Beard and mustache transplant,

Beard and Mustache Transplant

One of the key factors, that determine the attractiveness of a man, is his beard and mustache. Having pretty thick hair on your face gives you, a bright smile, and an attractive look. Beard and Mustache Transplant, is one of the best and most advanced operations. There is 40 % of men are not satisfied, with the shape of their beard and mustache.

A large proportion of men have gaps, in their beard which may be caused by genetic factors, hormone reasons, or having scars on the face. Which led those men to choose facial hair transplantation, or as we say beard and mustache transplant, as one of the safest, fastest and most accurate solutions. The percentage of men, who choose facial hair transplant, as the final solution has grown-up to 300% to get the density, and the look they seek to their beard, as the manhood attractiveness lays in their bread.

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Beard and Mustache Transplant Techniques

  • DHI: It is the most appropriate technique recommended, by our doctors and experts. The technique is based on Choi pens, that accurately implant the grafts, and give the high density required. It gives the doctor the complete freedom to control the direction of the hair angle, to get the patient a steady hair direction, and enables the doctor to implant grafts very close to Each other, to give a high intensity, where the patient gets several weeks later an Arabic-looking beard.  Your looks matter, we in Turkey use DHI, because it is a very precise technique, with no side effects, so there is no need to worry about the appearance of scars, or marks on the face. Hair growth only is not Our measure of success, it is the total appearance of a full, high density, that gives you the attractiveness you look for.
  • ROBOT HARRTS: It is the latest technology in the field of hair transplantation in general. With Robot Harrts, you get the best results, free from any side effects, where the process time is greatly reduced. Turkeyana Clinic is one of the three Clinics that use Robot HARRTS in general, however, Turkeyana Clinic is recognized as the only Clinic using a Major Hearts Robot. The Robot is used to determine the donor area, selects the most appropriate grafts for implanting, and then helps the doctor to implant the grafts faster than all previous techniques. It ends the operation within a time less than half normal time.

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