hair transplant in Riyadh its cost, how to choose the best center, and more

Hair transplant in Riyadh, Riyadh is a big city in Saudi Arabia, the capital, and the most advanced city. Riyadh is named by this name because of the spread of gardens and parks. The terminology of Riyadh means a single kindergarten and green horticulture.

The reason for the Riyadh name returns to ancient times, in which Riyadh was characterized by the fertile soil and green areas, according to historians have mentioned in the study that the city of Riyadh was rich with the eyes of water and the abundance of green orchards that spread throughout.

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Hair transplant in Riyadh

Synchronize with the development of technology, which Saudi Arabia got since the last ancient. All cities of Saudi Arabia has emerged in various fields, especially Riyadh, where has developed at the scientific field and has become globally known in the various field, either political or economic, in addition to the high development achieved in both field health and education.

Riyadh has become a strong competitor to the leading countries in this field around the world, according to the international association of cosmetic surgery; it has been ranked among the five most Arab cities for cosmetic surgeries.

Saudi Arabia gives attention to the capital, by developing the medical field coordinated with the best developments that done in the world. The opening of Saudi Arabia with the other European and American countries makes it give more efforts to the health field, cosmetic medical, and hair transplant in Riyadh.

large hospitals and clinics have been built, especially in the cosmetic medical; they depend on a lot of efficient medical staff of the various Arab and foreign nationalities for work in those medical facilities. Riyadh builds specific departments of various cosmetic specialties such as liposuction, facelift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and breast lift, buttocks augmentation, and rhinoplasty, which is the most popular cosmetic surgery.

About face and hair cosmetic surgeries, the services provided by all clinics and hospital in Riyadh is the most available medical services with high quality. Despite the provision of medical care in Riyadh and the care of those who provide them with the best expertise and techniques, the development is a very expensive development.

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The advantages and disadvantages of hair transplant in Riyadh

Now, Riyadh is a first medical edifice with its medical and cosmetic facilities, which have the most modern techniques and medical aids, as well as the medical facilities have the efficient medical staff, who provide a high quality of the medical service and keep up with the world cosmetic medical centers.

  • Riyadh provides a lot of centers, hair transplantation specialist.
  • It has an efficient and experienced medical staff of high quality.
  • You will guarantee to have special medical care.


However, there are some factors, which make the hair transplant in Riyadh negative thing, such:

  • The high temperature and humidity, which increases the side effects after hair transplantation and affects the success of the operation.
  • The high cost, in which the cost of hair transplant in Riyadh is more expensive than other Arabian countries.

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The cost of hair transplant in Riyadh

The cosmetic medical facilities in Saudi Arabia is a symbol of providing the most modern medical techniques and attracting of the most efficient medical staff, in addition to providing the medical care with a high entertainment for its patient, who is coming for performing cosmetic surgeries, so that all of this things needs a high price. The most popular cosmetic treatment is hair removal by laser; its cost up to 500 SR, as well as the first place cosmetic treatment is hair and skin treatment; its cost varies from 1300 to 5600 SR.

The cost of hair transplant in Riyadh varies, according to each patient and his condition, in addition to the number of transplanted follicles. The hair transplant in Riyadh cost varies from 10.000 to 25.000 SR, which is approximately equal 2600 to 6600 $.

Beside hair transplant in Riyadh, there is rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty cost varies, some of them is a normal cost and almost cheap, another is very expensive. Rhinoplasty needs a lot of medical complexities, which patient suffer so that the cost varies according to each patient. The cost varies from 2000 to 2500 SR, which is approximately equal 5000 to 6500 $.

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is body-contouring surgery; this is cosmetic surgery depends on liposuction and skin-lift after liposuction. This type of surgery depends on the number of areas needed countering surgery so that the cost varies from 5.000 to 70.000 SR, which is approximately equal 1400 to 18700 $.

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How to guarantee the low cost and the best results

The develop which Saudi Arabia faced in all fields makes the competition between facilities very high, because they provide the same services, the same price, and equal quality. In the cosmetic medical field, a lot of medical facilities are competing with each other, because of the providing a high quality of medical care and services, which approximately competes for the world health field.

The cosmetic medical centers are multiply in Riyadh, especially hair transplantation centers in Riyadh, it becomes too hard to choose between those all centers or mark the best hair transplantation center in Riyadh. There are some factors makes easy for you to a choice between hair transplantation centers, such as:

  • The patient must ensure that the hospital has a full cosmetic department, not a small center. The main thing here, not a small or a big center but you must choose a center certified by health ministry and committed to all terms and conditions, which provided by the ministry such as; hospital commitment to providing a high rate of clean and sterilization, providing a high quality of the medical service, and they have a special doctor.
  • The most important part that you should look for; the doctor who will perform the surgery, either surgeon or non-surgeon, you should ask for the doctor’s name, his certificates, and his permeation for medical work.
  • Another point you should be considered; any cosmetic surgeries have a lot of commitments that hospital should do before and after the cosmetic surgery, to ensure the ability of the patient to operate without exposing him to complications, either harmful or dead complications for some cases. There also some instruction should be considered to help for the success of cosmetic surgery and keeps the patient’s health.
  • In the first appointment with the doctor and the patient, the doctor will ask the patient about his medical history and daily routine, which might negatively affect the success of the cosmetic procedure.
  • The doctor will ask you if you are taking any medical drugs and he might tell you to stop taking some of those medicines, especially when you have some critical diseases such as; diabetes, heart diseases, blood problems, and cholesterol rate.
  • There is some cosmetic treatment needs a specific age to perform, such as the face, skin, and hair cosmetic surgeries, so the patient must be older than 25 years old.
  • The doctor must not overtake 5.000 follicles per session; and if he does, it will be something illegal, according to world health organization.
  • Also about liposuction, there are just 6 liters of fat must be taken, according to the world health organization.

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These are some points that you should consider while choosing the cosmetic center, and about the cost; when the medical centers approximate equal of the medical services, you should looking for the quality. Some of those centers provide its quality with a high entertainment so that its cost will be so expensive. Other centers provide the same quality but with a low cost, and you should choose.


Hair transplant in Riyadh or hair transplantation in Istanbul

We noticed before about the technology development, which achieved in Saudi Arabia since the last century and the largest percentage for Riyadh. The cosmetic medical field is one of the most well-known medical fields. The development that provided by now a day technology is a high rate of cost, despite the high physical levels of most Saudi citizens; most of them cannot afford the high cost of cosmetic surgeries in Riyadh.

Istanbul, the touristic city that has a great long space, where the civilization between the past and today, the nature weather, and the great urban buildings. Turkey has done well since the last two century, encouraging the private sector to invest in the country, attracting many foreigners’ investments, and opening the gate for the tourism so that medical tourism field has a great fingerprint and huge appearance in the national income.

Istanbul has a lot of cosmetic medical facilities, which for component with each other to provide cosmetic medical service for its clients indoors and outdoors, and the large public and private hospital.

Istanbul provides services of cosmetic medical with high quality and competitive price for the European with American countries even Saudi Arabia. Today, we can easily compare Istanbul and Riyadh about the cost of hair transplantation. The cost of techniques used in hair transplantation varies, in which the cost of FUE technique varies between 10.000 to 25.000 SR, which approximately equal 2600 to 6600 $.

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In Istanbul, the cost of FUE technique varies between 1200$ to 2000$, which approximately equal 7500 SR. once you compare Istanbul with Riyadh, Istanbul provides a medical service as a full treatment package, either hotel accommodation, transportation, or translation services. In addition to, providing a full medical following before and after the cosmetic treatment and providing medical bag contains all the necessary medicines for the recovery period. There is a medical specialist will follow the patient for a year after the cosmetic procedure as to guarantee the getting of the best results.


If you want to perform hair transplant in Riyadh, this article will help you with all details you want, so share it with your friends so that the information reaches all who wants to perform hair transplant in Riyadh.



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hair transplant in Riyadh its cost, how to choose the best center, and more


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