Stem Cell Treatment

Thanks to recent advances in scientific research, new hair treatments for hair follicle stem cells are emerging. The engineering of follicular stem cells arguably represents the future of the fight against baldness and all other forms of alopecia.

The scalp, despite partial or permanent hair loss, retains stem cells from which new hair follicles could arise. By mastering the knowledge of the life cycle and the mode of operation of these follicular stem cells, all hopes would be allowed to overcome hair loss and regenerate the hair in the long term.

Based on this observation, different approaches to hair treatment are being scientifically tested, each intervening on a specific point in the process of hair growth or baldness, in both men and women.
After determining the area to be injected, the doctor takes a sample of the patient’s stem cells.

The sample is taken using a “biopsy punch” only 2.5 mm in diameter. A brief squeeze is usually enough to stop the bleeding otherwise, a stitch is necessary. The equipment is for single use only, and the operation under local anesthesia is painless.

Secondly, this sample is processed according to the Rigenera protocol to damage unwanted tissues and obtain cells smaller than 50 microns. This concentrate is then added with a physiological serum to obtain a lyophilisate (a suspension concentrate) rich in stem cells.

This concentrate is then reinjected into the recipient area of ​​the patient by micro-injections. The stem cells will regenerate in the implanted area, densify the supporting tissues, and optimize the vascular network which promotes the regrowth process.

The whole process takes place in the doctor’s office. The process is simple and quick. It takes around 2-3 hours and is very minimally invasive.
The patient can resume their social and professional activity the same day, without discomfort or pain.

There are no side effects or follow-up treatment. The phenomena of rejection cannot take place since the grafts come from the patient himself.





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Published on: Apr 16, 2021 at 09:59

Stem Cell Treatment