Natural Hair Transplantation and secrets inside the operating room

Natural Hair Transplantation. The type of hair varies according to the environment, where human beings are born. The nature of European human hair varies from the nature of Arab human hair and African human hair.

The human is born influenced by the environment, in which he lives. Each type of hair has characteristics, in which successful natural hair transplantation depends on these types.

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Natural hair transplantation

Once the patient arrives at the hospital, the translator will take him to the doctor’s room for the first checking. The translator will sit side by side with the patient to help him for contact with the doctor and start preparing for his medical file.

The doctor will describe all details about natural hair transplantation procedure, then, he will mark the proposed front line of the head by a certain size, in which the doctor measures the distance between the eyebrows and upper lip, and also measures the distance between the upper lip and the chin.

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According to this checkup, the doctor will determine the width of the forehead line. As the person progresses with age, the frontline begins to reduce, and the area for the forehead expands and consistent with age.
After the agreement on all the details; starting with drawing the frontline and the forehead, which appropriate for the patients’ face and age, the second stage of natural hair transplantation in turkey begins.

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This stage is the necessary analysis before hair transplantation in turkey, in which the medical staff takes two samples of blood, the first one of the general tests to check on the health of the patient, so takes about 8 cc, the second sample to prepare the plasma syringe for use in the operation.


Inside the operating room

The first stage in the natural hair transplantation’s operating room is shaving the patient’s hair, then, the doctor will determine the extraction area, then, the scalp is sterilized, then, the doctor begins anesthesia. The anesthetic needles are local and surface needles that are inserted horizontally into the skin and not vertically as thoughts of the most people.

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The follicles extraction process starts after finished anesthesia, in which the follicles extraction depends on a device called micromotor. The head of the micromotor has a punch, which has four pieces whose changes according to patient’s condition.

The doctor chooses the type of the punch according to the kind of hair because if the choice is wrong, the extraction of follicles will be incorrect, as the hair is broken or the surrounding fat is damaged so that the doctor determines the best size for patient’s hair.

Unfortunately, some people have a misconception about the device of the follicle extraction as they think that there are a lot of tools and a lot of types, but there is one device, one type, and one technique.

This device is a micromotor and the only thing whom change is the head of the punch. The follicles are sorted according to its type whether mono, bipolar, trigeminal, and quadrant hair to be placed on particular slices with nourishing fluids for follicles and sometimes the plasma is injected above the fluids to remain in an environment similar to its environment.

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The transplantation stage is the most comfortable stage of how is natural hair transplantation being done, the transplantation method varies according to the techniques, the baldness degree, the patient condition, and the strength of donor area. As well as the type of hair is a reason for choosing the technique of hair transplantation in turkey, which ensures the best result.

The medical staff starts to take the follicles and transplant them in a specific arrangement, in which the monoclonal hair follicles are transplanted in the frontline and the front head because they grow with a harmonious and straightened shape and unified way. The bilateral, triangular, and quad hair are transplanted gradually from the crown of the head to cover all the baldness areas and gives a required density.

Once the doctor finished the transplantation stage, the medical staff will sterilize the patient head by spray, then, a band will be put around the head, which prevents the fluids from falling to the eye and front. The patient will leave the hospital without any feeling of pain or exhausted.

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The third day after natural hair transplantation is the washing session, the patient will return to the hospital for washing his scalp, then, the condition of the patient will be shown on the doctor to be provided. The doctor will give the patient the necessary instructions and information, which is a need in the first week after hair transplantation. Some of these instructions are:

  1. The patient must keep his head up and avoid lowering down as the position of prostration in the prayer, tying the shoe straps or even reading so he must keep his head elevated to the ground.
  2. The patient must take a lot of water and fluids in the first period.
  3. Avoiding any stress or exhausted and following the instructions of washing head and sleep.

The patient is also given a treatment bag, in which all the treatments needed by the patient during the recovery period. He also delivers a certificate of guarantee signed by the doctor who performed the transplant, then, the natural hair transplantation is finish.

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Published on: Nov 15, 2013 at 17:18


Natural Hair Transplantation and secrets inside the operating room