Oily Skin Care and Treatments at Home

Oily Skin Care is the most critical part of the body as the first line of defense for all other body parts, despite its great importance, many people do not care about it, and some only focus their attention on the face skin, also it’s important to say that the skin’s freshness depends on several factors such as the rest of the body parts, such as having balanced food, drinking right amounts of water, exercise, shortly;  committing to a healthy daily protein, directly and apparently affects the skin.

Oily skin care, beauty and purity is one of the most sought things for many to get, it is unquestionably the first outstanding beauty icon a person can have, therefore, taking care of it is a must, and just like other body parts; also, skin types vary into four types; healthy skin, oily skin, dry skin, as well as the Mixed skin.

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Oily Skin

The oily skin is known for its soft texture and is recognized by a bright appearance. This is due to the increase of the oily secretions way of the usual average of the Sebaceous glands in the body, which increases the secretions in the face leading to the widening of the pores, causing several health problems, only people with this type of skin face.

Oily Skin Problems: It may seem strange if we have revealed a positive feature for oily skin, while many people consider it a disease to be treated, but it has one advantage to be mentioned, outstanding all other skin types, which is strong resistance to wrinkles and signs of aging, where the greasy  secretion is considered a natural moisturizer for the skin and increases its flexibility significantly, but the negative side has overcome the positive, and the disadvantages that cause great embarrassment are:

  1. Acne: The owners of this skin are the most affected by acne, which spreads and activates because of increased grease secretions, which is the source of energy, which supplies the bacteria with the food needed to make it show in its worst way and for a more extended period than any other skin type.
  2. Pore widening: The main feature of oily skin. It is the primary cause of increased grease secretions in the skin, not to mention its non-granular appearance. It allows bacteria to enter the surrounding atmosphere to begin forming different types of pimples and grains in the skin.
  3. Blackheads: A natural product for increase oily secretions, and pores widen, which help bacteria in the atmosphere to stabilize the skin, and appear as pills and blackheads on the skin.
  4. Skin Gloss: This is the most embarrassing and irritating to the people of this skin type, because the skin will always remain excessively shiny, eye-catching, and feeling uncomfortable most of the time, many girls are embarrassed about the increase of these secretions that indicate less clean than healthy skin , And it makes it more difficult to maintain the makeup appearance and maintain its appearance for a long time, without worrying about its constancy on the skin.
  5. Dark Spots: Dark spots may appear as a result of exposure to the sun for a long time, especially during the summer, but the owners of oily skin, their suffering increases more than the people of other type skin, depending on the nature of their skin, which receives the surrounding external factors, and feeds them to appear in the worst images.

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How to care for the skin

Taking care of the skin varies according to its types; nevertheless, there are some mutual methods for skin care, most important methods are;

  • Proper nutrition: eating a balanced diet, rich in different types of vegetables and fruits, will help to increase the freshness of the skin and maintain its health.
  • Drink water: get enough water daily between 8-10 cups a day to moisturize the body, and expel the toxins accumulated in the body in general and in the layers of the skin in particular, the skin looks healthy and fresh.
  • Clean the skin and wash it twice a day, morning and evening, to maintain its cleanness and radiance.
  • Keep pillows and beds clean because they absorb facial and hair secretion during sleep, so keep them clean to get a bright look.
  • Use appropriate creams that contain the essential elements needed for healthy skin from minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • Quit smoking.

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In addition to these methods, there are extra points added for oily skin care, such as;

  • Stay away from long-term exposure to sunlight.
  • Remove makeup before bedtime with an oily free makeup-remover from oily for oily skin care.
  • Choose products suitable for oily skin and make sure the cosmetics basis made of water, not of oils.
  • Peel the skin once a week in a light way to help the skin get rid of layers of dead skin and toxins and impurities in the pores of the skin, to give them freshness and radiance.
  • Avoid massaging the face frequently when washing because face massage leads to increased grease secretions.
  • Put the sun visor in the summer and put a moisturizing cream in winter.
  • Moisturizing the skin is essential for the oily skin type people because moisturizing reduces the oily secretion in the skin, and there is a moisturizer for each type of skin.

Some natural masks can help give oily skin care the desired radiance and shine, and from these suitable masks are:

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  • Honey and apple mask to purify oily skin from impurities: Honey works to combat bacteria that contribute to the increase of fatty secretions, and the fruit of apples that help nourish the skin, and stimulate blood circulation, so a mixture that combines these two elements gives beautiful results for the skin.
  • Onion and Oats mask to moisturize and clean oily skin: The onion can clean the oily skin deeply to get rid of all impurities, while oats to moisturize the skin and the preparation of a mask with these elements gives the skin freshness and moisture that highlight its beauty.

Many natural substances are included in natural masks compounds useful for oily skin care, such as coffee, coarse sugar, olive oil, turmeric and honey, all natural ingredients in masks compounds that help to purify oily skin.

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Cosmetic Medicine and Oily Skin Care

Cosmetic medicine today offers radical solutions to most of the problems most people suffer from, including skin problems of all kinds. As oily skin is the most vulnerable skin type, cosmetic medicine offers solutions to treat its problems to a great extent, such as peeling, Mesotherapy, and filler injections.

The full pores are the first signs and causes of oily skin, although they cause a lot of damage to the skin such as; pimples and grains appearance because of the bacteria accumulation in them, the solutions are primarily guaranteed, chemical peeling of (TCA 70-100) type, is an excellent treatment for large pores, Injections of Restylane and Juvederm, if injected into the surface layer of the skin, it improves skin pores and reduce their size.

Although treatments’ type is different for oily skin, nevertheless, each one of them is customized according to the patient’s condition, so the people of oily skin should consult a dermatologist or a cosmetic doctor, before choosing any product or any of the previous treatments, to ensure choosing the best treatment choice for the most appropriate condition, In order to address the main problem.

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Oily Skin Care and Treatments at Home