Hair Transplant Termonology


The Baldness: it is the lacking or missing in the hair grow in body area like scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or moustache the baldness cases by genetic factors hormonal imbalance, or due to usage of some medication or even scar or burn.

Follicular unit Extraction Technique: it is the latest technology for hair transplantation used to harvest the hair from donor area to the baldness area. The most remarkable thing about FUE is that it do not make a scar and it can be performed under local anesthetic.

The donor area: It is the area that located behind the scalp and between the ears. It is characterized by its resistance to dihydrotestosterone hormone.

The follicle that resist dihydrotestosterone: it is the follicle that did not affected by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and it is located in the area behind the scalp and between the ears.

Alopecia Areata: it is one of the autoimmune disease that affect the skin hair areas cases the hair to fall down and the follicle to shrink resulting in baldness then the affected area.

Lupus Erythematosus: it is one of the autoimmune inflammatory disease and it is more complex that alopecia areata causing scaly red patches on the skin especially on the face and sometimes affecting connective tissue in the internal organ. We cannot make hair transplantation until complete healing.

Channels Opening: it is one of the most critical stage of hair transplantation procedure. Successfully channels opening stage mean successfully hair transplantation procedure.

Grafts: it the harvested part from the scalp by FUE technique it contain multiple hair follicles.

Hair Follicles: It is the unit that carry out the hair it may contain thin or thick hair. It may also contain one or more hair.

Hair: it is the unit that growing from the follicles.

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy: it is one of the most effective way of hair loss treatment. It will support the result of hair transplantation procedure. A 30 ml blood sample taken from the patient, after that it will go through centrifuge device to separate its component and the physician will take the plasma rich platelet and reinject it in the scalp. The plasma contain factors that stimulate the hair follicles and enhance its nutrition to hair.

Drawing the Hair Frontline: it is the first step of hair transplantation procedure the drawing of the front line hair done according to many standards like the degree of baldness and the richness of the donor area.

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