Hair Transplantation in Egypt Benefits and Cost

Hair transplantation in Egypt because Egypt is an ancient civilization country, with a great heritage, known for its vast cultural and diversity. Egypt is one of the most important tourist courtiers with its many tourist attractions, temples, museums, historical and artistic buildings, and monuments.

In addition to the beautiful nature, green spaces and 3.000 km of beaches, which attract tourists from all over the world to see the greatness of its history, museums, and distinctive urban civilization.

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The cosmetic medical in Egypt

Egypt has an infrastructure primarily based on the tourism sector, including amazing hotels, tourist village, and large luxury resorts. Most of the Egyptian cities are first-class tourism cities such as; red sea area, and South Sinai, which is one of the most attractive areas for tourists, especially tourists who seek for medical tourism. Egypt is famous for its mineral diseases, especially diseases related to bone, skin, and respiratory diseases.

Egypt has worked hard to develop its medical tourism field, especially hair transplantation in Egypt. Egypt found a natural treatment in its water and soil, so promoted the field of medical tourism, providing the best possible means to bring the best and latest technology in the area of cosmetic medical treatment such as facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty, which is the most popular cosmetic surgery in Egypt.

According to statistics; Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgery in the Arab world, and Egypt is one of those Arabian countries. Egypt provides cosmetic surgeries for both its citizens and visitors with a low price compared with other development Arabian countries. As well as Egypt also provides hair transplantation procedure with high quality and competitive price to other countries.

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Techniques of hair transplantation

Hair transplantation surgeries are done in Egypt using the first techniques of hair transplantation such as; FUT technique and FUE technique.

  • FUT technique for hair transplantation: this is the cheapest technique compared with the other hair transplantation techniques. The FUT technique is done by making a long narrow ribbon in the back of the head, which called the donor area.The doctor will extract this ribbon contains the follicles, then, he makes a small cut in the baldness areas in the scalp, then, transplants the follicles in those cuts. Despite the success that proved by this technique, it has a lot of side effects, depending on the degree of nature of the scalp for each patient. Some of those side effects are:

1. Swelling at the scalp.

2. Inflammation in the scalp, especially the donor area.

3. Scars might occur on the head.

  • FUE technique for hair transplantation: this is the second technique for hair transplantation in Egypt and the most advanced of its previous. The doctor extracts the follicles with high quality from the donor area, using surgical equipment, then, the follicles are transplanted in the baldness areas.The most important advantage of FUE technique is accelerated wound healing, reach the recovery time within 72 hours after the operation, in addition to its side effects are much lighter than the previous method.

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Cost of hair transplantation in Egypt

Cost of hair transplantation in Egypt is low, compared with the other countries in the same field. Now a day, Egypt competes for other Arabian nations because of the providing of medical and tourism services to the people who want to perform hair transplantation in Egypt.

The cost of hair transplantation in Egypt varies according to the place where the transplantation procedure is done, in which there are very high centers that offer high-quality medical service and targeted customers with a high level of living, either citizens or foreigners.

There is a hair transplantation medical center provided medical services of high quality but targeted the middle and low standard of living.

The cost of hair transplantation in Egypt:

  • FUT technique from 500 $ to 1000 $
  • FUE technique from 800 $ to 1200 $
  • Eyebrow hair transplantation from 2.000 $ to 2.500 $
  • Bear hair transplantation up to 3.000 $

The advantages and disadvantages of hair transplantation in Egypt
The disadvantages of hair transplantation in Egypt are limited to two critical points:

  1. The low of cosmetic medical centers, and it is close the options for patient
  2. Most of the medical center is not approved due to the weakness of the regulatory system on many medical institutions.

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The advantages of hair transplantation in Egypt are:

  1. The cost is very low, compared with the average price in the Arab world and globally.
  2. The cooperation of the elite centers in Egypt with the most prominent cosmetic doctors, who have an American board certificate.
  3. Providing the treatment services as a cost-effective treatment trip, including the hotel accommodation and transportation.

Egypt is a tourism country in the first place, where there are different types of hotels suitable for all segments of society, some of them are a low level of luxury, and others are high quality and well-being. There are many touristic places, provides its visitors with a lot of touristic activity, family and youth entertainment, and everyone can make a good time wherever they stay.

The hotel accommodation cost varies from 1200 to 4000 EGP, it means 68$ to 226$, all these hotels are located in Cairo and Alexandria. The cities of Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh are the most famous tourist cities in the Egyptian landscape.

Sharm El Sheikh has a clear sea, colored coral reefs, and golden beaches over a large area, providing visitors with many entertainment activities such as; diving, water games, know its citizens, and enjoy its night beauty. The hair transplantation in Egypt is a medical and tourism trip.

Aswan has a lot of greatness of the urban history such as; temples and ancient Egyptian monuments such Phila and Abu simple temple, in addition to the island of plants located in the middle of the Nile.

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Hair transplantation in Egypt or Turkey

Despite the medical tourism facilities that Egypt has and its low price compared with many Arab and foreign countries, it did not approach the level, which reached by Turkey in the medical tourism field.

Turkey has a lot of things, which surpassed the developed countries, foreign and Arab to provide the best and latest technology reached modern medical technology and the highest quality of medical care. Turkey emerged as a strong competitor to provide the full medical and treatment service, as a complete tourism medical trip.

If your choice is turkey as a destination for hair transplantation, you will have a trip with all your medical and tourism needs. You will not have to worry about translation, transportation, and hotel accommodation, due to Turkey medical centers provide the patient with all these services as well as the medical bag, as a part of the medical trip.

Turkey not only seeks to offer the best in the field of medical tourism trip but also it is non-stop until reaches the highest level in the area of cosmetic medical and medical tourism field worldwide.

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Hair Transplantation in Egypt Benefits and Cost