My Hair Transplantation Experience, I overcome baldness “pictures included”

I decided to share with you my hair transplant’s experience in details, as many friends asked me to, wanting to let you all know the benefits I had. At first, I wanted to the key information about hair transplant, before undergoing the operation.

I was looking for hair implantation experiences, especially hair transplant in Turkey, as a result of what I knew; I headed to Turkey as one of the leading countries in the field of hair transplant. I’ve searched a lot about previous experiences to be sure of what I’m going into and made sure I picked the right decision according to the sensitivity of the matter.

I’m Muhammad, 35 years old, married with three children, I work as an employee in a news newspaper in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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My experience in hair transplantation

It was the beginning of my experience in hair transplant, as well as hair transplantation experiments in the summer of 2017, after I searched for a lot of hair transplant experiments, and after great suffering with hair loss, trying every possible treatment I can have; herbs or creams or shampoos, unfortunately, there was no good result, right then I knew that these methods are just wrong information, until I found, in the end, I have a baldness area from the top of my head down to the front line of my head.

Something that had a profound psychological impact on me, on my daily life activities, especially that the baldness size was really big and obvious, in and out the office, people’s eyes were on me, it’s like wherever I go, someone is staring at me, which became a psychological barrier to me, paralyzing my every move and putting my determination down.

To make things even worse, I had to face one of my biggest psychological fears; when I was not selected to represent my company in the media and television section because I was bald, which also affected my professional life.

before hair transplant

Later I discovered that studies have shown that 25% of baldness problems affect the career path of people’s lives, I was convinced then that the causes of baldness should be addressed radically, especially since I have great professional ambitions in my field.

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Here, I started my experience, as I started searching for all the details of having a successful operation. At the beginning I specialized in researching about, my experience in artificial hair transplantation, as well as, hair transplantation experiences in Turkey, as well as, hair transplantation experiments in general, especially since I do not leave anything to chance on one hand, and on the other, because my information in this area is limited, and my goal is to reach to a hair implantation cosmetic results closest to nature 100%.

First I start reading a group of blogs, and clubs forums and Arab sites, I was surprised by a lot of repeated information in a suspicious way in some, and a contradictory way in some others, until I found the blog of Turkeyana Clinic for Plastic Surgery. I became familiar with a range of details and techniques that I had no idea of, at first, In fact, it is a center that strives to help you to be as you like.

I have learned a lot of procedures to be followed before the operation, such as; conducting preliminary medical examinations, especially blood tests, in addition to knowing a range of diseases that would be an obstacle that prevents the patient and makes him/ her not qualified to do hair transplant, such as; thyroid diseases, diabetes, Liver disease, heart diseases and its operations and other very fine details.

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Moreover, I get to know the difference between the technologies used in hair transplant in Turkey, and what is the harvesting method, they all vary from each other; however, the Arabic blogs set them as one thing, which is misunderstanding and misleading as well for the right information. Here, I’ve learned about the types of the used technologies in hair transplant; where at first, the harvesting stage is performed by using a device called Micro Motor, which extract the follicle from the donor area.

On the other hand, hair transplant methods, many technologies are used such; follicles Extraction Unit, known as FUE method, also, the technology of Choi Pens, known as the DHI method, and recognized by its High accuracy, moreover there is the technique of Robotic hair transplant, an assistant robot that help the doctor examining the donor area, determines the baldness area, then chooses the most powerful follicles from the donor area, in addition to, reduce the transplant timing down to half.


inside hair transplant operation

After researching, auditing, and collecting the available information and certificates of people who have successful hair transplantation, and after reading the experiences of hair transplant of many people who wrote, my experience in hair transplant, whether for relatives or colleagues form my profession surrounding, who have tried hair transplantation in Turkey, right then I knew, Turkey is where I’m heading to, specifically the global tourism capital, Istanbul.

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Which has seen great prosperity in this field and a wide demand, Turkey, based on its geographical location and its roots in history, has become a focal point for the fusion of several western and eastern cultures and civilizations, which has made it an attractive tourist attraction, in addition to the economic leap that the country has known in recent years. It has become a global tourist destination for millions of lovers of nature, culture, human coexistence and historical heritage.

Therefore, this is the general context in which the decision was made to carry out the process. Thankfully, the result was at the level of my expectations and hopes, and since the images are very influential as a means of effective communication, my experience with hair transplantation with pictures is an urgent necessity. For a complete sharing scenario; my experience with you, that has done these great results in my eyes, which are pictures that show the big difference before and after the hair transplantation.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

I can summarize my experience with hair transplantation in Turkey or hair transplantation experiments through some points that I need to share with you so that the benefit and spread of knowledge are as follows:

  • The doubt I had about the result, because of the many cases that I have heard, read about, or seen about the failed hair transplant operations, which took place in unknown centers simply because the cost was low, and what I later learned was that the difference between the two prices did not exceed $ 200, on the other hand, there were successful cases in large and well-known centers, such as the Turkeyana Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation, which encouraged me to carry out the process and make the final decision.
  • Turkeyana Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation, who performed the operation very professionally and skillfully. From the first day I connected them, until the day of the hair transplant operation, and so far they are in constant contact with me, advise me and directing me step by step after the operation, especially the instructions after hair transplantation; the washing method, shampoo types, and recommended lotions, where they were keen on the success of the operation more than me.

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  • The one who visits Istanbul will notice a large number of the cosmetic centers, a positive phenomenon that developed with the great growth of this sector in the recent years, which reflected positively on the quality of services and prices that have become logical. However; there are a number of cosmetic centers and peddlers in this area who take advantage of the situation and offer services at low prices, but with less quality, those we must be cautious of them.

inside hair transplant operation 2

  • The hospital and the hotel are in one area, which is a great advantage to who knows Istanbul and the kind of its traffic. There is no missing time to move between the hospital, the hotel, and Ataturk Airport, they are all placed in one area, I used the time effectively, the trip, privilege, was about tourism and treatment, I visited a number of the most important landmarks of Istanbul, such as the historical Sultanahmet district, full of its ancient heritage, and its original architecture such as; The Blue Mosque, the Aya Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Market (Grand Bazaar), the Egyptian market in the famous area of Eminono, Sulaymaniyah Mosque, with a beautiful view of the Golden Horn and the historic Galata Tower, as well as a full day shopping in Istiklal Street, which is the heart of Istanbul, known with its movement, and cultural and musical activities that vary, therefore, I bought all gifts I want, without any delay or hurry.

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  • Turkeyana Clinic provides specialized doctors, who work as university professors at the universities of Istanbul, and anesthesiologists, who provide a full team working together to ensure the success of the procedure and its normal proceeding, without feeling a great pain. I did not feel any pain all through the operation, even after the transplant operation, the pain I felt, was tolerable, which increase the trust in the medical team who is special in this delicate domain.
  • There was no communication problem, as the interpreter has great experience in many languages, in addition to his excellence in the medical translation. It is one of the most important things to mention when talking about hair transplantation experiences because, as it is known in many countries, no translator is allowed to work in hospitals, unless he/ she is specialized because of the sensitivity of the matter and its great impact on the clarification of information exchanged and guidance and facilitate the process of communication.

After hair transplantation

As a conclusion to this amazing experience, I can say that my experience in hair transplant in Turkey, or hair transplant experiences particularly in Turkey, mainly in Turkeyana Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplant, was highly a successful experience and with 100% satisfying natural look, due to the high level of technical and professional development that personifies the medical staff, and everything in this therapeutic Journey; from the reception, till the way back home. Moreover the result.

Say goodbye to the anxiety and tension, which usually precede the stage of the final decision, and welcome to the club: Be as you want…!


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My Hair Transplantation Experience, I overcome baldness “pictures included”