Hair Transplant without shave how is it Done?

Hair Transplant without shave, Scientists have discovered many techniques in the past years to help solve hair loss or baldness problems, but the desire of many who are attracted to hair transplant arose from the beauty of the person.

Everyone has the right to maintain the beauty of his appearance, even if it was a cosmetic operation, and even the name of the cosmetic surgeries was created to be satisfied to you and the to your appropriate appearance; therefore, many people have asked to have hair transplant without shaving, as for some people it gives them unsuitable appearance, and originally; you’re going through hair transplant to have a better look, here when scientists start  inventing methods for hair transplant without shave for both women and men.

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Hair transplant without shave

The first thing that catches our eye when we see someone else is the hair, having healthy beautiful hair for both women and men is a strong attraction; the more hair and facial hair a man has the more attractive he becomes, as well as for women, where beautiful strong shiny and healthy hair has always been a beauty crown a woman can wear.

Economy wise; it is one of the most things that matter for a person to have, just like caring to have good healthy food, so is caring of having the best hair care products, nowadays, the perfect appearance is what anyone cares for the most.

Digitals talk; The European and American average per individual spending on hair cosmetics only from shampoo, creams or oils is € 120,000 per male during his lifetime, as for females, the average spending is € 270,000 during her lifetime, equivalent to 225% of the per a male individual expenditure, as women have always take care of their hair much more than men, and she is the main reason for inventing a solution.

We are facing a very hard decision, when a woman faces Alopecia baldness or light baldness in her hair, or simply having a wide forehead, to shave her entire hair in order to have a hair transplant surgery, is not an easy decision to take, as she’s already suffering from lack of hair, so how would it feel, to shave her entire head! No mentioning other matters such as being in a prestigious like media and political positions for both men and women, therefore, the need to invent a new tool to solve this issue was established.

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Hair Transplant without shave in Turkey

This technology was founded for the urging need for so many people wanting to undergo hair transplant, the claims have begun for a new technology that provides hair transplant without shave in Turkey. Therefore, scientists invented a new technology called DHI, here, where the real development of cosmetic operations in general and cosmetic operations in Turkey in particular, and for hair transplantation in particular, in a way that after this technique has seen the light, the average of hair transplant without shave operations have increased massively, especial in the last few years, and there was a new category, topped up other categories of hair transplant without shave in Turkey, the category of businessmen, businesswomen, politicians and media professionals.


DHI Technique

This revolutionary technique helped and encouraged many people to undergo hair transplant, with DHI technology, the doctor uses Choi Pens, a set of pens, of an accurate tiny heads, which is used to implant the follicle in the scalp’s skin, without scars or wounds, it also enables us to control the direction of hair, where the hair implanted in the front of the head must be singular and heading backward, so on with the baldness areas, each one has its specific direction, in a way; after hair transplant without shave in Turkey, you get a normal healthy hair look, and at the end this is the goal of having hair transplant without shave for both men and women.

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Hartis Robot technique for hair transplant

After discovering it, transplantation has moved to a different level, after using it, it becomes possible to reduce the time of the hair transplant process in half, it  helps the doctor to choose the most healthy follicles and leave the fine or soft follicles, it also does the hair follicles sorting process, where there are singular  and double hair and tripartite, and also the quadrant, and so it facilitates the selection of hairs, which will be implanted at the frontline of the head to maintain the overall shape, and even to appear completely natural hair.

Turkey today provides the best and the latest techniques used in hair transplant without shave in Turkey, using Choi Pen (DHI) as well as the robotic technique that took hair transplantation to another level.



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Published on: Nov 15, 2013 at 17:18

Hair Transplant without shave how is it Done?