Non-Surgical Gynecomastia , How Is It Done

Everyone fears the surgical cosmetic procedures, looking for multiple types of natural treatment, away from the surgical intervention, to avoid the dread of surgery, especially when it comes to issues can be easily treated without surgery, like; Rhinoplasty decreasing without surgery or Gynecomastia without surgery.

Today, there are many cosmetic problems we are exposed to, the most important of these problems is the fat conglomerate in different areas of the body, and is considered the most concentrated places for fat in men, is the breast area. Nowadays, most men are suffering from Gynecomastia, due to internal factors beyond control, or external factors of their own volition.

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Methods of Non-Surgical Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a clear increase or greasy hyperplasia in the breast area, as a result of hormonal disorders, which is a hormonal imbalance, whether male hormones or female hormones, known as male Testosterone or Estrogen, and it is common for boys in adulthood, even newborns.

There are many different methods and ways, which helps in treating Gynecomastia without surgery, it varies depending on the age, and the health of the person suffering from Gynecomastia, these methods are;

  • Exercise daily and continuously, as the sport helps to tighten the muscles, getting rid of fat, moreover it keeps your body healthy and strong, which reduces the formation of fat in the breast area.
  • Eat a healthy diet that consists of vitamins and proteins such as; vegetable and fruit, on the other hand, staying away from high calories food, as much as possible. To abstain especially from junk food, and kind of food that contain oils and grease in a significant amount, leading to non-lumpy fat in the breast, where it has been shown that malnutrition leads to hormonal imbalance which stimulates breast growth and inflation.
  • Corsets or compression clothes can be worn on the breast area for half an hour a day, reducing swelling and puffing in the breast area and relieving the pain caused by the obstruction problem.
  • Certain medical drugs can help in treating Gynecomastia without surgery, these medicines work on increasing male hormones; Testosterone, in addition to, reducing Estrogen the female hormone, which controls breast growth, reducing breast growth in men, as well as reducing the fat average in the breast. However, the patient needs to consult the doctor before having any kind of these medical drugs.
  • Some natural oils also, help in reducing the problem of Gynecomastia, such as; fish oil, by replacing it on the breast area, along with massaging the breast for five minutes daily. These oils work on reducing fat percentage, decreasing the severe swelling in the breast.
  • Staying away from Alcohol, or any kind of drugs, they are one of the main factors for increasing the size of the breast and having Gynecomastia.
  • Abstaining from taking any medical drugs without consulting the doctor, only because these medicines can be one of the primary factors in causing Gynecomastia, as studies showed that the large percentage of Gynecomastia cases are due to taking medications contain a big amount of Estrogen such as; Stomach treatments, antibiotics, or antidepressants.
  • Gynecomastia usually appears due to the infection of certain diseases such as; renal failure, or thyroid dysfunction. For non-surgical Gynecomastia treatment, we need to treat these illnesses first, and then Gynecomastia will be treated without surgery and in a completely automatic manner.

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Usually, boys in puberty or neonates, do not need treatments, the breast will go back to its typical shape on its own, within a period of six to three years at most. However, through this time, if the person with Gynecomastia felt any pain, he can place ice pads on the regions where the pain is, or have the medical drugs specified for treating Gynecomastia without surgery, like; Ibuprofen.

Gynecomastia can occur in both breasts, known as Homogenous Gynecomastia, it can also happen in one breast, and this type is known as; heterogeneous Gynecomastia. The most critical factors that lead to breast swelling and Gynecomastia problem lay in the genetic factors acquired by one of the parents, and the hormonal differences throughout the lifetime of men.

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Gynecomastia removing operation.

Although, ways and methods vary in treating Gynecomastia without surgery, nevertheless, it does not bring us the needed results, in addition to the possibility of having a reversal results in a high percentage, moreover, it takes much more time and effort. Besides waiting for the results that do not satisfy us in the end, the person is bored and the dagger. Most people want immediate and rapid treatment, which can cure the problem of Gynecomastia in less than a week.

As technology evolves as well as cosmetic medicine, a person has been able to treat Gynecomastia in less than a week, through a very simple cosmetic procedure, Gynecomastia removal operation, or so-called Gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia Operation: it is a cosmetic operation, through which the elimination of fat formed in the breast is done, in addition to the removal of excess skin, depending on three methods of operations. The doctor chooses a method depending on the case of the patient undergoing the operation that best suits him, also according to the amount of the fat formed, and the size of the breast he has. These types are;

  1. Liposuction: through which the greasy tissue and the excess fat in the breast are removed, by using the latest technologies used in liposuction, like; Vaser technique, or Laser technique.
  2. Surgical removal: through which the fat tissue and the greasy tissue are removed from the breast, depending on the use of a telescope.
  3. Combined between the two methods: where the breast tissue is removed from the skin, using one of these technologies, Vaser or Laser. The doctor breaks down the fat, then sucks them out of the body, causing skin appendages, which are removed by surgery.

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The results of Gynecomastia are instant results; they show right after the plastic surgery, as well as the recovery time, which is a short period. The patient can cure and recover from Gynecomastia in less than a week. It is the ideal alternative to treating Gynecomastia without surgery.


We provide the most accurate information that enables the person to treat Gynecomastia without surgery, depending on the consultation of the elite of doctors and beauty experts. Therefore, share this article, in a way that this information is available to all who wish to treat Gynecomastia without surgery.


Non-Surgical Gynecomastia , How Is It Done