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What Is The Hydra-Facial Technology?

The Hydrafacial technology is a simple non-surgical technology that changed the game of the non-surgical cosmetic medicine. It works on regenerating the skin cells and moisturizing deep layers of the skin, which lead to a significant change in the facial skin appearance, as it gives the skin more freshness and softening. The super effective technology also removes the dead skin and cleanses the facial skin.

The Hydrafacial technology combines between (Chemical Peel), (Crystal Peel) and Skin self-peeling; it also uses a special formula of Antioxidants and Hyaluronic acid.

The process of applying the Hydrafacial technology only takes half an hour, cleansing and moisturizing the entire facial skin with no pain at all.

Candidates For The Hydra-Facial Technology

Lots of doctors prefer the Hydrafacial technology over other non-surgical techniques, as the Hydrafacial technologies suits all types of skins, it also doesn’t only cleanse the skin, but it treats many of its problems as well, and help increase the smoothness of the skin.

Candidates for Hydrafacial Technology from men and women:

  • People with wrinkles
  • People suffering from facial skin aging
  • People with uneven skin tones
  • People with dark circles

Pre- Hydra-Facial Technology Tips

The Hydrafacial technology is totally safe, to the point that it can be applied to sensitive skin without any worrying; a little redness can happen but it goes away in just an hour or less after the procedure.

This technology doesn’t require a lot of preparations before applying it, you just have to look for a specialized doctor if you want to the best results.

Post- Hydra-Facial Technology Tips

The Hydrafacial technology cleans the skin completely offering excellent results, to maintain these results as long as possible and to extend your skin protection period, there’re some skin care tips you should follow, for example:

    • Delay the use of cosmetics and don’t use them immediately after the treatment sessions.
    • Use facial moisturizers regularly and follow the skin care routine recommended by the doctor.
    • Don’t use skin washing or cleaning products before (12) hours after the session.
    • Refrain from using any cosmetics that contains retinol at least for three days after the application of the Hydrafacial technology.
    • Refrain from using any cosmetics that contain glycolic acid for at least a week after the Hydrafacial technology application.

The Stages Of The Hydra-Facial Technology Procedure

The stages of the facial skin medical cleaning known as (Hydrafacial) are divided into (5) main stages

    • The Hydrafacial device removes the dead cells of the skin and clean it from dirt and imputers.
    • The device start cleansing the skin using a mixture of geloclic acid and salicylic acid, scientifically known as the swirling peel (Vortex Peel).
    • The device cleans the skin pores deeply from inside, which known as swirling absorption, as the device absorbs impurities from the pores.
    • This stage varies from case to case, depending on the skin problem being treated (acne – fat accumulations – black heads).
    • The skin is being treated by nutrients, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, in order for the skin to restore its natural beauty and freshness.



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Hydra-Facial Technology For Rejuvenating Facial Skin