Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair, because the hair is the main part, which appears the personality of a person, the beauty of the person starts with the beauty of the hair and getting tall, density, and brightness. The beauty of the hair gives the self-confidence to be always attractive.

Now a day, hair exposes to a lot of problems that hurt a person such as hair loss, baldness, the leak of density, which cannot solve with medical treatment. All people search for a natural method instead of a chemical treatment until the cosmetic medical field reaches to a natural technique for baldness treatment and hair loss problem. This natural technique is stem cell hair that the best solution to get rid of hair problems.

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Stem cell hair

All people search for natural resources for hair treatment as it provides guaranteed results, so too many doctors, and cosmetic experts depend on stem cell because of the stem cell benefits; this is a primitive cell has an ability for division and regeneration in the scalp to regenerates the tissues.

At the beginning, the experts reached to plasma injection PRP, which stimulates the stem cells to division and regeneration in the scalp but beside the technical development and technology advanced, the doctors can be able to get the stem cells directly to get the artificial fibers similar to hair that implant in the baldness areas in the scalp.

The doctor can extract the stem cell from a lot of areas in the human body, in which stem cells located in fat tissues, blood, bone marrow, and placenta that connects with the umbilical cord during birth. When mature the stem cell hair returns to three type of stem cell, which the body needs in several functions such:

  1. Red blood cells: it gives oxygen to the body.
  2. White blood cells: it prevents a lot of diseases.
  3. Platelets: it helps for a blood clot.

Recently, the doctors and researchers find the stem cell in the follicles. This is strong cells can be extracted using a very accurate device, then, implants it again in the baldness areas in the scalp to produces new hair follicles. It is still under experiments and researches and does not prove effective.

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How to use stem cell hair treatment

Stem cell use in many medical and cosmetic procedures such as cancer treatment, bones, joints, and removing wrinkles and sagging from several areas in the body such as face and buttocks, in addition to hair problems treatment.

Stem cell hair transplant varies according to the methods, patient condition, hair loss degree, and the required density rate. If the person suffers slight hair loss, the stem cell transplant is done to grow new hair follicles and stimulate the weak follicles to get required density. If the person suffers full baldness or alopecia, stem cell hair transplant is done.

The doctor examines the patient on the scalp, then, chooses the best method for his condition, and discuss together the stages of the procedure, the areas where extracted the stem cells, and the areas where needed hair transplant.
When you depend on stem cell hair transplant known as biofibre, it will be done in several stages such:

  • The doctor must ensure that the patient is a good candidate for stem cell hair transplant, in which the doctor will test the patient skin, and ensure that he is not allergic to the hair, which will be implanted. He will implant just 100-200 hair before the full transplantation.
  • The color and the tall of hair will be chosen, in addition to the type of hair whether curly or smooth, according to the patient and the type of natural hair.
  • The patient will go under local anesthesia.
  • The doctor will extract the stem cell from the patient, whether bone marrow, blood, or fat tissue such abdomen.
  • The stem cell will pass with several stages, until getting the artificial fibers similar to the hair, then, give them the properties such color, tall, and type, to get the implanted hair.
  • The hair will be transplanted, using micro nodes device, which holds the hair under the skin of the scalp.
  • Stem cell hair transplant takes a period to specify with the number of hair, patient condition, and baldness degree. Five hundred hairs are transplanted within an average of one hour.
  • The patient will see the result once the doctor finished the stem cell hair transplant.
  • The patient can get his normal life after finish transplantation.

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Over the past years, biofibre hair transplant has been developed, in which the hair was made of plastic, polyester, and celeriac, in addition to all of them, fall within a year, then, surgery thread is used, which similar to hair but causes allergic and the body refused.

Sync with the cosmetic development, the doctors depend on artificial fibers relevance to body tissues, which is called biofibre that got from stem cells from the body.

When performing stem cell transplant, despite its great popularity and its effectiveness but is done by:

  1. Local anesthesia in the areas where stem cell extract.
  2. Stem cell extracted from the person who performs stem cell transplant whether follicles or fat tissue such abdominal.
  3. The doctor will transplant the stem cell in the scalp, in the baldness areas.
  4. Stem cell transplant takes 2-3 hours.
  5. The patient will get the result within three or four months.


The advantages and disadvantages of stem cell hair transplant

Stem cell hair has a lot of advantages, which appears in hair transplantation field, as well as it has some disadvantages and side effects.

The advantages of stem cell hair transplant

  • Treatment of full baldness, genetic baldness, and alopecia.
  • Stem cell hair transplant is a natural procedure, in which the extraction of stem cell from the same patient who goes under hair transplantation.
  • The ability of hair transplantation to who has full baldness.
  • The low of the cost compared with the hair transplantation techniques either FUE or DHI.
  • Getting fast results, in addition to more effective and guaranteed.
  • Getting implanted hair similar to your natural hair.
  • Treatment of hair loss that is resulting from skin diseases.
  • This procedure does not need general anesthesia; it needs only local anesthesia.
  • Scars are not appeared after perform stem cell hair transplant.
  • The patient can get his normal life once he finished the operation, so does not need a long recovery period.

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The disadvantages of stem cell hair

There are some side effects and complications once you perform stem cell hair transplant such as:

  1. Bleeding occurs during the operation, lasts for several hours up to two hours, and stops without needed medical drugs.
  2. Redness occurs in the transplanted areas and disappears within 24-48 hours.
  3. Feeling headache and can dispose of when you are taking necessary painkillers dictated by the doctor.
  4. Swelling occurs in the transplanted areas and lasts for two days, according to each patient. You can tale anti-swelling medicines.
  5. Inflammation might occur in the transplanted areas because not adopting the new hair with the scalp, according to each patient and it can dispose of when you are taking antibiotics dictated by the doctor.
  6. The transplanted hair does not grow, in which stay with the same tall that transplanted, when you perform biofibre hair transplant that extracted from a stem cell.
  7. The possibility of 2-5% hair loss within a year, so need re-transplant of hair up to 400 hairs after 3 years.
  8. The body might refuse biofibre and stem cell hair, then, starts to format antibodies to attack them as a strange body.
  9. Feeling itchy in the transplanted areas.
  10. Fibrosis in the scalp might occur and reduce the success of hair transplantation rate of 60%.


The cost of stem cell hair

The cost of stem cell transplant is very low, compared with the other techniques used in hair transplantation procedure such as FUE and DHI, in which the cost varies from 1000 $ to 2000 $.
The cost of stem cell hair transplant depends on patient condition and the degree of baldness.

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Stem Cell Hair Transplant