Hair Transplant Without Surgery, No More Fear

Hair transplant without surgery, when it comes to hair transplantation, fear comes between the patient and his wish to go through the implantation despite his urgent need to do it, his mind simply start to imagine the complicated operating room, the local anesthesia, the fear of side-effects, and the doctor mistakes, fear is a huge barrier for a person to overcome the obstacles and problems that a person faces and it can prevent him/her from keeping on with their lives.

Fear and anxiety are a psychological and physiological condition, in which cognitive, physical and behavioral elements are intertwined, creating an unpleasant feeling associated with discomfort and hesitation. Also fear affects the body causing physical symptoms, such as;
Fatigue, shortness of breath, pain, stomach, headache, muscle tension, nausea, concentrating difficulty. Fear and anxiety also affect heart rate and blood pressure, both of which significantly affect a person’s life and health.

All these fears, for real, do not exist, there are just misconceptions about hair transplant, or any other subject, in general, as all the latest technologies used in hair transplant do not depend on surgery anyway, many men and women are facing baldness and hair loss problems, hair transplant operations, using the newest technologies helped solving these problems that have bad influence on people’s lives, their self-confidence, and it can leave the person with psychological influences among his/her Peers, and leave them unsatisfied with their look.

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Hair Transplant Without Surgery

Some people go through some odd state of anxiety when they face a certain illness, especially when this illness has to do with the outlook of beauty, women in particular. In the

Arab world, women’s beauty is the first factor and the most important, many people are facing situations, unfortunately lead to increasing the illness and make it worse, especially if we were talking about hair loss, as a study in California University in the USA indicates that tension and anxiety increase the secretion of body hormones interact, in a way that leads to increased collagen hormones secretion, which is one of those hormones that work on hair loss, although hair transplant without surgery has become.

So easy through using the newest technologies, nevertheless, the fear controls the patient, who wants to go through hair transplant due to misconceptions about the matter, in return it can affect the success of, hair transplant without surgery, because it needs the patient to be calmer to help your psychological state, and therefore it reflects to the operation results and success.

Surgical hair transplant was only operated in the old days, century ago, where FUT was founded, it is a method uses 4 mm width tools, to harvest the follicles from the donor area and implant them in the affected areas, however, that method was very painful, in addition to its up-normal, and not guaranteed results, where the final look has nothing to do with the name of plastic surgeries, or hair cosmetics.

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The concept of FUE Technology

The implantation operation, using the FUT slice technology depend on taking an entire fabric from the skin in the donor area, through a surgery, then these follicles are taken to be implanted in the affected area, therefore, a surgical intervention has to take place, to cut off the fabric of the donor area, then stitching the fabric’s place taken from the head, without leaving any empty places in the head, however, this method leaves an obvious scar in the head, within this time, the medical assistant staff, take off the follicles from the fabric and sort them to get them ready for the implantation operation in the baldness area.

The patient used to take a long recovery time after the operation, to heal from the stitches and wounds, alongside his feeling of severe pain.
Nowadays, a lot of new techniques are discovered, where a natural hair transplant operations are done without a surgery, to solve hair loss problems that both men and women are facing, these technologies rely on the harvest method; where the follicles are taken from the donor area, through new tools, without the need to undergo surgery to implant the follicles in the bald area.

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Hair Transplant without Surgery in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading countries in hair transplant without surgery, in 2016 the Turkish Ministry of Tourism that the visitors average coming to Turkey for undergoing natural hair transplant without surgery, or hair transplant without surgery to solve hair loss problems facing both men and women, by using the latest and the most modern technologies like; Choi Pen Technique (DHI) for hair transplant, and the Robotics Harrtes for hair transplant.

Turkey stands out by its specialized doctors, and their high qualities, expertise and efficiency in this field, in addition to that, the modern techniques for hair transplant for natural hair without surgery, in another way, hair transplant without surgery in Turkey, all known that their side-effects almost are zero, they leave no scars or wounds, simply because the doctor doesn’t have to do any surgical intervention at all, therefore, there is no need to be scared of undergoing hair transplant without surgery in Turkey.

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Hair Transplant Without Surgery, No More Fear