plastic surgery in turkey 2020

Turkey holds countless features to be first choice and first destination for those who are looking for Plastic Surgery.
Innumerable plastic surgery are done in Turkey, depending on the latest techniques and methods, whether surgical cosmetic procedures or non-surgical procedures.
Thus, take into consideration the following list, which rounds up all the plastic surgery in Turkey;

Facial Plastic Surgery

Nowadays, lots of facial plastic surgery have emerged; surgical and non-surgical. Facial plastic surgery helps you to get an attractive face, deposed of wrinkles and sagging. The following are all types of facial plastic surgery;

  1. Face Injections

Filler Injections: It’s a non-surgical facial cosmetic procedure, helps you to dispose of wrinkles and sagging through filling the deepest skin layer. Therefore, the doctor injects filler within the sagging and wrinkles areas. As, filler consists of natural ingredients like collagen, which is one of core elements to freshen up your face.
The cost of filler injection varies between 400 $ to 800 $, according to sagging and wrinkles cases.
Botox Injections: It gets rid of wrinkles of the entire face, including eye angles, forehead lines, in addition to, mouth, chin, and neck wrinkles. The cost of Botox injection might go up to 500 $.
Mesotherapy Injections: it’s a core treatment for vital skin. Indeed, mesotherapy consists of countless benefits, include; vitamins, proteins, minerals, plant extracts. Accordingly, it rejuvenates the skin layer and freshens up the face.
The cost of mesotherapy varies, according to patient condition and number of sessions. So, it varies between 200 $ to 500 $.
Platelet-rich Plasma Injection: It’s a natural facial treatment as the doctor extracts platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood. Plasma boosts collagen and blood circulation through the skin; that is the reason why, for getting a bright and pure face.

  1. Golden Threads

Golden threads is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure made of pure gold. The skin absorbs golden threads within nine months or at least a year, at the same time, maintaining its effectiveness. It works on facial sagging and removes wrinkles of the face, chin, and neck.
The cost of golden threads varies between 1500 $ to 3000 $, according to the number of strings.

  1. Surgical Facelift

It’s an ease surgical procedure, known as Rhytidectomy. It’s a proper solution for the deep sagging and wrinkles, which is hard to treat by a non-surgical cosmetic procedure.
Surgical Facelift helps you to dispose of deep wrinkles and sagging, in addition to, rejuvenates your face and provides younger age.

  1. Face Peeling

Now, a lot of types of facial peeling are available, whether or not, chemicals peeling, there are also natural peeling, depending on home remedies.
Here, we’ve rounded up the most vital facial peels to inspire you and increase your knowledge.
Chemical Peeling: It’s considered one of the most effective peels, which removes the external face layer and dead skin, owing to consists of influential chemical substances. There are three types of chemical peeling, including:

  • Surface Peeling: It’s specialized in peeling the external face layer to treat minor scars and surface acne.
  • Medium Peeling: It goes to the deeper face layer than the surface peeling to cure deeper acne and minor wrinkles.
  • Profound Peeling: It permeates to the deepest face layer to treat the remnant burns, in addition to, remove the deepest wrinkles and sagging. However, it is considered the most difficult type of chemical peeling.

The cost of chemical peeling, whether; surface, medium, or deep peeling, varies between 200 $ to 350 $.
Laser Facial Peeling: it utilizes accurate laser rays that be shed on the wrinkles areas to dispose of. There are two types of laser facial peeling; Carbon Laser depends on CO2 and Erbium Laser that fits with dark skin people.
Natural Facial Peeling: follow up the list of home recipes to thoroughly set a critical peeling;

  • Oats with milk: Oat is a crucial substance in everybody’s home, not only for good health but also for a bright and pure face. Milk also is an integral part of life. Consequently, you shall mix milk with oats and apply them on your face; then, you’ll have a pure face, disposing of each facial problem.
  • Honey, Lemon, and Sugar: the mixture of honey, lemon, and sugar eliminates acne owing to consisting of antibacterial properties. Thus, it peels your face in an effective manner.
  1. Otoplasty “Ear Correction Surgery”

It’s a surgical plastic procedure, fits all ages. It can minimize ears size or improve ear dysfunction and defects in terms of a large size of the earlobe, pinna enlargement, and ear cartilage protuberance. There are two types of Otoplasty procedure;

  • Surgical Method: The surgeon makes a small incision behind the ear, then, improves the defects.
  • Non-Surgical Method: the surgeon might depend on golden threads. The ears will be pulled out in order to be adjusted.

The final cost of Otoplasty varies between 1500 $ to 3000 $, according to the ear defects and dysfunctions.

  1. Rhinoplasty “Nose Job”

In fact, countless people underwent rhinoplasty surgery to improve such a function or defect, so, it’s considered one of the most popular plastic surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty.

  • Nasal Reduction: it’s to treat the large size of the nose. The surgeon eliminates parts of the nasal cartilage to make it smaller.
  • Nose Enlargement: it’s not only cosmetic procedure but also consider as a therapeutic procedure. Some people are suffering from incomplete nasal growth, and that’s halting respiration process; therefore, bones and cartilages are added to enlarge the size of the nose.
  • Improve Nasal Septum “collimellar”: nasal septum deviation provides a lot of breath defects, including; troublesome respiration or paranasal sinuses inflammation. Thus, the surgeon extracts the arched bone to enhance the nasal septum.
  • Nostrils augmentation: Occasionally, congenital disabilities’ people are suffering from breathing troubles due to narrowest nostrils. Hence, the surgeon enlarges nostrils to enhance the breathing process.
  • Enhance Nose Tip: Nose tip deviation exists into many people, causing lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Thus, those people undergo rhinoplasty to enhance nose tip.
  • Straightening Nasal Bridge: nasal bridge stands for a small bone presents at the front of the nose. Regrettably, a significant number of people are suffering from nasal bridge deflection, so that; it’s preferable to undergo rhinoplasty with the intention of improving nose appearance.

Fortunately, non-surgical rhinoplasty has emerged to improve nose deviation. It depends on filler injection, which consists of Radiesse that looks-like nasal cartilage.
In case, rhinoplasty surgical performing, the doctor gathers a type of two;

  • Open Rhinoplasty: it can be done for cases have nose defects. The surgeon makes an external horizontal incision so as to isolate the skin from the inner nose tissue.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: it can be done for treating the cases of internal and external diseases such as; breathing troubles, paranasal sinuses, birth defects. The surgeon makes an internal incision in between upper and lower nasal cartilage.

The cost of rhinoplasty starts from 2000 $, going up to 5000 $. The Variation of price stands on operation type, whether open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, or filler injection.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment

As we clearly know, platelet-rich plasma is a worthy treatment for hair and skin problems; not only that, but also cures countless health problems and utilizes in several medical fields such as; bone pain, joints, ligaments, muscle atrophy treatment, in addition to, accelerate healing. Platelet-rich plasma holds innumerable benefits including but not limited to proteins, mineral, metal ions, vital hormones, antibodies, dissolved gases, as well as, organic and inorganic anions.

Self-fat Injection “Fat transfer”

Self-fat injection is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, helps in fat redistribution. Firstly, liposuction is done, afterward; fat will be reinjected into thin and fat-free areas.
The surgeon performs liposuction through fatty areas, such as; abdominal, buttocks, or back, by Vaser technique, which is a non-surgical technique and considered one of the latest liposuction techniques. The extracted fat will be injected into the fat-free, wrinkles, and sagging areas, including;

  1. Face and cheeks: self-fat injection removes wrinkles and disposes of sagging within the face and cheeks so as to getting freshen and attractive face.
  2. Under-Eyes: self-fat injection removes dark circles under the eyes, in addition to, gets rid of under-eyes lines and wrinkles.
  3. Buttocks: self-fat injection helps in buttocks augmentation. People prefer non-surgical procedure than surgical ones. That’s why depending on the self-fat injection procedure for buttocks augmentation increases.   

Now, it’s clear that self-fat injection is an entirely safe procedure, as, the surgeon performs liposuction to the patient who undergoes self-fat injection. The cost of self-fat injection procedure varies between 2000 $ to 5000 $.

Body Lift Surgery

Either wrinkles or sagging is considered one of the biggest deal that you’re significantly seeking to get rid of. Fortunately, body lift surgery have emerged to inspire you to dispose of wrinkles, sagging, or fat.
Here, we’ve rounded up the types of body life surgery to take into consideration;
Arm Lift Surgery
There are non-surgical arm lift, as well as, surgical arm lift that doctor determines one of them, according to the patient case regarding fatty deposits, wrinkles, and sagging.

  • Surgical Arm Lift: in case you have a large quantity of fat accumulation, wrinkles, and sagging, then, surgical arm lift shall be the best for you. In which, the surgeon makes an internal incision from armpit to elbow under your arm so as to extract the excess fat.

The incision has many types to make that the surgeon determines to fit your condition. There are fish-shaped incision, S-shaped incision, in addition to, an extensive incision from armpit to elbow.
Non-surgical arm lift depends on several techniques such as;

  • Vaser technique: it’s one of liposuction latest techniques. Optimally, the surgeon demonstrates a saline solution into fatty areas to pave the way towards the Vaser device to smooth break the fat tissues down; then, the surgeon utilizes a cannula to remove the liquid fat.
  • Ultrasound technique: it’s the symmetrical method with Vaser technique, except depending on ultrasound to break the fat down to be removed.

Breast Lift Surgery
It’s a surgical procedure, raises the breast tissues by removing the excess skin to reshape the new breast contour, in addition to, repositions the nipple to a higher level, in order your breast will look fuller.

  • Depending on the reason for your breast lift surgery, you may be more likely to have one type of incision over another. For example;
  • Anchor incision: T- reversed-shaped is done, which looks like an anchor. Wherein, three incisions; circular incision around the nipple, vertical incision from the nipple, and horizontal incision under the breast.
  • Crescent incision: A crescent-shaped incision is done, above the nipple, to repositions the nibble higher on the chest wall.
  • Annular incision: Two sequential circuits around the nipple are done. This incision type requires a surgeon with vast experiences to determine circuits’ diameter.

Breast lift surgery fits with any age after your breasts have finished growing. Additionally, you can get fuller and matching breasts, as well as, attractive body.
The cost of breast lift surgery varies between 1000 $ to 3000 $, according to the incision type.
Abdominoplasty “Tummy Tuck”
Abdominoplasty is deemed one of the most popular cosmetic surgery among many people, who are suffering from abdominal fatty deposits.

  • Partial Abdominoplasty: it fits with people whose fatty deposits are located below the navel. Partial abdominoplasty takes about an hour and might exceed to 90 minutes.
  • Complete Abdominoplasty: it fits with those who are suffering from fatty deposits. Thus, liposuction is done, first, to break the fat down, then tummy tuck operation is done to lift the abdomen. It may take up to five hours.

Tummy Tuck cost varies between 4000 $ to 15.000 $. After figuring out the type of abdominal fatty deposits, the final cost is determined.
Buttocks Lift
It’s cosmetic surgery, can be done whether surgical or non-surgical, considering the patient condition and fatty sediment.

  • Surgical Buttocks Lift: in case existing a large amount of fat accumulation, surgical buttocks lift will be done. Firstly, the surgeon performs liposuction, then, performs surgical buttocks lift by removing the excess fatty deposits and skin.
  • Non-Surgical Buttocks Lift: in case you have a small amount of fatty deposit, non-surgical buttocks lift will be done. Therefore, the surgeon depends on Vaser technique, which is a liposuction latest technique.

Neck Lift
Neck wrinkles occur to many people that leads to consider neck lift surgery, whether or not, surgical procedure.

  • Laser Neck Lift: laser gets rid of dead layer skin, in addition to, removes wrinkles and sagging.
  • Filler Neck Lift: the surgeon injects filler into wrinkles areas, where it fills the blank skin layer.
  • Surgical Neck Lift: considering existing a large amount of wrinkles and sagging, the surgical neck lift is the best for this condition.

Breast Cosmetic Surgery

Recently, the number of women, who aren’t satisfied with their breasts shape and size, is increasing. Accordingly, breast cosmetic surgery are an action worth-doing nowadays. Women undergo a breast lift procedure with the purpose of raising the tissue breast and repositioning the nipple higher to get fuller breast. Others undergo breast augmentation with the intention of increasing the size of the breast.
Breast Augmentation: it does not only provide aesthetic appearance but also includes a tremendous therapeutic benefit, as, it’s an integral part of cancer treatment phases. Breast augmentation procedure provides silicon or saline solution fillings, which looks-like mammary glands that added into the breast in order to increase the size.
Breast augmentation cost varies between 5000 $ to 10.000 $, according to the required size and fillings type.


Gynecomastia is considered one of the biggest fear during men life. Almost, a great number of men undergo gynecomastia operation, depending on one of two type that doctor determines.

  • Liposuction: the surgeon depends on Vaser or Laser technique to remove the fatty tissue that located into the chest.
  • Surgical Removal: the surgeon depends on a medical speculum to remove breast glandular and greasy tissues.

Medications might help to treat gynecomastia, which balances hormones within the body such as estrogen hormone and testosterone hormone.
Gynecomastia surgery cost varies between 3.000 $ to 15.000 $, according to patient condition.

Buttocks Cosmetic Surgery

Buttocks consists of ease-formed muscles, which can be shaped by cosmetic surgery, whether surgical or non-surgical procedure. In view of that buttocks might augment, minimize, or lift with the intention of fulfilling your needs.
Buttocks Augmentation

  • Buttocks Fillings: it’s silicon fillings, which is a transparent viscous liquid placed into buttocks to get a bigger size.
  • Self-fat Injection: the surgeon performs liposuction to extract fatty deposits, then, re-injects the fat into buttocks to enhance its size.
  • Filler Injection: the doctor injects filler to get a bigger size of buttocks.

Buttocks Augmentation cost varies between 3.500 $ to 12.000 $, considering the type of the technique, patient condition, and required size.
Buttocks Reduction
It’s known as Buttocks Lift surgery, which provides a minimal size, in addition to, fuller buttocks and attractive appearance.
The cost of buttocks reduction surgery varies between 3000 $ to 6000 $, according to the type, whether or not, surgical procedure.

Abdominal Cosmetic Surgery

It’s considered one of the most extensive plastic surgery among people. That’s because of the abdomen is deemed the most area prone to fatty deposits and excess skin.
Bearing in mind patient condition, the surgeon gathers one of the abdominal plastic surgery.

  • Liposuction: it’s a non-surgical procedure, depends on the latest technique like Vaser, Laser, or Ultrasound technique. They are similar in the manner of removing fat by a cannula.

Liposuction cost varies between 2000 $ to 3000 $, depending on technique and abdominal fatty deposits rate.

  • Abdominoplasty “Tummy Tuck”: it’s a surgical procedure, disposes of fatty tissues, which are hard to remove by non-surgical procedures.
  • Abdominal Sculpting: it’s a surgical procedure, which removes the fat deposits and reshapes the abdomen form so as to get a flat tummy and six packs.

Abdominal sculpting surgery cost starts from 2000 $ and might go up to 9000 $, considering fat deposits and techniques.

Plastic Surgery’ Advantages and Disadvantages in Turkey

Plastic surgery provide lots of advantages; it gives not only an agility body but also self-esteem and self-confidence. Additionally, you get extra benefits, in case you undergo such a plastic surgery in Turkey, owing to Turkey pays high attention to medical tourism, as well as, has a lot of features, including;

  1. Turkey chock-full of medical centers, which provide ultimate services and high-quality medical care.
  2. Turkey has the core climate helps for getting great results.
  3. Turkish cosmetic centers offer private transportations that welcome the patient at the airport until safe departure.
  4. There are countless accredited cosmetic doctors and surgeons, who have vast experience and accredited certificates.
  5. Plastic surgery cost in Turkey is considered a low cost, compared with European and Arabic countries.
  6. Turkey has the latest techniques of plastic surgery, which provide for getting perfect results.
  7. Turkish medical centers offer a full medical package, regarding luxury hotels for hosting, interpretation, in addition to flight tickets and touristic trips.

Considering plastic surgery’ downside in Turkey, the obstacle Turkish language was the only downside towards customers, who are seeking for plastic surgery in Turkey.
Nowadays, the inception of several medical centers, who presented a full medical package, is a core element in Turkey; at this point, offering translation service is considered one of their priorities.

Plastic Surgery Reviews in Turkey

plastic surgery in turkey reviews

plastic surgery in turkey reviews

plastic surgery in turkey reviews 2019

plastic surgery in turkey reviews 2019

plastic surgery in turkey reviews

plastic surgery in turkey reviews

plastic surgery in turkey 2020


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