Mesotherapy for hair disadvantage

We all want the perfect, thick, and long hair, which attracts eyes, for its beauty and elegance. The hair expresses the personality of the person; for both, men and woman.

It is the base of the glamorous appearance. Recently, our hair has been damaged and fallen, because of pollution, fast food, malnutrition, or even the different weather and temperature, whether in the summer, because of humidity and high temperature, which causes curly hair, and in the fall season, which occurs something called the seasonal fall, which a significant loss of hair at the beginning of each season especially in the autumn.

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Hair care is a primary of our priority in life, So that, we are using many chemical treatments and home recipes, despite the length of treatment, we do not get a good result, until the discovery of Mesotherapy in the field of hair treatment. It is one of the most natural solutions to treat hair loss, regrowth, and get more healthy and shine hair.

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Mesotherapy for hair care

Mesotherapy technique involves injecting vitamins, proteins, and minerals, such as; zinc, copper, magnesium, and various other minerals, as well as some plant extracts and dietary supplements, to be directly injected into the fatty tissue of the patient’s scalp. The proportions, amounts and the types of these drugs vary according to each person and the degree of damage and hair loss.

The injections used in Mesotherapy are a very small, a specific and painless. They are topical treatments target a specific area of the body, Mesotherapy injections aid hair restoration and treat a lot of hair problems, such as:

  1. Treatment of hair dry.
  2. Stop hair loss.
  3. Reduce the baldness.
  4. Treatment of dandruff.
  5. Strengthen hair follicles.

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Mesotherapy terminology

Mesotherapy is a French term, which has been coined by the French press in 1958, after experiments and researchers of the doctor Pistor has been approved, in which Michel Pistor performed a lot of experiments and researchers, and founded the field of mesotherapy, to treat vascular diseases, improve blood circulation, and treat sports injuries, in 1952.

Since this year, researchers of the field of Mesotherapy have been followed up, so that, more than 15,000 doctors use the mesotherapy in many cosmetic medical fields, whether to treat hair problems, cellulite treatment, fat dissolve, weight reduction in specific areas of the body and rejuvenate the skin cells.



Mesotherapy for hair stages

Some preparations must be done, before mesotherapy injection for hair, including:

  1. The patient has to choose a medical center with a good reputation and choose a doctor with high qualification and experience in the field of mesotherapy.
  2. Both the doctor and the patient will discuss the stages and details of mesotherapy injection.
  3. The doctor will examine the patient’s hair.
  4. The patient will go through some examinations and blood tests, to know the elements which hair need.
  5. The patient must know the ingredients of mesotherapy injection, so that knows how much benefits will earn after the injection.
  6. The doctor injects the patient with a minimal amount of treatment, before the full injection of mesotherapy, to ensure that he is eligible to inject.

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When the doctor ensures that the patient is eligible for mesotherapy injection, the doctor will sterilize the scalp of the patient, then, the patient will have local anesthesia, and the doctor will set the patient’s scalp on steam, to be soft during injection.

Mesotherapy can be done in two different ways, both of them depending on the experience of the doctor:


  1. This method depends on individual devices for injection, in which the injection needle has been installed in devices similar to the gun, then injection; either individually as a single shot or injects several repeated shots with a high speed. This method has accuracy and stability; it is easier and faster for the doctor and less pain for the patient.


  1. This depends on the manual injection by the doctor, using a very right needle, and this stage needs a doctor with high experience in the field of manually mesotherapy treatment. The most important advantage of this method is not needed a high price, compared with the first method, which involved a particular modern device for injection.

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After the doctor injects the mesotherapy in the scalp, he will put cold compresses on the injection areas, to avoid swelling, bruise or inflammation in these areas.

The session takes about 30 minutes, and a course of 5 to 10 sessions are recommended, according to the patient’s condition, whether one session per week for one month or one session every two weeks for eight weeks.

The number of injections per session varies from 50 to 150 needles, the results appear after the completion of all sessions, and the effectiveness of the mesotherapy treatment lasts for five years.

The patient must be aged between 18-70, and with good health, there are some patients have certain diseases, such as; heart disease, heart medications, diabetes, cancer, AIDS, blood pressure and other blood diseases, all of them not satiable for mesotherapy injection, in addition to a pregnant woman.

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Mesotherapy advantage and disadvantage

Mesotherapy injection is an entirely safe treatment that anyone can do, and the use of mesotherapy varies from person to another, depending on the ingredients, which uses in the mesotherapy injection, in which each doctor has his materials and components of mesotherapy.


Advantages of mesotherapy

  1. The mesotherapy session takes a short time, about 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  2. It is not expensive, mainly when the doctor depends on the manual injection.
  3. The mesotherapy procedure does not need general anesthesia, and the patient can get back to his healthy life, once the session has been finished.
  4. The mesotherapy helps to stimulate hair follicles because the injection substances nourish hair follicles.
  5. The patient will not feel any pain during the mesotherapy injection.
  6. Mesotherapy helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp.
  7. Mesotherapy strengthens hair follicles.

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Mesotherapy for hair disadvantages

  1. Mesotherapy does not treat all hair problems, in which It cannot treat baldness, so mesotherapy is not useful for many people.
  2. Sometimes mesotherapy is not effective, and there are some cases have proved that the mesotherapy is not successful for stopping hair loss.
  3. Mesotherapy treatment is a continuous treatment with the patient for whole life, in which the patient has to take 1-2 sessions a year, or every six months, to keep the result, these sessions are called additional sessions.
  4. There is no clear evidence of the mesotherapy effectiveness; it is a relative issue vary from person to another.

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In addition to, there are some complications and side effects might occur, after each session of mesotherapy injection, such as:


  1. Feeling pain in areas where have been injected, lasts for one or two days, which disappears when you take the necessary analgesic dictated by the doctor.
  2. Skin infection might happen, in the case of non-sterilization of tools used in the injection, and might disappear after taking the necessary antibiotic.
  3. Bruising and redness of scalp can occur, due to the injury of some blood vessels, and lasts for two days.
  4. Feeling itchy in areas where have been injected, and disappears on its own, after two or three days.
  5. An allergic reaction might happen, according to each patient’s condition and skin type.
  6. Swelling and inflammation also occur, and it can be disposed of when you take anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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The cost of mesotherapy injection

The cost of mesotherapy varies for many reasons, some of these reasons are:

  • The type of technology, which will use for injection, either manually or through particular devices.
  • Ingredients and elements that use in mesotherapy injection.
  • The number of sessions, which the patient needs, according to the condition of hair and degree of damage.

Mesotherapy cost varies from 150$ to 300$, in case of using manual injection, and varies from 400$ to 500$, when using a special device.



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Moetaz El-Domyati, MD, Tarek S. El-Ammawi, MD, Osama Moawad, MD, Hasan El-Fakahany, MD, Walid Medhat, MD, Mỹ G. Mahoney, PhD, and Jouni Uitto, MD, PhD; Efficacy of mesotherapy in facial rejuvenation: a histological and immunohistochemical evaluation

Venkataram Mysore; Mesotherapy in Management of Hairloss — Is it of Any Use?

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Mesotherapy for hair disadvantage