Hair Transplantation Ruling and Prophet’s Opinion

Hair transplantation is halal or haram, hair transplantation ruling in the Islam, and the difference between hair extensions and hair transplantation, all of that asks surfaced by a lot of people who are suffering hair problems and baldness and stands as a big wall front of them.

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Hair transplantation ruling

The Islam is the hidden voice people’s Islamic, which is all people search for Halal and Haram, to leave all thing that God does not accept and follow what God allowed so that all people want to know about hair transplantation ruling and is the hair transplantation halal or haram. The right interpretation varies according to each person because of the confused about hair extensions and hair transplantation in Islam; they thought both of them are one thing so though that is illegal.


The difference between extensions and hair transplantation

  • Extensions: it is forbidden in Islam religion, according to prophet’ hadith, when a woman came to him to take his permission for extension her daughter hair to look beautiful before her wedding. The prophet told her “God cursed the hyphen”; which explains that the extension consider the connection of hair from the end to make it tall and forbidden because this is forging and cheating, in addition to the extension prevents the water to reach to the head during washing.
  • Hair transplantation: this is a medical surgery done under the supervision of a specialized doctor in this field, aims to treats the hair loss and baldness. It is done by extraction of follicles from the donor area, where the natural hair growth, then, transplants the follicles in the baldness areas, according to that; treatment the hair with a medical method as removes the disadvantages and stimulate the natural growth of a new hair is halal because it is considered treatment.

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There is no conflict with religion

The hair is a blessing from God to human, in which make it decoration and give a beautiful appearance; according to that, the love of adornment and get rid of the disadvantages of the person is ordinary in Islam. When people were searching for hair transplantation ruling, we seek to give you a real significance, according to Islamic Fiqh Academy, which said the hair transplantation and cosmetic surgeries are halal, once you need for necessary such as:

  1. Returns of the body organs to the condition that the God created.
  2. Profits of the usual functions to the body organs.
  3. Treats the defects such as; cleft lips, deflection of the nose, teeth, and fingers sticking.
  4. Treats the defects that human suffered because of accident, burns, or diseases.
  5. Hair transplantation in case of illnesses or problems leads to hair loss, baldness, or alopecia.

Ebn asiemen asked; what is the hair transplantation ruling in case of hair loss problems and baldness, in which a part of hair taken from the back head of the patient, then, transplants in the baldness area, so what is the hair transplantation ruling? Moreover, is it permissible or not? Therefore his answered that it is permissible because hair transplantation is done for removes a defect and treats the problems of a human.

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Religion recommends hair transplantation

“We have certainly created man in the best stature” this is a nature of God, which has been given to man and made him a lover of beauty. The Islam imposes on the people to care about their body and forbidden to expose the body to any harm. God said “Do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction” Islam obliges to human that once his body exposes to disease, he must treat the disease with the help of doctors who prescribe the medicines. Hair loss is a sign of an infection in the body such facial pallor or changes the color of nails, which indicate the presence of danger within the human body, in addition to baldness and hair loss problems causes the embarrassment and leaves a harmful psychological effect because of the detrimental impact on the personal appearance.


Finally, we are answering for your asks about hair transplantation ruling and hair transplantation halal or haram, which is all people who want to perform cosmetic surgeries think, so hair transplantation is not haram.

Hair Transplantation Ruling and Prophet’s Opinion