Hollywood Smile in Egypt, Damages, Benefits, and Cost

Hollywood smile in Egypt combines the originality of the East and the beauty of the West, Egypt is distinguish for its ancient civilization, in addition to having many great cosmetic medical clinics, especially cosmetic dentistry clinics, and having the most qualified medical team, experts doctors in the field of dental cosmetics, which entices you to get the beauty and attractiveness of the West, to have the smile of Hollywood celebrities.

The smile gives a beautiful radiance to the face, makes the person more loveable to others, has high self-confidence to contribute to life, and as the beauty of the smile is directly connected to the beauty of the teeth, to their consistency and perfectionist, nevertheless, there are some people who are ashamed of their smile, embarrassed to show it, since they have some flaws in their teeth such as; color change, or changing in its shape or size.

As the cosmetic medicine evolved in Egypt, alongside with the dentistry field, there is no need anymore, to feel ashamed or anxious when you smile, nowadays, any person can have simple cosmetic surgery, enables him/her to fix the flaws exist in their teeth and have Hollywood smile in Egypt.

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Hollywood Smile

Non-surgical cosmetics procedure, performed by fixing teeth peels, known as, teeth lenses, works on changing teeth color, shape and sizes, according to the mouth shape of the patient. There are three types of lenses:

  1. Veneers: One of the latest lenses used in cosmetic dentistry, where the doctor performs light carving to the teeth so that he can install the lens on the tooth.
  2. Zirconia: laser lenses, used to modify the damaged teeth.
  3. Porcelain: Ceramic peels made of metals, which give the teeth a natural look.
  4. Luminaires: very fine peel placed on the teeth, works on improving the color of the teeth.

Zirconia and Porcelain peels are placed on the internal teeth, whether the Luminaires peels are for the external four frontal teeth, where Veneers are good for all types of teeth; however, the patient has to have good healthy teeth; organized and coordinated, in a way enables him to install the peels of all kinds.

Hollywood smile in Egypt enables the person to have teeth, uniformed color and shape, compatible with the patient’s face and mouth shape, as it is done by the most efficient dentists in the world and performed in the best dental cosmetic clinics.

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Benefits of Hollywood Smile in Egypt.

Egypt stands on a high level in the field of cosmetic medicine and cosmetic tourism, for obtaining many factors that help her to stand out, years ago, Egypt is known for its groundwater, black sand rich in gold salts, and sulfur and mineral water, which many tourists resort to for medical tourism, also ıt stands out by providing high-quality medical treatment, through their A class clinics, in addition to providing the best of the dental materials used in cosmetic dentistry, not mentioning the advantages that the person gets by undergoing Hollywood smile procedure in Egypt, one of these advantages is getting rid of lots of problems that a person suffers from.

  1. Make the teeth straight, and consistent with the shape of the mouth and face.
  2. Help get rid of spots on the teeth, caused by smoking and food.
  3. Having a natural look, which increases self-confidence.
  4. Get rid of teeth torsion.
  5. Fix the minor cracks in the teeth.
  6. Hollywood smile helps to change the color of the teeth to become bright white, and shiny.
  7. Fully covers the spaces between the teeth.

Also you can have the most incredible tour in Egypt while having Hollywood smile, where you can enjoy its moderate weather, during summer or winter, getting to know the great historical sights and civilization, through visiting lots of enormous museums and temples all over Egypt, visiting the pyramids, as one of the most famous monuments in Egypt, in addition to its beautiful beaches, colorful fish, and its magnificent coral reefs, you can also enjoy its mountainous nature, and make the wildest journey ever, in the mountains and deserts, watching the magical sunset.

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The Flaws of Hollywood Smile

There are some flaws that Egypt suffers from, which won’t suits the person who wants to have Hollywood smile in Egypt, in addition to the outcome side-effects and complications of Hollywood smile:

  • The possibility of having gums infections after the operation, in the case the peels installation went in the wrong way, according to the lack of the dentist’s experience and efficiency.
  • Pain and redness in the gums, after the operation, lasts for three days at least, and you can control it by taking the painkillers that the dentist describe.
  • The cost is very high according to the countries around the world because the cost of the dental materials used in Hollywood smile is very expensive, and the patient needs to be aware because there are profitable and commercial cosmetic clinics more than medical clinics. Those clinics their cost are low, where the dental materials are very bad, and they cause many problems to the gums and teeth.
  • The patient loses the natural look of his teeth, due to the teeth carving before placing the peels; therefore, the teeth shape is completely changed.
  • The patient can get rid of Veneers peels, or remove it, this kind of peels, stay a lifetime with the patient.
  • One more simple flaw that Egypt has; the horrible traffic it has, where a person can spend a whole day on the streets, especially during the rush hours.

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The Cost of Hollywood Smile in Egypt

The cost of dental surgery is relatively low in Egypt, compared to other Arab countries, as Egypt has many cosmetic dental centers, and all of them seek to offer the lowest prices, to compete with each other, where the cost of a Hollywood smile in Egypt ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000.

The cost’s difference involves several factors, and the most important are; the quality of the peels used, whether Luminaires, Veneers, Zirconia, or Porcelain peels, as well as the number of teeth that need replacing.


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Hollywood Smile in Egypt, Damages, Benefits, and Cost