how is hair transplantation being done ?

how is hair transplantation being done? Many people are wondering about the stages of hair transplantation procedure, the stage of hair transplantation in turkey is done with several and specific stages.

We are seeking for giving you these stages of hair transplantation in details, in addition to, we have to correct a lot of common mistakes related to phases of how is hair transplantation being done.

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How is hair transplantation being done

The first stage of hair transplantation procedure is the check on the patient in the hospital by the doctor, in which the doctor will mark the head of the patient and make the front line, and this is the most critical stage, which needs a very qualified doctor who has a good sense.

The doctor will mark the frontline in a way that is suitable for the general face shape, then, the coverage plan is also a critical stage, in which the cultivated area and the density degree are determined. The number of transplanted follicles and the density of the hair are accurately determined.

The second stage of how the hair transplantation in turkey done is the stage of general checkup and necessary tests, in which the doctor examines the patient to ensure about his general health condition and know the genetic factors, which is often the leading causes of hair loss and baldness. There are two types of analysis; one of them is taken directly before the hair transplanted to extract plasma, which the doctor need for transplanted, in which 30 cc are taken, then, put them in a device called a centrifuge. This device is used to separate the blood components from each other, to become (plasma- red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and impurities). The second type is a general analysis to detect any problems that may be obstructed between the patient and acceptance for hair transplantation procedure. This is a most critical stage for people who wonder about how is hair transplantation being done.

The third stage of how is hair transplantation being done is hair shaving, in which the hair is shaved to make it easy for extracting and transplanted, then, wash the scalp and sterilize to become ready for hair transplantation. The patient will be under local anesthesia, in which he will be conscious throughout the period of hair transplantation without feeling any pain.

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After the stage of anesthesia is finished

After the stage of anesthesia is finished, the stage of extracting starts, in which is done with a device known as the micromotor. The micromotor used for extracting the follicles; it is equipped with accurate heads of different measurements called extract follicles needles, the doctor will choose the punches of the needles according to the type of follicles, the diameter of those punches varies between 0.4mm to 0.8mm. The period of the extracting takes between two hours to three and a half hours, according to the number of transplanted follicles, once the number of follicles increases, the period of extracting will increase.

Here, it should be noted that the information of how is hair transplantation being done, which traded, including the stage of extracting the follicles is a common among many people in a wrong way. The stage of extracting the follicles does not have any techniques, which is done with one device, but the difference is the techniques of transplantation, which are FUE, DHI, and ROBOT.

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After the stage of extracting grafts finished, the patient takes a rest, and takes a meal, at the same time, the medical staff will count the grafts, then; they clean the follicles from the blood and put them in a solution called HypoThermosol to keep it as long as possible outside the body. The medical staff will sort the follicles depends on its types (monoclonal, bilateral, trigeminal, and quadrant), in which the monoclonal follicles are placed in the front line of the head. The bilateral follicles are placed in the middle of the head. The triangular and quadratic follicles are placed in the top of the head and the crown area. This is a critical stage of how is hair transplantation being done to ensure a natural appearance.

The fourth stage of hair transplantation stages is how is hair transplantation being done, in which the doctor will anesthetize the patient’s scalp to prepare for the transplantation. After the doctor finished the anesthesia, he punctures the sites for receiving the grafts, this is one of the particular stages, which the doctor performed because it is determined the commitment of the front line and coverage plan and the level of density. The sites of wounds are angled consistently to promote a realistic appearance. This stage takes a period from two hours to three hours, according to each patient, then, the patient takes a rest for about 15 minutes.


The next stage

Then the next stage has transplanted the grafts and follicles in the sites, which punctured. Taking into consideration, the follicles are located with the order required, in which the monoclonal follicles are placed in the front line of the head, then, the bilateral, triangular and the quadratic grafts are placed in front of the head till the crown, so that gives the natural appearance.

While the doctor finished hair transplantation, he will perform a plasma injection PRP to the patient in several areas in the scalp, according to each area. The plasma strengths the original follicles and stimulates the transplanted follicles.

Then; the doctor will put a bandage on the donor area to protect and keep its safety during the recovery period, not only on donor area but also he will put a band around the head to prevent the fluid loss, which located in the head. Then the doctor will give the patient some instruction to be followed during the first period of the recovery, which is a sensitive period after hair transplantation.

Within the period of six and eight days, the hair transplantation procedure finishes, then the patient can leave the hospital, and the next day is a rest day for the patient.

The patient can get back his normal life but without any effort and he must comply with all instruction that is dictated by the doctor.

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The third day after hair transplantation, which means after 72 hours, the patient will return to the hospital to perform the washing session for the first time. The condition is returned to the doctor to detect the operation, then, the bandage is removed from the donor area, and the hair washing process is done.

The patient will be informed with some instructions and the method of washing after to get the best results, and now we finish the explaining of how is hair transplantation being done.

The wonders of people about how is hair transplantation being done is a motivation to know more about a significant theme for many people. It makes us obliged to provide the right medical information sought by many people who want to learn more about it so that we provide all about how is hair transplantation being done.


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how is hair transplantation being done ?