Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty …. How to reduce the nose without surgery

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a demand of many people, to avoid the afraid of a surgical operation, the stress before the surgical operation, and the results’ waiting after the operation. The big nose holders search for any methods to reduce it whether doing exercises, reliance on home recipes, or using cosmetic products.

The big size of a nose is a barrier to the person who wants the beauty, consistency, and attractive because the nose is one of the face beauty standards and the basic facial attract, the big nose causes embarrass and feeling of non-self-confidence. The big size of nose forms in many parts such as spraining the nasal bridge, the big size of the nostrils, the nose’s tip augmentation, or the big size of the nose generally.

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Methods of a non-surgical nose job

All people want to reduce the nose without surgery, which means non-surgical rhinoplasty, instead of performing a surgical operation. The nose contains some flexible cartilages and some of the fat tissues that easy to format by doing some exercises help for changing the shape of the nose, according to person’s condition. Some people want the short size of the nose, and other want a straight nose and the other natural nose reduction.

Here some of the methods and exercises using in changing the shape of the nose:

  • Pulling the skin of the cheeks toward and over the ear, at the same time using your index fingers and thumb to press on the nostrils to reduce the size of nostrils as a non-surgical nose job.
  • Pinching the right nostril, and breathing from the left side, then, pinching the left nostril and breath out from the right, try to repeat this exercise about 10-20 times a day, so leads to natural nose reduction, in addition, to organize the breathing process.
  • Put the index finger below the nose, sync with using index finger and thumb of the other hand for pressing on the sides of the nose and move them from top to bottom with organizing the breathing. The people who are suffering from a tall nose, they can get a short nose; try to make this exercise 20 times per day.
  • Using your two index finger and putting them in the corner of the eyes depends on the size of the nose, then, pinching the two side if the nose for 5 minutes and repeat it three times a day to get the best results. This exercise reshapes your nose.
  • Put your index finger below the nose and the thumb finger on the top of your nose, then, pinching to below so leads to lowing your nose down.
  • Massage your nose to get a lot of benefits such reducing the size of the nose and nostrils, in addition to expanding the breathing, in which massage your nose in a circle form up to down for 3 minutes per day.
  • To straight your nose, you must smile and at the same time, you will push up the nose by one of the fingers. Repeat this exercise about 30 times a day for two weeks to reach a good result for a non-surgical nose job.

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There are some home recipes and natural recipes, which help reduce the size of the nose at home, some of these recipes are:

  • For non-surgical rhinoplasty, you should mix some of the ground ginger with water and put them on the nose for 5 minutes per day; it can reduce the rate of the fat in the top of the nose, which is natural nose reduction. You can mix the ginger with toothpaste and apple cider vinegar, in which the compost will be put on the nose for 20 minutes. You can repeat three times a day to get the best results.
  • Mixing equal amounts of castor oil and ring oil, then, put them on the nose and massage for 10 minutes. You can use this compost two times per week to get a small size of a nose.

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The disadvantages of natural nose reduction

Despite the exercise and reduce the size of the nose at home have some benefits, it has a lot of disadvantages and side effects such as:

  1. The methods of natural nose reduction need a lot of time before getting the results.
  2. The result of exercises and home recipes , and there is a chance to get unpredictable results.
  3. The methods of non-surgical rhinoplasty need a lot of efforts until getting the results.
  4. Maybe you can get the non-shaped nose and does not match with the face.
  5. Most of the cases do not get a good result.
  6. Sometimes the home recipes lead to inflammation of the nose because of the allergic of some people.
  7. Redness of the nose occurs and does not disappear due to do many exercises or home recipes.
  8. The breathing problems due leak of breathing during exercises.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques

There are a lot of devices used to reduce the size of the nose at home, in addition, to reshape the nose, the most important devices are:

Nose up: this is a device used for a non-surgical nose job and made of silicone and plastic, which is pinching the cartilages of the nose to reduce the nose without surgery. This device is small, easy to use, and affordable but procedure some side effects and disadvantages such:

  1. The appearance of signs on the nose, which does not disappear if you use the device in a wrong way.
  2. Narrowing the breathing because of too much reduction.
  3. Maybe the cartilages deviate due to wrong positioning of the device.
  4. The nose is narrowed too much, and not consistent with the shape of the face. This will happen if you used not a suitable size for your nose.


OMNI, Orthodontic device: the orthodontic device procedure some oscillation up to 300 degrees per minute, in which it can tighten the cartilage of the nose to reduces it and improves the nasal bridge. The orthodontic device is placed for 3-4 minutes a day. This device is bigger than the nose up the device, which is difficult to put for a long time.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Beside the development of the cosmetic medical field, the emergence of face injection such Botox, filler, or self-fat injection, which is the best alternative to a surgical operation, the nose has a chance for injection techniques, so nose filler injection has appeared.

Nose filler injection

Nose filler injection aims to non-surgical rhinoplasty and reshapes the nose; it can solve the problems of the deviation of a nose and enhance the nose’s tip to reduce the shape of the nose. The filler is a medical procedure contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, and Radiesse was known as calcium hydroxyapatite, which similar to nose cartilage.

Some side effects and complication are appeared once taking nose filler injection such as swelling, bruising, bacterial infection, or nose deformity because of a high rate injectable.

The two doctors James Leonard and Robert Gersuny have reached to non-surgical nose job at the beginning of 19th century, using a filler made of liquid paraffin wax, despite its efficacy, liquid paraffin proved biologically harmful. Then silicone gel was introduced instead of the liquid paraffin wax, but it has some problems in the body such as granulomas and ulcers. Sync with the development of the cosmetic medical field, the researches and studies are multiply until Dr. Alexander Rivkin in 2002 reached to Radiesse, which similar to nose cartilage that has been approved by FDA in 2005. Dr. Andrew Tuan-Anh succeeds in using Polyacrylamide known as Aquamid that used beside Radiesse for nose filler injection.

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How to reduce the nose in a week

Although the advantages that we gain from reduce the nose without surgery, there are some disadvantages and risks. Despite a non-surgical rhinoplasty help reshape the nose, it does not aim to reduce the size of the nose to the required degree as a non-surgical nose job can make the nose more straightening to look a little smaller. Although exercises and home recipe have some benefits that help to reduce the size of the nose at home, it takes a lot of time and efforts, so that you will also need to perform a surgical rhinoplasty. The exercises take a lot of months or years before getting the required results, but the surgical operation does not need more than two hours, also, guaranteed to get the required result. The person can go under the operation and reduce the size of the nose in a week:

  • The first day: the medical center will perform to the patient some necessary tests and analyzes to ensure that he can go under nose job surgery.
  • The second day: the rhinoplasty operation will be performed; this is a very simple operation and painless, may take 1-2 hours.
  • The third day: the patient will get back to his normal life and return to his home.
  • The three other days: the medical center will perform some process revisions to the patient.
  • The sixth day: a nasal splint will be removed.

Rhinoplasty surgery not only aims for cosmetic procedures but also seek to solve functional problems within the nose such as nasal sinus and breathing problems. There are many cases suffer from the narrow of nostrils or deviation of the nasal septum, which lead to breathing problems, depriving the appearance of the nose, making its shape asymmetrical. The nose job reshapes the nose and leads to solving the issues of breathing and the external shape of the nose.


In this article, we provide the answers of your questions about how to reduce the nose without surgery, so share the article with friends so that information reaches to the most significant number of followers and benefits everyone.  

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty …. How to reduce the nose without surgery