How To Install The Orthodontics

Teeth are the key for a fantastic smile, as it is the secret behind a person beauty, the most precious gift that reflects the transparent brightness of a person’s soul and feelings lying within. A person without equal, consistent teeth cannot speak out his inner beauty, as the dentistry rises along with the massive development in cosmetic dentistry, opening wide doors for people to rush to perform dental procedures, orthodontics in particular.

There have been many questions about how to install orthodontics as the most appropriate solution to restore the beauty of their teeth and smile. There are cases of torsion, tooth clotting, and inconsistency due to several factors, internal or external, Sometimes torsion is associated with a person since childhood, at the beginning of the teeth growth, or the result of genetic factors, or by the exposure to a painful incident, or even through quarrels with someone. Therefore, the ideal solution for torsion and matching of teeth became the procedure of Orthodontics, in addition to the importance of learning how orthodontics are installed in detail.

Orthodontics is a cosmetic medical procedure, in cosmetic dentistry; it works to adjust the matching of the teeth and the alignment of the upper and lower jaws, it also aims to modify the curvature of the teeth within the jaw, improve the look and feel of teeth to be straightened, therefore; improves the shape of the smile.

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How to Install the Orthodontics

How To Install the Orthodontics is what lots of people are interested to know about. Several types of orthodontics have emerged, concerning the development of cosmetic medicine, especially dentistry, and every kind of it has properties and advantages of its own, in addition to how the orthodontics are installed. The type of orthodontist is determined according to the patient, and the most appropriate for his condition, whether it is a movable orthodontist; It is a colored or transparent metal collar, which can be placed and removed when needed. If you need to eat a particular food or do anything else. Or the fixed orthodontics; a long-lasting, non-removable device that lasts for up to three years, is pasted onto the surface of the teeth. Or the cosmetic orthodontist; used for purely aesthetic purposes. The protective orthodontist; it is used to regulate the growth of children from the age of seven to the age of 12 years.

Here are the stages of Orthodontic installation in details:

  • The doctor examines the patient thoroughly on the entire teeth, both the upper and lower jaws, to know the patient’s need for the orthodontist, the correct orthodontic type, and corrective devices are then identified, whether fixed or removable devices, In most cases, regular orthodontics are the most appropriate.
  • Clean the teeth completely; using an acidic liquid, this fluid is prepared to prepare the teeth to be suitable and ready to receive the orthodontist.
  • The dentist then, puts a piece of metal inside the mouth, which keeps the mouth open for the duration of the orthodontic installation, so that all the procedures done inside the mouth become easy.
  • By that time, the doctor has completed the preparation of the orthodontic pieces, which are small pieces of metal, to be placed on the surface of the teeth directly. This step is considered one of the most important measures of how to install orthodontics, each piece is placed on a tooth surface needed to be adjusted, the doctor determines the direction in which it works to restore the straightness of the equivalent tooth, it also sets the standards for those small metal pieces with very precise calculations. This continues until the doctor finishes installing all the metal pieces on the teeth to be modified, these pieces are known as Bracket.
  • During the installation of the metal parts of the orthodontic by the doctor, an assistant medical team cleans the patient’s mouth of saliva and other secretions produced by the mouth, using precise, unique instruments.
  • These pieces work for constant pressure on the teeth to move them slowly in a particular direction, to correct the torsion and match teeth through the movement of teeth inside the bones, this is done within a specified period of time determined by the doctor according to the patient’s condition, ranging from one to three years.
  • After the doctor has finished installing all the brackets, which are the orthodontic pieces of the orthodontist, they are fitted with a thin metal wire, and then tighten this wire through specific tools and very accurate, and is tensile according to several criteria. The most important; the nature of the teeth, and the problem, which the patient suffers from in the jaw.
  • The doctor then drains the brackets, and the delicate wire fastener, using ultraviolet light. This is the last stage of how to install the orthodontist.
  • In the first days after the orthodontic installation, the patient will feel discomfort in the mouth or a slight pain in the bones, but over time the patient will get used to the orthodontist, but if there is a sense of great pain, he can take some of the necessary painkillers prescribed by the doctor, such as; ibuprofen
  • During this period, the patient must pay attention to the cleanliness of the teeth, and the obligation to clean the orthodontist thoroughly after eating, because if there is any kind of food leftovers, it can adversely affect the compression process produced by the orthodontist, and it can guide the teeth to the wrong path.
  • After the end of the orthodontic period, the patient obtains the desired result, and receives all the benefits of the orthodontics, the doctor will remove the orthodontist and clean the teeth and the mouth well, and then, the teeth will return straight and equal and free of all defects.


This article contains all the stages that will help you know how to install the orthodontist. If all of your questions are answered in this article, please share it with your friends so that you can get the correct information for the most who are interested in the installation of the orthodontist.

How To Install The Orthodontics