Hair transplantation in Dubai, Its Cost, Benefits, and More

Hair transplantation in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates is the most tourism attractive country compared with other Arabian countries, especially medical tourism field. The great development of the medical field in Emirates puts Dubai in the advanced stage of the medical tourism attracting.

Dubai provides the best medical services compared with a lot of Arabian and western countries. It provides the medical services with the great quality and entertainment, but the cost of those services is a high price.

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The cost of hair transplantation in Dubai

The average of the cosmetic surgeries cost in Dubai has a disadvantage of the high cost; the cost of hair transplantation in Dubai is very high compared with the average of the world hair transplantation cost, which is a fixed price and the changing between each center is a very little rate.

The average of the cost varies from 10.000 to 18.000 AED, equivalent to 3000 to 5000 $, the reason for high price backs to the price of grafts, which varies between 2 to 5 $; this cost may increase in some centers to 7-12 $, so the average cost up to 17500 AED, which is equivalent to 4200 $.

The total cost calculates according to the number of grafts and the patient condition. One of the effective factors is the techniques, and here some of the techniques cost:

  1. The average cost of each graft in FUE technique is four $.
  2. The average cost of hair transplantation in Dubai using DHI technique is five $ for each graft.
  3. The average cost of biofibre is three $ for each graft.
  4. The average cost of stem cell hair transplant for 1000 follicles is 6000 $. This cost may increase according to each patient.

There are other factors affect the increase and decrease of the cost such as the patient condition, the doctor experience, and the medical center fame. Most of hair transplantation centers in Dubai classified at the first level place.

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The advantages and disadvantage hair transplantation hair in Dubai

Hair transplantation in Dubai has a lot of advantages such as:

  1. The best cadres of Arab and foreign doctors perform hair transplantation.
  2. Providing the best services and medical care with high quality.
  3. There are a lot of great medical centers.
  4. Dubai has worldwide tourism so that you can change your medical trip to a memorable medical tourism trip.

Although hair transplantation in Dubai has all of these great advantages, it has some disadvantages such as:

  1. The cost of hair transplantation is very high, compared with the world cost, in which the cost in the United Arab Emirates is the highest worldwide price.
  2. Weather factors affect the success of the process; the temperature in the United Arab Emirates is very high all over the year, so increases poor humidity.

These a little reasons but has a great effect on the people who want perform hair transplantation in Dubai and makes them rethink of choosing another country instead of Dubai.

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The trip of hair transplantation in Dubai

When you choose United Arab Emirates as a destination for hair transplantation, so your trip will be:

Once you arrive at your accommodation in the hotel, someone will call you to ensure your appointment with the doctor. On the appointed date, you will be greeted at the center with a great welcome to the examination room to go under the first examination that ensures about your health and your preparation for surgery. During this examination, the doctor and the patient will discuss together the shape, the techniques, and the number of follicles.

The medical center will equip you for hair transplantation in Dubai, in which your hair will be shaved, then, the hair transplantation will start, which takes 6-8 hours, interspersed with breaks and providing a meal. Once you finished the operation, the doctor will tell you about some instructions to follow within the first 72 hours. Also, you will be provided with a medical bag, which contains medicines that used in the recovery period.

The second day is a rest day; you can stay in the hotel or enjoy Dubai nightlife, without exposing yourself to any exhausted or tired. In the third day, you will return to the hospital for washing session, in which the doctor will examine your scalp to ensure about the health condition, then, washing and sterilization the scalp and give you some instructions for caring your scalp to guarantee the success of hair transplantation in Dubai.

You will do what you want, whether go back to your hometown or stay for several days and enjoy the beauty of Dubai such as the great touristic monuments and the most famous touristic places. The most famous touristic places are Dubai dancing fountain, world village, World Island, Dubai museum, Marina Dubai, Halifa tower, Arab tower, Palm Island, and Jumeirah beach.

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Hair transplantation between Dubai and Turkey

Despite Dubai’s excellent medical field, providing a high position of quality, providing tourism medical services, and creating a great component but this development provides a high cost, the cosmetic medical in Dubai considers as a high price. On the other side, Istanbul has excelled in the cosmetic medical, provided medical services with high quality, competed for the eastern quality in the cosmetic field with a competed price, so that Istanbul attracts people who want perform cosmetic surgeries.

The most obvious differences between hair transplantation in Turkey and hair transplantation in Dubai is the cost, although the similarities of the techniques and quality, Istanbul provides its services as a complete medical tourism trip included the price with a lower cost than Dubai. The average cost of Hair transplantation with FUE technique in Dubai is 17500 AED, which is equivalent to 4200 $. Istanbul provides the same technique with a price not exceeding 2000$, which is equivalent to 7300 AED. Here the great difference between Dubai and Istanbul appears.

Istanbul provides complete medical tourism service that does not need to pay more money because it provides the medical service as a full medical package, in which the Turkish centers provide all what patient need such as hotel accommodation, transportation, and translation services. In addition to providing integrated health follow-up before and after the cosmetic treatment and providing the medical bag, which contains all medicines that needed in the recovery period.

A medical expert in Turkey follows the patient for a year after performing the cosmetic medical surgery to ensure the health of the patient and guarantees getting the best results, the price of the cosmetic procedure all included.


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Hair transplantation in Dubai, Its Cost, Benefits, and More