Hair transplant in Turkey reviews 2020

Hair transplant in Turkey reviews. There’s no doubt that hair is one of the most important feature’s in the human face or body, it completes the person’s appearance and differs humans from each other; as hair have many colors, types and shapes.Having a good looking full hair can change a person’s life on many levels; starting from this person’s career by getting more and better opportunities especially if the career is in sales or public relations related, having a good looking full hair will also boost your confidence a lot, which will naturally reflects on your social skills, social life and networks.

The advantages of having a good full hair are uncountable; unfortunately, some people are born with genes that make them more able to lose their all or some of their hair as time goes by, making them more likely to go into baldness when they age.But, luckily for those who suffer from hair loss or bald spots in their hair, hair transplant is considered a perfect solution for them, especially nowadays as the process of hair transplant operations are getting easier and simpler every day, thanks to the new advanced technology used in these operations (FUE Technique- DHL Technique), which made hair transplant more safe and attracted many people who were hesitating to take the decision of doing a hair transplant.

Why hair transplant in Turkey ?

Hair transplant in Turkey reviews. There’re many reasons that make Turkey one of the leading countries in cosmetic medicine and especially hair transplant operations; but before getting to those reasons, we must define hair transplant and how it works.

Hair transplant :

Hair transplantation is a non-surgical operation, in which hair follicles are transferred from the back of the scalp of the patient (Donor Area) to the areas that suffer from hair loss or baldness (receiving area).

Hair transplant

Many people from all around the world head to Turkey to do hair transplant, as there’re many factors that make Turkey a very attractive and suitable destination for them. Some of these factors are:

  • The big number of professional medical centers that provides full medical care and special service.
  • Turkey’s touristic nature, which makes the trip to Turkey as enjoyable as beneficial.
  • The low coast of hair transplant in Turkey compared to European and American countries.
  • Turkey has the latest technology used in hair transplantation.
  • The suitable climate of Turkey that prevent any damage to happen to the transplanted bulbs.
  • The hospitality services in Turkey is one of the best around the world, providing luxurious hotels, private transportation and interpretation for those who don’t speak Turkish.

How long will it take to see results after a hair transplant?

How long will it take to see results after a hair transplant?

The time right after the hair transplant operation is very critical to the patient’s psychological state; as some patients gets paranoid for not seeing the results of the transplanted hair right after the operation. Therefore, it’s better to know when the patient should expect to see the results after the hair transplant.

The duration for the hair transplant results to start showing can differ from a patient to another, depending on many things like:

  • The nature of the body and the inherited genes.
  • Patient’s hair follicles type and strength
  • The patient’s discipline in following his/her doctors advices and instructions
  • The usage of the medicines and medical shampoo described by doctors
  • How much effort the patient put in taking care of his scalp and transferred follicles
  • The type of diet the patient is following (Healthy Eating)

Eight months after the hair transplant, the patient should expect to see almost 70% to 80% of final results of the hair transplant he did, 100% of the results from the 8th month up to the 12th, as the patient should successfully see 100% of the results by the end of a year; but again, it can take a bit more time for some people depending on many different factors.

How safe is the hair transplant in Turkey Reviews?

How safe is the hair transplant?

If a person is allowed to do the hair transplant after the medical check-up, then there should not be any dangerous in doing the hair transplant procedure, as it’s considered a “safe” operation by the “American society of Plastic surgeons.

Although, same as results of hair transplant, it varies from a patients to another, as every individual varies in his/her physical reactions and healing abilities. Therefore the outcome of hair transplant is never 100% predicted.

Of course in every procedure there’s the risk of bleeding or getting an infection: which makes it a must to choose a trusted medical center with experienced and qualified doctors to do the hair transplant.

Will the results of my hair transplant last?

The duration expected for hair transplant results to last also can vary from one person to another, and from males to females; as for males, the results could last for a long time without any need for a second operation, depending on the strength of the hair follicles taken from the (donor Area) in the back of the head.

As for females, hair transplants are not always a satisfaction and success; because the (donor area) in females also suffer from the risk of bald spots and hair loss, which is contradictory to the (donor area) for males.

What can I expect from the transplant?

People turn to hair transplantation as a solution to their hair loss and baldness; therefore, hair transplant ought to fix that problem by transferring some healthy hair follicles from the (donor area) and planting it in the (receiving area). As a result to this operation, a hair transplant patient is expected to have a healthy full grow hair with no bald spots in an estimated time between (8) to (12) months differs from an individual to another.

FUE hair transplant

FUE is a modern technique used in hair transplant, in which the doctor transfers hair follicles from the (donor area) to the (receiving area) by picking the bulbs using the “Micro Motor” picking device, opening very thin channels in the bald areas, and then transplant the bulbs extracted in those channels, using very precise medical forceps.

DHI hair transplant

DHI technique is also a modern technique used recently in hair transplant that makes the procedure simpler, it relies on (Choi Pen Implanter), which is a pen-like device the doctor use to open channels and cultivates the cuttings with a single click to plant the extracted bulbs in the (receiving area).



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Published on: Jun 18, 2018 at 11:44

Hair transplant in Turkey reviews 2020