Hair Transplant Turkey, risks, techniques, and stages

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Hair Transplant Turkey, has become the first medical tourism front, and a strong regional and international competitor, where it stands out in this domain, for having many medical centers, which contain the best doctors and beauty experts, in addition to its remarkable tourism places.

Turkey has witnessed, in a few years, a wild speared and growth in the field of cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplant turkey, where thousands of patients go through a variety of cosmetic operations annually, whether in the East or West. Among many cosmetic operations in Turkey, hair transplant turkey has the most attention, and it is at the top of Turkey’s most sought after plastic surgery schedule.

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Hair Transplant Turkey is a none- surgical cosmetic operation, depending on a local anesthesia, treating all types of baldness issue, whether it was genetic, or hormone disorder, in which the follicles are transplanted from the back area of the scalp, the donor area, to the area where the implantation is needed, the recipient area, using the best technologies that Turkey has.

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Turkey Hair Transplant Techniques

Turkey has the latest international technologies used in hair transplant operations, which helped to attract many patients around the world, whether coming from the East or the West countries.

  • FUE Hair Transplantation Technique: One of the newest techniques used in hair transplant in Turkey, it’s none-surgical technology, depending on local anesthesia, in which the follicles are harvested from the donor area, the back side of the scalp, to be implanted in the targeted areas.FUE is considered as an essential shift in the field of hair transplantation, and an alternative solution for the hard old operations, which required a local anesthesia, such as FUT technique, where a rectangular slice is extracted from the donor area, causing a lot of bad marks and damages, like having wounds in the scalp, especially in the donor area, and those wounds do not heal quickly.
  • DHI Hair Transplantation Technique: The new version of FUE technology for hair transplant, known as Direct Hair Implantation, where follicles are extracted from the donor area, to be loaded in a pen-shaped device, called Choi Pen Implanter, where the doctor, in one push, using Choi Pen, can implant the harvested follicles in the targeted areas.DHI is the best solution to get the desired density, in addition to the possibility of determining the angle and direction of follicles planted in the direction of the original hair, in a way the implanted hair looks normal.
  • Robot Technique for Hair Transplantation: Is the latest in the world of beauty in Turkey, where the doctor, depending on the robot device, determines the baldness area, examines the donor area, and chooses the most appropriate follicles for harvesting, and then implants the hair in the targeted area. There are two types of Robot technique; Artas Robot and Harts Robot, both are similar in how they are used, but the only difference lies in the arms number used in hair transplant; where Artas Robot has only two arms, while Harts Robot, uses four arms.

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Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey, medical cosmetic centers care for their patients, where they provide a full medical care for the patient, during his treatment journey; not only by giving the cosmetic procedure, but most of them offer complete cosmetic packages; in terms of accommodation in the finest and most luxurious hotels, privet transportation, translation, in addition to some of the clinics that provide flight booking, and a post-surgery follow up, till the patient gets his/ her final results.

The medical center performs the necessary tests and check-ups for the patient to make sure that the patient is suitable for the procedure and that he/ she does not have diseases that prevent them from going through the procedure, such as heart disease and blood pressure diseases.

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The used technology, in hair transplant, is chosen according to the patient’s best interest; when the FUE method is adopted:

  • The assistant team shave the patient’s entire hair, sterilize the scalp, plan the donor area where the follicles will be picked off.
  • The patient is anesthetized locally, some of the cosmetic centers in Turkey uses sedation as a relaxing drug that temporarily anesthetizes the patient, about 15 minutes, which is the time required for injecting local anesthesia, to spare the patient the pain of local anesthesia injections.
  • The doctor harvests the follicles from the donor area and keeps it in Hypothermosol liquid to extend the life of the harvested follicles as long as possible, then the cosmetic doctor carefully draws the front line, in a way the implanted hair will look normal.
  • Then the doctor opens the channels, where the follicles will be inserted, using very accurate tools, enables him to determine the appropriate angles and directions when the doctor opens the channels.
  • The harvested follicles then are implanted in the targeted areas.
    When Choi Pens Technique is used, known as DHI, the doctor performs the same previous stages used in FUE, opening channels is not included, though, where the medical staff loaded the harvested follicles in the Choi Pens devise, where the doctor, with a single click using Choi Implanter, directly implants the new follicles in the areas where the hair is to be inserted. It is possible not to shave the head before the operation, where it can be shortened only without the entire shaving.

When using the latest Robotic technology, whether Robot Artas or Robot Harts, although it is limited in Turkish cosmetic centers, it relies on specific and very precise steps:

  1. Depending on the computer and the robot, the doctor examines the donor area and determines follicles type and number to be harvested.
  2. Then the patient sits down on the robot seat.
  3. The doctor will anesthetize the patient locally.
  4. The doctor then controls the robot and picks up the selected follicles.
  5. The follicles are placed automatically, without being exposed to external factors, in a specific tube connected to the robotic device to preserve their life.
  6. The doctor then, depending on the Robot and the computer, determines the areas to be implanted, as well as determining the angles and directions of the grafts to be inserted.
  7. The doctor directs the robot arms, whether four arms or two, depending on the robot type, to be added in the identified areas.

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The Risks of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey, there are some risks and minor damage caused by hair transplantation, depending on the patient’s condition, including:

  1. A temporary loss of hair, after hair transplantation, in some regions of the scalp, already contains some pre-existing thin hair, but the hair regrows again after at least three months of the procedure.
  2. Bacterial infection, and can be disposed of with the necessary antibiotics.
  3. The possibility of allergies, or substances used in anesthesia, depending on the patient’s condition.
  4. The appearance of some scars, on the scalp, depending on the nature of the patient’s skin.
  5. Feeling itching, which disappears on its own after a few days, does not exceed three days.
  6. Feeling pain and headaches in the head, and disappear after two or three days.


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Mahmoud MonemHair Transplant Turkey, risks, techniques, and stages

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