the gums themselves that change and they become affected.

Gums change over time and fall back, when this retreat occurs from any technique that has been cultivated, this technique must change, and that’s what limits its lifetime, dental implants presence in the mouth throughout life is not healthy, and must be adjusted to fit the nature of the gums and mouth over time.

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There is no doubt that dental implants have provided the perfect solution for many people, who have lost their teeth for one reason or another, although dental implants need money and time, the comfort and the guaranteed solution it offers to humans, making it a healthy, worthy experience.


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The importance of Dental Implant in Replacing Your Missing Tooth