Instructions after hair transplantation for the best results

There are many instructions after hair transplantation has to be considered as hair transplantation decision is a critical decision for a person and it may change his life forever. Many people suffer from problems of baldness whether women or men that make them suffer social problems and effect to self-confidence.

The most critical part in the stage of performing the hair transplantation is the post-operation. So, there a lot of instructions after hair transplantation which to be considered. The doctors will provide a patient with the necessary guidelines to be followed and here some of the most important instructions, which you have to do after hair transplantation advised by the doctors and cosmetic experts.

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Instructions after hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is a type of a non-surgical technique that aims to fill the baldness areas of hair and depends on transferring the hair follicles from the donor site to the empty areas or baldness areas, which is done through several techniques. If you want the best results, you must follow some instruction after hair transplantation procedure.

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The first three days after the operation is the stage of unification of the transplanted roots units, at this stage you must take care and pay attention to these areas, and some of these instructions are:

  • Avoiding bend the head or lay down on your back: keep the head in a high position from the body, in which the doctor injects under the head with serum substance, which can cause swelling in the face and be gathering fluid at the front of the head during the bending.
  • You must sleep in a semi-vertical position (45 degrees), using two medical pillows to lift your head on the first day of the transplant. The following days until the third day, you can sleep on your back but also you will use a medical pillow to lift your head on, to ensure the safety of the transplanting area and hair follicles, so make sure that you get them from the hospital.

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  • The patient must not use anything cause blood thinning such as; aspirin, alcohol, green tea, and the Arabic coffee.
  • You can wash your head on the third day of the operation: the washing should be in a trivial way, as not cause of moving the transplanted follicles. You would wash your hair with a medical shampoo, which provided by the medical center, where you perform the hair transplantation; this is the most important thing to consider.
  • The patient must stop smoking at least in the first three days after the operation to get the best results, due to the smoking leads to entry CO and mixed with the blood so the amounts of oxygen which going to the roots will be few amounts and it may damage the roots.

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Instructions after the third day of hair transplantation

The roots have to consistently well, so you have to follow some instructions after hair transplantation to help you adjust to the growth of transplanted hair but there are not as strict as the first three days.

  • Continuity of taking the medical drugs dictated by the doctor: the doctor will give you anti-inflammatory, a course of vitamins, and a course of strengthening serum to massage your scalp, you must put all of these after wash your hair and dry it carefully twice a week. There is a medical shampoo will be provided for you in the medical, free bag.
  • Recommend to use plasma, which called (PRP): plasma is strengthened the follicles hair and prevents hair loss, in which you will start the plasma course before the operation with the first injection, and a month after surgery will be the second injection, then, at the end of the second month, you will take the third injection. You will take one injection per 3 months.


  • You must follow the instructions of bathing and washing hair: you should not bathing for three days after hair transplantation. For the head washing; you should not do any activities that will lead to moving the transplanted follicles or falling off. After the first week from hair transplantation, you should wash your hair with a medical shampoo to wetting the scalp and falling of crusts.
  • Avoiding the hard working: for at least 15 days after the operation, because it may lead to exhaust the body, increase the period of recovery, leads to the danger of falling transplanted follicles, so it is recommended to take two weeks of rest and stop any sports activities.

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  • Take care of taking off and wearing your clothes: this is one of the most important instruction after hair transplantation, due to you must not touch your scalp and the transplanted area with your fingers even if you feeling itchy, because any touching of these areas will lead to transplanted hair loss.
  • Stay away from sunrises: for at least a month, and when you go out, you must wear a unique head cover, because it is lead to hurt the transplanted areas, redness occurrence, and feeling itchy. After a month of hair transplantation, you can wear anything without any problems.
  • Avoiding swimming: for a month in the swimming pool because it contains chlorine that leads to inflammation, and for three months in the sea.
  • Avoiding directly stand under rain or dust: you must wear a medical cover for your head so that you can guarantee the best results and avoid any side effects or head damage.
  • The patient must not enter Turkish bath or sauna (spa) for 15 days: the high temperature and the overheat leads to scalp itching; this is one of the most important instructions after hair transplantation.
  • The patient must do not worry about hair loss: the hair loss is a healthy thing after hair transplantation, in which the transplanted hair starts to fall within a month after the operation, but after this period, the hair will begin to its healthy growth.

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The hair care after hair transplantation

The transplanted hairs start to appear and grow gradually after three months from hair transplantation and for 9 months, according to each patient. The regular rate of hair growth 1cm per month, so you do not have to be worried while the process of growing hair is delayed. It is normal for rots to take its time to grow but there are some instructions after hair transplantation helps for acceleration of the process of hair growth, some of these instructions are:

  1. Massage the scalp from time to another: after a month from hair transplantation, because leads to increases the blood flow to the scalp, which increase of feeding the transplanted follicles, acceleration their growth, and protect them from falling off.
  2. Using a medical shampoo, which has a natural component of 100 present that helps for hair growth.
  3. The patient must eat healthy and balanced food because it contains vitamins that help hair growth.
  4. The patient must not shave his hair as long as he can, for at least a year after hair transplantation.

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Hair transplantation has a got great development in recent time, because of the development of techniques that using in hair transplantation over the time. In the past, the hair transplantation was done with small grafts, which contains 1-3 hairs, these are hair transplantation procedure was just for women but now the doctors and cosmetic experts become able to transplant for both men and women, and not only in the head, but also in the face, whether eyebrows, beard, and mustache.

In the end, hair transplantation is the one of operation, which needs patience, care and gives attention to get the best result from the beginning of choosing the best medical center to following the instructions after hair transplantation.


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Published on: Jun 18, 2018 at 11:44

Instructions after hair transplantation for the best results