Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that refers to those operations of the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It tends to make the body looks more beautiful and well-balanced. As we know, surgical procedure was known years ago ven if it becomes widespread just recently. For example, the Surgeon Sushruta, known as –Suśruta- was an ancient Indian physician, was well-known for skin grafting in the 8th century BC. A new nose was made for a person by using a part of the skin from the back of his arm in the middle of 15th   century, Europe.

In USA, Dr. John Peter Mettauer, an American surgeon and gynecologist, was the first surgeon who performed a plastic surgery with his own medical instruments. During the 1st world war, a New Zealander (kiwi) surgeon called Harold Gillies identified some new techniques for surgeries, to treat distorted casualties of war, and then he becomes the godfather of modern cosmetic surgery.

In this historical context, the sense of looking good and the imitation of celebrities, young people do plastic surgery in particular, to achieve a beautiful appearance. Likewise, there is another type of plastic surgery that focuses on reactivating organs of the body to do its normal function. It also tends to treat birth defects such as upper oral cavity, or the removal of some organs that is infected by cancer such as breast cancer. It focuses on restoring and rebuilding abnormal body structures caused by congenital defects, growth abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, etc.

 Handsomeness or good-looking is a dream of most of the people who are looking for a deep impact on their personal look, especially journalists, artists, and other similar sectors. According to some studies, psychological side is the main reason behind the decision of doing plastic surgery, in order to enhance their self-confidence and to improve their performance among their colleagues at work place, school, or even in social life. Most of the time, plastic surgery results are impressive and satisfying, since it’s done by well-skilled surgeons who make patient DREAM comes true.

Plastic Surgery

We are fully committed, in Turkeyana Clinic for hair transplantation & plastic surgeries, to provide the best of medical staff, surgeons, and high-tech medical equipment in the field of plastic surgery. So that we can offer the best medical services and the best way to Be as You like.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma injection therapy ‘PRP’ is a simple non-surgical treatment that uses a specific natural substance of the body, by pulling a blood sample in a centrifuge to separate blood components; platelets, blood- impurities red and white blood cells, Plasma, to obtain platelet rich plasma. In this case, plasma works to stimulate the division of stem cells and primitive cells that have the ability to divide and multiply different types of specialized cells such as skin cells and hair cells. So, it renews the tissue and restore its freshness. Plasma injection is safe, effective, and free of any chemical substance. It allows PRP to be obtained without any side effects or a possibility of anti-treatment. When surgeon injects face or scalp, a new cells are produced in this area. For example, collagen is being produced on the face and it helps to renew cells of skin, while in hair it helps to produce new hair follicles, in order to give it the intensity and vitality.Plastic surgery
  • Mesotherapy is a non-surgical plastic treatment that is used to solve hair and skin problems by using natural substances and Hyaluronic Acid that is injected with some vitamins and nutrients directly into the dermis layer of skin. It nourishes and renews skin by promoting the production of collagen, elastin, and stimulating the process of renewing the skin. This treatment stimulates the middle layer of the skin by allowing it to produce more collagen, leading to skin regeneration, masking fine lines and wrinkles, getting fresh skin, and hair loss as well. Mesotherapy is also used to strengthen and restore hair by injecting necessary vitamins and minerals for hair within the scalp. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the growth of hair follicles.
  • Face plastic surgery by gold threads is a non-surgical treatment that is performed in less than 30 minutes. It can be considered as one of the most recent technique for facelift. It uses to hide effects of wrinkles on the face and neck immediately. Here, the skin tissue can easily absorb and deform cone threads in human body, and also release collagen that reproduces skin cells. So, it’s considered as a medical and cosmetic treatment at the same time.
  • Chemical peeling is a method used to improve the skin’s appearance of the hand, the face, or the neck by peeling the outer layer of the skin. In order to come up with a sleeker, fresher, and less wrinkles new layer of the skin.
  • Facial injection by filler, fats and Botox: Face Botox Injection is one of the most common methods of temporary treating of ageing. It’s made of a protein called Botulinum Toxin that is injected into muscle tissue to paralyze and tighten movement of muscle and wrinkles, to make it looks more young and strong. Filler is a treatment used to fill lines of wrinkles in less than 30 minutes, so that the effect can last from 6 months to a year, unlike Botox, it doesn’t eliminate the occurrence of wrinkles, but fills them to become smooth, in order to restore face freshness. Injection of self-fats refers to the process by which the fat is withdrawn from a specific place of the body that is known as fat increase, to be injected again where the face wrinkles are, in order to hide those wrinkles and look younger.
  • Facial surgery or surgical facelift is a technique of plastic surgery that tends to remove face wrinkles and lines by surgery. It includes a facelift from the top, a tightening of the face and neck, and the removal of the skin from the upper eyelid and lower eyelid above and below the eye.
  • Ear plastic surgery is a process of adjusting the ear’s shape, or what is known, the process of rectifying the outstanding ear. It is one of the fastest plastic surgeries and it is working on two types, surgical and non-surgical, to give it a natural shape.
  • Ear plastic non-surgery is done by golden threads, a natural thread used to pull the ear back and correct its shape.
  • Nose reduction and Rhinoplasty aim to correct the outer shape of the nose either for enlargement, reduction or changing the shape. Sometimes, it is made for medical reasons such as the deviation of the nose, the sinuses and others; this process requires a well-skilled surgeon. In addition to internal performance of the nose function in terms of breath and smell.
  • Tummy Tuck is a surgical procedure in which the excess skin is cut-off from abdominal area while reducing the amount of fat that is accumulated over the muscles. It usually happens after birth for women and after weight loss for both men and women.
  • gynecomestia, plastic surgery
  • Gynecomastia is a bulge in the breast that is caused by an unbalanced in Androgen hormone. This process of removing Gynecomastia aims to eradicate the adipose tissue that is located under the breasts for men.
  • Abdominal Etching is a cosmetic surgery performed on the six abdominal muscles to remove the accumulated fat between them and to show them clearly with tight and well-featured belly.
  • Liposuction: The process of liposuction, is a technique in plastic surgeries field that aims to remove the excess body fat, under the skin, and improve the appearance to look better. It is not considered as a method of weight loss for those overweight people. But rather, it is a sculpting or body shaping. Its primary aim is to improve the body’s appearance or texture and to make its parts proportionate.
  • Arm Lift is a medical procedure which the excess fat and skin of the arms are removed to look slim and tight. Because of, the excess skin on arms is often very annoying, especially after weight loss.breast list, plastic surgery
  • Plastic surgery of buttocks: (enlarging buttocks /reducing buttocks). Buttocks are often pulled in the lower back and upper buttocks or at the hip area on both sides of buttocks. Plastic surgery of buttocks tends to draw round natural curves for buttocks and give a harmonious body and an athletic appearance. Enlarging thebuttocks, enlarging the butt: enlarging the buttocks or the butt or what is called Brazilian butt, is a process of enlarging the buttocks to treat body inconsistencies through injecting fat, transferring self-fat, or using silicon fillings to get the desirable size and shape. Injection of self-fats is the operation of redistribution of natural body other words, It’s the extraction of fat from other areas in the body that are suffering from obesity or accumulation of fat. After that, it’s re-injected in other areas suffering from thinness and Atrophy to increase its volume.
  • Breasts enlargement is designed to give the breasts a rounded and larger shape by using a certain medical implants and replacing it in breasts, it may contain silicone or salt fillings.
  • Breast Lift, also known as Mastopexy, raises the breasts tissue by removing excess skin, in order to restore its beauty and give it a fresh appearance. It is done by removing the excess and loose skin and reshaping breasts tissue, while lifting nipple and halo slightly upward.

Finally, according to a report about plastic surgery, it’s been found that less than 10% of surgical interventions were performed primarily for health reasons, ‘‘for many people, it’s a lifestyle choice”. Whereas, some people find that it reflects health benefits, since it aims to improve self-esteem and appreciation. In other words, Your health and appearance Matters.

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