The Abdominal Binder and Its Benefits

What is the abdominal binder? When performing surgery in the body in general, and in the abdomen in particular, the abdominal binder is one of the most critical factors that help in the healing process. The abdominal binder is a wide compression belt that encircles the treated area; it comes in different types and sizes, according to the treated organ in the body, whether it was the abdomen area, the back area, the buttocks area, or some others, according to the treated regions in the body.

The abdominal binder is made of elastic rubber material, with Velcro or hook and loop closures, which can be attached to it along the binder’s length, some abdominal binders offer secondary lumbar support, others have straps that hold surgical drainage tubes in place.


The abdominal binder abstains the body from bending over or twisting from side to side, it fixes the body at a significant rate to protect it from any wrong movement that may lead to negative repercussions on its health.

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The Uses of Abdominal Binder

Abdominal binders are used after the abdominal operations such as; liposuction, abdominal sculpting, tummy tuck, to speed up the recovery process, for all the benefits it has. When performing a surgical operation, wearing the abdominal binder is an essential part of the healing process, as it is used for the following:

  • A cesarean section.
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • After Tummy-tuck surgery.
  • After abdominal sculpting surgery.
  • After liposuction surgery.
  • Spinal surgeries.
  • Spinal cord injury.
  • Improve respiratory function.

In addition to many others, surgical and non-surgical, as wearing the abdominal binder is one of the most factors that help in speeding up the healing process, reducing its side effects, or severe complications.


The Benefits of the Abdominal Binder

The abdominal binder has many benefits, its importance lays in the fact of its benefits, which are not only supplementary but also therapeutic. Wearing the abdominal binder helps the body to heal faster after the surgical operations, because after the operational procedure, the patient will wake up wearing the medical binder, and the full recovery period is up to six weeks. When recovery happens, the doctor then, tells the patient when is the perfect time to stop wearing it for good. Here are some benefits of the abdominal binder.

  1. Wearing the abdominal binder helps to reduce the pain caused by the surgical operation.
  2. Promote deep breathing, where the patient can take a deep breath without feeling severe pain out of it.
  3. Supports the surgical incision, protects it from any setbacks, through putting equal full pressure on the incision and the surrounding area.
  4. Abdominal binder helps the patient moves around easier.
  5. It also reduces the swellings resulting from the operation.
  6. It helps in releasing the fluid collected inside the body due to the surgical procedure.
  7. It holds the abdominal muscles together and tightens the skin, in addition to increasing the circulation at the surgical site to promote healing and decrease swelling.
  8. Moreover, it strengthens abdominal muscles.

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Abdominal Binder, how is it used

Wrap the abdominal binder around your abdomen, under your clothes, with the closures in the frontal side, make sure the binder is snug, but not too tight, you should be able to breathe comfortably. Keep the abdominal binder clean and dry, if it gets wet or dirty, it may irritate your skin, allergy, or increase the risk of having infections. Therefore, you need to keep it clean always. Most medical corsets are labeled with cleaning instructions, some of these binders may cause allergies, and this problem can be eliminated by obtaining a corset made of hypoallergenic fabric.


Disadvantages of Abdominal Binder

  1. Wearing an abdominal binder is generally bearable; however, some people find it uncomfortable and hot.
  2. The patient can feel some discomfort due to the compression around the surgical site.
  3. The patient can find breathing to be uncomfortable.
  4. Some of these binders cause allergy reaction for some people, such as; itching, rash, and other skin irritations.
  5. The Abdominal binder leaves some marks on the skin for a few days. However, they fade away within a week.

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The risks due to not wearing the abdominal binder

It is important to note that the commitment of the patient to wear the abdominal binder is essential because it is an integral part of the healing process and the success of surgical operations, especially the cosmetic surgeries, such as; abdominal operations, abdominal sculpting, and liposuction surgeries. The patient needs to be aware of the risks caused by not wearing the binder through the recovery time, which is estimated in six weeks, it can be increased or decreased up to the patient’s case and the surgical procedure he went through, these risks are:

  1. The difficulty of getting rid of the body swelling quickly.
  2. Slight possibility of having a simple limpness.
  3. The irregularity of fat that the doctor has done to redistribute its structure in the body. Tortuosity may occur in the abdomen, such as the appearance of an area where fat is more than another area, due to not wearing the abdominal binder.

Therefore, the importance of its benefits is when the patient wears an abdominal binder, known as “medical corset” it pulls the skin tight to each other, and the distributed fat takes its place, and the body takes its right, and recover properly.

Few important points you need to pay attention to; when you notice redness, a slight sensation of heat, or unusual swelling in the area around the wound, do not be ok with it, and tell your doctor immediately.


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The Abdominal Binder and Its Benefits