Robot technique for hair transplantation

Robot technique for hair transplantation or robot hair transplantation; HARRTS is one of the methods, which the human reached to treat the baldness problem, and one of the most important inventions of the modern time.

The name of the company that produces the technique is HARRTS; this is one of the leading companies in the technology field of hair transplantation.

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Robot technique for hair transplantation

Robot HARRTS is the helper robot with the doctor who performs the hair transplantation, in which helps for determining the donor area and the baldness areas, then, choose the most healthy follicles from the donor area, avoiding the cracks in the skin. There are two types of Robot HARRTS:

  1. Major HARRTS: it contains four hands, which accelerates the procedure of hair transplantation, as faster than the other Robots techniques.
  1. Mini HARRTS: it contained two hands and the system that used and helped in the hair transplantation procedure, but the patient seat is not a built-in device.

The beginning of hair transplantation starts in 1952 in United States of America, in which the scientific paper of this field has published for the first time in the USA, under title “dominance of donor area” referring to the area where hair follicles have been extracted, to re-transplant in the baldness area and clarify the idea of hair transplantation. Hair is taken from the back and the sides of the front head or baldness area, then, starting to grow naturally.

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The beginning of hair transplantation

Doctors of hair transplantation start using substances and grafts with a thickness of 4 mm as the size pen eraser without any satisfying results; then, hair transplantation procedure continues with a traditional method called grafts, in which the doctor extracts a circular patch from the scalp “donor area.” The grafts contain 20-30 hair transplanted as one part and gives a shape don not match with the name of cosmetic surgeries. The doctors continue performing hair transplantations within 70th till the starting of the development in 1984, in which the scientists’ invention grafts with a thickness of 1-2 mm gives a satisfying result and helps you hidden the baldness with the same method of circle patch to get the attractive appearance instead of baldness appearance or genetic disease.


The appearance of FUT technique

The terminology of hair transplantation has changed when FUT technique has appeared, which is mean follicular unit transplant. At this time, this was a significant development and the best solution in hair transplantation, in which need a surgical skill because the doctor cuts the follicular unit from the donor areas, either sides head or back head, then, the doctor extracts the follicles manually to transplant. This technique needs a surgical suture in the scalp and general anesthesia, which the patient does not prefer.

In 2005 was the lead in hair transplantation and the technology used in hair transplantation, in which the medical experts invent a better solution, which is FUE technique. FUE technique known as follicular unit extraction, which is done with a simple method using a device called micromotor to extracts the follicles from the donor area, then, transplants in the baldness areas by opens tiny spots to transplant the follicles inside. This technique provides a great result in hair transplantation world, in which the doctor can extract the follicles without surgical, then, transplants by open little pinches. The development did not stop, in which the second stage of the development stages in hair transplantation is provided; this is DHI technique, which uses Choi Pen. Choi pen is a specific device, using for a transplant of the follicles, which provides one of the significant development, in which it can control the direction of the hair.

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DHI technique

One of the development revolutions in the scientific and medical field so that now we can say that the hair transplantation provides a beautiful appearance for returning your youth. DHI offers the best solution for treating the baldness problems and gives an apparent increase your beauty. DHI characterizes by the specific technique with the ability to control the transplanted hair direction; this gives the men an ability to transplant the beard and mustache. The doctor uses Choi pen to implant the follicles in a specific area, where a baldness problem so that those areas do not need to make an incision. The rate of the hair transplantation success increases more and reduces the rate of side effects.

The technology development is not stopped in the hair transplantation field, in which Robot technique is invented, which knows as Robot HARRTS and consider one of the developing revolutions in the cosmetic medical field. The Robot is used to select a baldness area, check the donor area, and help the doctor to choose the follicles that characterized by strength and thickness. Robot technique helps to reduce the side effects and provides a 3D image of the results of the hair growth and the final appearance of a patient after solving the baldness problems.


If you search for performing hair transplantation with a guaranteed result, without any pains, Robot HARRTS will be the best for you, so share the article for anyone want to undergo.

Robot technique for hair transplantation