Hair Transplantation in Saudi Arabia, Its Cost, Benefits, and more

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia, in which Saudi Arabia is the first Arabian country who enter the cosmetic medical field in the Arabian area, depending on its position among European and American countries and its technological development that earned since the last two centuries in all life field. The development reaches to political, economic, health, and education, those the first fields that developed within an incredible period.

The openness of Saudi Arabia to the western countries civilization and the development of those countries create strong motivation and a deep desire to keeping with the development to create an environment that contains the same science and technology to the western countries. Sync with the uniqueness of its authentic Arab character, it provides a unique civil, urban, and technology to set above a high rate of quality in all fields.

Both men and women in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are the most interested citizen of their beautiful appearance so that everything that related to beauty will be a priority for citizens of the Saudi Arabia and GCC. The hair is the most important signs for both men and women alike; it was very interesting, the health and the beautiful hair consider as a most popular field in cosmetic surgeries in Saudi Arabia.

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Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia techniques

Saudi Arabia starts providing hair transplantation since the beginning of hair transplantation in the cosmetic medical field; let us provide the Saudi Arabia techniques.

  • FUT technique: the donor hair will be removed, as a narrow strip, shape up to 10cm and 15mm from the scalp up to, then, the follicles will be cut under a microscope.
  • FUE technique: known as follicles unit hair extraction, in which the doctor extracts the follicles from the donor area, behind the head, then, transplants them in the baldness areas, making small incisions in the scalp to implants the extraction follicles. The recovery period will be short and does not exceed 48 hours, healing all the scars.
  • DHI technique: known as Choi pens, this is the latest technique, depending on specific equipment look like a press pin and has a head look like a needle pin that the follicles will be entered, then, transplanted without any side effect. This technique gives high density, the patient does not need to shave his hair, and the recovery period does not exceed a few hours.
  • Biofibre “stem cell hair transplant”: the technology development, which was earned by cosmetic medical in Saudi Arabia leads to a great step occurrence in this field. Now a day, Saudi Arabia provides the latest technique in hair transplantation, which is a biofibre technique that depends on genetic engineering. This technique treats alopecia disease and the baldness of donor area.

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The advantages of hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi Arabia earns a lot of advantages, it could not exceed surround obstacles. Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia not only has advantages but also it has some disadvantages.

  1. The experience doctors will perform hair transplantation.
  2. Does not need to translators because you will easily contact everyone because you are in contact with the Arabian country.
  3. This is the most entertainment country; you will be in the high rate of sterilization, care, and medical services.
  4. Easily transportation from place to another, because of providing all transportations way.
  5. The huge of accommodation places all over the year.
  6. You can visit the holy places during your trip.

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia has some disadvantages, which we can summarize in two points:

  1. The high prices: the choice of cosmetic medical center place affects the cost of hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia. One of the most important reasons for the high cost is the chosen of medical center places in commercial towers.
  2. The techniques of hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia provides advanced techniques but not as advanced as the leading countries in transplantation.
  3. Weather factor: its desert weather has a great effect on the hair transplantation success, in which the high temperature all over the year and we cannot miss this factor because of this worst reason for the success of hair transplantations. The interested of cosmetic surgeries and hair transplantation knows that the high temperature considers as one of the worst factors leads to a lot of side effects up to the failure of hair transplantation.

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The cost of hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia

Because of the high entertainment that is providing in Saudi Arabia for the people who want perform hair transplantation and the great medical services, the cost convergence of this level of entertainment and development. We will provide the average of the cost of your medical trip, in which the cost of hair transplantation varies between 2660-8000 $.

  1. The hotel accommodation; the average cost of the single room is 100 $
  2. The flight tickets; the average cost for two ways is 350 $.
  3. The inside transportation; the average cost is 5-9 $.
  4. Your trip for a week without the cosmetic medical procedure is 1100 $.

Those prices vary according to a season and about the cost of hotel accommodation and flight tickets vary according to touristic season or not.

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How hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia is done

Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia starts once the visitor came to Saudi Arabia. The patient will go directly to the hotel from the airport, and then, in the appointed day, he will meet the doctor, in which he will go to the medical center. The medical staff will receive him, and he will enter according to his date to the first bed examination. One of the advantages of choice Saudi Arabia is the Arabic language, which does not need translator among doctors and patients. If the doctor is a foreigner nationality, there will be a helpful people for translate. Once the doctor and the patient agreed to all details, the patient will be ready to start the hair transplantation.

After completing the first examination and ensure the health of a patient, he will go under hair transplantation. The patient will go to a private room to start the transplantation procedures, in which the scalp will sterilize and anesthetized for extraction, then, the patient will take a rest and have a meal, then, the patient will return to be anesthetized for transplantation stage, which is the longest stage in hair transplantation procedure.

Hair transplantation takes about six to 8 hours, and then, the patient can get back to his normal life. The next day is a rest day. The third day is the washing appointment, in which the doctor will examine the patient and ensures about his condition and his good health, then; the patient will take all instructions needed to follow in the recovery period.

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Tourism in Saudi Arabia

The middle of the Islamic world and the holiest place in the world; the Islamic civilization start from Saudi Arabia, in this place, the culture, history, and climate varied. Saudi Arabia mix between the history of past civil and now a day civilization, in which contains Makkah, Madinah, the prophet’s mosque, a lot of Islamic monuments, and ancient relics that mentioned in holy Quran.

Saudi Arabia has different weather, its markets that contain traditional, the authentic Arabian people, its great beaches, the golden sands, all of that with the development of modern touch. The development of commercial centers, the urban heritage, and the water-city which appearing with the beautiful image all over the time.

Each city characterizes with a different character, such as Taief city characterize with a lot of flowers, the great natural, the beautiful weather, and the great history, and Dammam city characterize with the amazing beaches and sea, so that consider as the preferred distention for tourists.

All cities of Saudi Arabia contains a lot of tourism components, in addition to the entertainment life that the tourist can extend his trip because of its nature and activities.

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Hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia or Turkey

It is normal to compare many countries to choose the best country; this compare depends on the medical service, the touristic places, and the cost of the complete medical trip. Although what we provide about the advantages of Saudi Arabia, it considers as a high-cost country compared with the same developing countries such as Turkey.

Turkey provides the cost of medical tourism services included the accommodation, translation, transportation, and the medical following, in addition to it, provides many facilities, especially in medical tourism. If we want to compare hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia with hair transplantation in Turkey, Turkey will be the best because of many reasons, and the most important reason is turkey has perfect weather to perform hair transplantation and the guaranteed of transplantation success.

The cosmetic medical field especially hair transplantation in Turkey has a long history, making the medical cadres very characterize with a high rate of experience in this field. Turkey is the most fortunate to enjoy the remarkable nature and history of civilizational heritage, which is one of the first global obesity that emerged in the field of cosmetic medicine. Two century ago till now, the medical tourism offered by all medical centers in Turkey was the most high quality ever compared with European and American countries, in addition to it provides the cost of medical tourism with a strong competitive price, making Turkey as a focus of many people who come for medical tourism.


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Hair Transplantation in Saudi Arabia, Its Cost, Benefits, and more