Skin Whitening within a Week

Skin whitening is known as skin lightening, using chemical components that effected on white the degree of skin color or providing a matching color for the whole body by preventing the melamine in the skin. Although do not prove the safety of chemical components used in skin whitening but the people who want are increasing.

To know the safest methods for white your skin, we have to know more about a substance that primary responsibility of the body pigmentation starts from eye color to the hair and skin color, in addition to all the body color either the sign of ulcers, moles, or birthmarks appearing on the body.

Melamine substance considers a pigmentation substance that the body stimulates in the lower layer of the skin layers, which known as dermis, a shape of a microscopic particle named melamine particle or pigmentation cells, its function stimulates the melamine in the skin and give the color to hair, body, and eyes. The rate of pigmentation in the body calculates according to the color of skin, hair, and eyes. The persons who have dark skin and dark hair own the higher rate of the melamine pigmentation than the white skin or colored eyes and hair.

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Types of skin whitening

According to the desire of the people to getting a white, freshness, clear skin, the types of the skin whitening spread, especially with the care of the cosmetic clinics to advertising new methods and the different techniques that reach. The types of skin lightening are appeared to be accessible to everyone’s hand, and here we care about providing enough explanation to introduce the types:

  1. Crystal peeling: crystal peeling is the slight cosmetic for skin whitening, in which aims to peeling the surface depending on specific crystal granules peeling the external layer to treats some skin problems of the outer skin layer such as blackheads, effecting of acne, improve wrinkles, resulting of sunrise, remove the effect of scars, and causing of surgical operation.

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The advantage of this type of peeling is the accessibility to all color of skin even the dark skin.

  1. Chemical peeling: chemical peeling is one of the specific types of skin whitening and most effective in skin cleaning, in which works on cleaning the thick layers of skin, which is the dermis layer, using non-harmful chemical acids for skin, so a specialist doctor must perform the chemical peeling. The patient should ensure about the medical center and experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure, in addition to the patient must be careful at the instruction to finish the recovery period in a right way. The recovery period is an extended period, as well as you must expose to the sun or the dust within this period. The chemical peeling has three types as follows:
  • Profound chemical peel: the most accurate type use only for face and the white skin holders, in which aims to treat the skin problems and deep wrinkles for face, needing anesthesia because of the pain occurs during the procedure. Profound chemical peeling is a type of peeling happens only for one time, and don not satiable for dark skin, diabetes, heart diseases holders, kidneys, and some the liver diseases.
  • Medium peel: the more profound than the previous type and need local anesthesia, in which treats the blackheads, melasma, and freckles, in addition to in some cases use for a facelift.  
  • Surface chemical peel: this type used for peel the surface layer of the skin, aims to remove the effecting of acne and the blackheads, in which rejuvenation the skin, and gives it the freshness and the bright to achieve the skin whitening. It is satiable for the dark and white skin.

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  1. Laser peeling: as its previous also has three types, surface, medium, and deep strip, laser peeling is a short pulse light energy, which sheds on the damages skin tissues aiming to remove without touch the live tissue surround. Laser peeling stimulates the collagen to do its functions in feeding the skin and give the freshness and smooth. The laser surface and medium peeling have several session according to the areas and patient’s condition, in which the number of a session varies between 1-6 sessions but the profound peeling is done for just one time in whole life. Although treating of burns, simple wrinkles, and melasma, it has a lot of complications such as the difference between the color of the body parts that peeling, redness of the skin, the extended recovery period up to 12 months, needing of specialized care, and non-exposing of sunrise.
  2. Mechanic peeling: this is a specific peeling that very tiny part of the skin, which aims at removing the pigmentation spots of the skin such as moles and oats. Those oats lead to the appearing of bleeding pimples on the skin ligatured with medical bandages and antibiotics, which removing after 24 hours. After the procedure, the patient needs specific care for at least a week, in addition to non-exposing the sunrises for six months.
  3. Carbonic peeling: the carbonic has the ability to absorption the fat from the most buried layer of the surface. Although it is a simple procedure, it changes the nature of the skin after the skin clean with a medical solution. As well as the skin will cover with carbon, then, sheds a specific tall, strength, and depth laser beam, the laser beam passing on the areas wanted the treatment. The parts of the carbon will damage with all skin impurities, leaving the skin smooth with tiny pores, treating the skin problems.

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Tips for skin whitening

  1. Using sunblock, non-exposing to the direct sun, avoiding at peak hours.
  2. Daily caring for the skin, using the moisturizing creams dictated by the doctor.
  3. Drinking a significant amount of water for moisturizing the body from the inner skin to the surface layer of the skin.
  4. You should eat healthy food, vitamins, moisturizing skin substance.
  5. The patient must sleep for sufficient hours during the night.
  6. Stop smoking because it has an essential rule for wrinkles and liens.
  7. You should reduce as much as possible of cosmetic products, which lead to exhaust the skin and the appearance of sagging.


Although the different types of peeling, all of them providing the same results for skin whitening, treating most of the problems, and giving smooth, freshness, and clear skin, so if you found this article has many benefits, share with friends so everyone benefits.

Skin Whitening within a Week

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