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Eyebrow Transplant

The eyes have their secret language, where woman’s charm lays, but the eye does not utter without an eyebrow, they say that you must never underestimate the power of your eyebrow, it is the crown of the eyes, as it says. Every woman seeks an attractive appearance, so she is constantly trying to take care of her beauty, but there are always other factors affecting the beauty we seek. The most important is the presence of thyroid dysfunction, genetic factors, hormonal fluctuations, Surgical scars or burns. All of those are factors cause hair loss of the eyebrow and loss of beauty. With scientific advances in technology, it is easy to solve these problems. Today, many people looking for eyebrow transplant, the safest and most comfortable solution for a thick eyebrow, giving your face a striking beauty.

Studies have shown that there are many reasons to make your eyebrows light, including bad daily habits that you do without realizing its consequences on your eyebrows, such as the use of some bad oils or the laser tattoo eyebrow or other materials you use thinking it’s good, or simply following ways to intensify the eyebrows without taking a confirmation from the doctor, whether it’s good or Not. those are one of the reasons for eyebrow hair loss.

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As the technology evolves, eyebrow implants became possible and even easy with secure results, if it is performed by a specialist surgeon. Many doctors recommend eyebrow transplant because it is no longer difficult or worrisome, thanks to the new-modern techniques. There are no scars or facial wounds due to implantation, anymore. The techniques used in the implantation of mustaches and beard, in addition to natural eyebrow transplant, have evolved. Now we can say “Facial hair has evolved completely”.

Causes of hair loss

  • Natural or abnormal scars.
  • Laser Tattoo.
  • Organic diseases.
  • Congenital defects.
  • Thyroid disorders.
  • Use of drugs that lead to eyebrow-hair loss as a side effect.
  • Time factor.


Eyebrow Transplant Techniques

previously the used technique was FUE technique, it was used in natural eyebrow implants, however, this technique is no longer used due to technology development, which has given us more accurate and safe technique, and convenient for both patient and doctor, a technique called DHI, known as “ Choi Pens” Which gives the doctor a high level of accuracy and safety, and gives the appearance of natural eyebrows. Doctors now recommend using this technique in the transplant of natural eyebrow hair as the best technology to get a natural eyebrow look, it completely gives you an attractive natural look, and this technique recommended by our doctors in Turkeyana Clinic for plastic surgery, because it provides its first and primary purpose of the implantation, which is, having a natural attractive look.


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