How to Increase Hair Density within a Week

Recipe to increase hair density within a week is like a dream come true for many people; women and men alike. Almost, People are seeking prompt treatment, at the same time, looking for home remedies, away from harmful chemicals. Nowadays, the problem of hair loss appears to be on the rise across the world, in addition to; the recent studies suggest the following years could be a bad period for acute hair loss and baldness, owing to several factors like; bad health, weather, and water.

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Recipe to increase hair density within a week

You have to nourish your hair with vital recipe to increase hair density within a week, even if you don’t experience significant hair loss or baldness. It’s time to rest assured, we gathered the most useful recipes to increase hair density within a week, so take into account:

  1. Licorice recipe

There is no question to adopt licorice as an essential herbal, which is utilized with tea as a recipe for increasing hair density within a week. Moreover, licorice is deemed one of the most short-acting herbal that helps you to not only increase hair density but also improve symptoms of eczema, reduce bleeding, and enhance heartburn.

Recipe to increase hair density within a week. You can drink licorice with tea everyday morning, or mix 2 tbsp of black licorice powder with a little amount of milk and saffron, then, apply the resultant on your bald spots and other areas. The mixture stays overnight, then, rinse your hair the next morning.

You must know that consuming a lot of licorice, causes severe complications because it contains Glycyrrhizic acid, which makes it hard for the body to absorb the nutrients it needs.


  1. Green Vegetables Recipes

Recipe to increase hair density within a week. You need to make use of a dark green vegetable to increase hair density as quick as possible, which is being an abundant source of vitamins, irons, and protein. As, green vegetables are an essential method, whether you eat it or even use it as a mask for treating hair problems.

In a single interface, you can combine all useful green vegetables for increase hair density such as spinach, arugula, kale, and romaine lettuce. You shall add one of those types in your daily meal. You can also utilize a kind of green vegetables to make a mask including some oil and egg.

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  1. Henna Leaves Recipe

It is necessary to consider henna leaves for increase hair density. Henna leaves is an old form that has been used for centuries, which is a natural flowering plant known as a perfect dye that extremely potent for treating several hair issues. For instance, henna can be an essential recipe to increase hair density within a week, as well as, make your hair softer and less prone to lose. It also inhibits dandruff.

Thus, you can use henna leaves through many several ways to increase hair density:

  • Grind henna leaves, then, add one type of oils such as; coconut oil, olive oil, or aloe Vera oil to be a paste that yogurt-like. Apply the mixture on your scalp and hair for three hours. You can repeat the mask two times per day.
  • Mix a little amount of henna powder with some water to create a paste, then, apply the paste on your hair. Make a shower cap and cover your hair. Rinse your hair after four hours with lukewarm water and medical shampoo.

Henna has a scientific name, which is Lawsonia inermis. It is not only used for hair but also utilized for a wide variety of diseases’ treatments, such as; wound healing, fever cure, detoxification, and headache reliever.


  1. Flax-seed Recipe

Another recipe to increase hair density within a week is flax-seed recipe, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids so that it can easily promote hair growth. In consideration of its countless benefits, it also helps you for good health, if you eat it with your daily meal.

You can eat flax-seed through a daily meal or apply it on your scalp and hair as a mask. For making a mask from flax-seed, boil the flax-seed with an amount of water until the mixture becomes thick, as jelly-like. You can add to this mixture some of one type of oils. Therefore, apply the mixture on your hair especially the bald patches. Once the mixture dries out on your hair, rinse your hair with a chemical-free shampoo.


  1. Rosemary Recipe

Recently, we have discovered the benefits of rosemary for hair growth, and how it increases hair density. Rosemary is a vital herb to prevent hair loss and thinning hair, as well as, strengthen the roots of the hair.

Once you make a mask for your hair including rosemary and some of the essential oil, you will help your scalp to increase blood flow. You can apply this mixture on your hair and massage your scalp for 5 minutes, then, leave the mixture to dry out. Now it’s time to rinse your hair with lukewarm water and medical shampoo.

You can also drink rosemary with tea. Boil a handful of rosemary in water, then, drink it every day for at least one month, and you will notice a great result.

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Hair Transplant Procedure, For Increase Hair Density

Recipe to increase hair density within a week To be fair enough, a wrong recipe may aggravate the problems of hair loss and baldness; you might combine fault or imbalance amount of ingredient in order to extremely increase your hair density, that’s the reason why you can bring out a lot of complications or infections.

In brief, there is no treatment; even medical cure enables you to get a result within a week. Furthermore, any treatment takes its time to influence a body in an effective manner; it may take at least two months to six months. Undoubtedly, the time varies according to each condition; however, it doesn’t take just a week at all. As it is clearly known, home remedies and recipes take a long time exceeding expectation.

To get hair density as soon as possible, you shall rely on hair transplant procedure, especially DHI technique, which is the most accelerated method in hair transplantation world.

DHI technique is a brief for the terminology of direct hair implant. It depends on a CHOI implant device, which is a device looks like a pen, using for implanted the hair follicles. the Choi implant device enables the doctor to implant hair follicles in the same direction of the existed hair, in addition to, provides maximum hair density.


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How to Increase Hair Density within a Week