Hair Transplant Results

Hair transplant results procedure, in which now a day, hair transplantation procedure is the best solution for many people to solve the problem of hair loss and baldness. There is no doubt that hair transplantation treatments the causes of hair loss and baldness, despite the difference in the reasons which responsible for this problem.

Hair transplantation is a straightforward procedure, and its success is guaranteed if you choose the right medical center and the best medical staff, which have a good experience, but this can only be achieved through cooperation between the doctor and the patient during the treatment period.

The doctor who has highly reliable and has excellent experience in this field, he will require the patient to do a set of instructions before deciding to perform the operation. The instructions divided into two, whether before the surgery and after the operation, and the patient must follow all these instructions if he wants to get the best result.

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After hair transplantation

After finished hair transplantation, which takes 8 hours, the doctor will offer a set of instruction, especially in the first days after transplantation because it is a sensitive period.
Washing the scalp, the most critical washing instructions in the first ten days:

  • The lotion which dictated by the doctor will be put on the transplanted area by the hand with a slight touch as a soft movement, in which covering the entirely transplanted area.
  • The patient will leave the lotion on the scalp for 20 minutes. He must use the lotion every day for 10 days.
  • The patient will wash the scalp with cold water to ensure that the full cream is removed.
  • The medical shampoo which dictated by the doctor should be put on the hand, then, put the side with the shampoo on the scalp on the transplanted area and the donor area, then, to be washed with a soft movement without any itching by nails.
  • Rub the donor area well, with the fingertips.
  • The patient will wash the shampoo gradually.
  • The patient must put the medical cream on the donor area for three days.
    The most critical instruction after the first ten days:
  • The patient can entirely dispense using lotion and wash his head with a medical shampoo dictated by the doctor.
  • When the patient put the shampoo, he should rub the scalp with his hand and fingers to clean the peel that will appear after the first wash steps.
  • The patient must wash his head daily for a week, to ensure that the peel layer is eliminated.
  • Avoiding use the hot water in bathing for at least 15 days.
  • The patient must not dry the hair with a bathrobe or electric dryer, and it is preferable to leave it to the outside air or use a soft cloth or medical gauze, which is dried only by touching the scalp without rubbing or itching.

It is essential mentioning that during this period, you will notice the fall of the layer of the cortex with the transplanted hair but without the follicle; the follicle will grow within two months, and this is a part of the growth of the new hair so don’t worry.

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For the daily routine, there are instructions, which the patient have to follow, to ensure the success of the hair transplantation procedure, and the most important instructions are:

  • The patient must follow the instructions for taking medicines dictated by the doctor.
  • Stay away from hard works for 15 days after hair transplantation.
  • The patient must sleep on his back for 5 days, using the medical pillow.
  • Avoiding bending the head forward for at least two days, the head must stay above the body level.
  • The patient must give high attention during taking off and wearing the clothes, he must not press or touch the scalp during the first week after the operation.
  • Avoiding wearing anything on the head for at least 12 days, to avoid touching the transplanted areas.
  • The patient must expose the scalp on the air for the first month, after that, the patient can wear anything on his head.
  • The patient must not take any type of blood thinning for a week.
  • Avoiding itching for 15 days.
  • Avoiding smoking for a week, to get the best results.
  • The patient must not swim in the pool for a month and for 3 months in the sea.
  • Stay away from the hard sunrises for a month.
  • Avoiding standing under the heavy rain and dust for two months.
  • The patient must stop sports and practices for 20 days, and the big sports for two months.
  • Avoiding shaving for a year, but you can use the scissors or shaving machine after 6 months.
  • The patient must not use the electronic less hair for at least 6 months.

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The appearance of hair transplant results

The nature of body varies from person to another because the metabolism process is not fixed and hair transplant results do not appear in a fixed time for every patient. Some of them get the complete results after 8 months, and other get the results after 18 months to get 100% of the results.

The stages of the hair growth are the same, in which the patient notice the appearance of the peel after the first washing of hair, then; the patient must remove these peels by scrub the scalp with tips of his fingers to help the scalp to get rid of these crusts. These crusts are harmful and lead to the failure of the hair transplantation and during the first two months till the third month, the peels falling with the transplanted hair. The transplanted hair loss is a preparation of hair growth.

When the patient found the hair loss, he thinks the hair transplantation has failed but which the patient sees is the signs of the new hair growth.

Most of the people get the results of their complete results of hair transplantation after 10 months or 12 months, and very few people need a period up to 18 months to get the complete results of transplantation.

Hair growth usually begins at the end of the third month of the hair transplantation procedure, in which the patient will get 10% of the results. At the end of the 6th month, most the people get 50% of the results. In the 9th month, you will get 80%. At the end of the 12th month, the patient will get 100% of hair transplant results.

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Most of the people may notice uneven hair growth such as hair growing at the front of the head faster than the transplanted hair in the head crown and the reason is the blood vessels in the front of the head are stronger than the other areas of the scalp. This is a healthy thing.

The healthy routine of life has a significant impact on hair transplant results, so getting the healthy food, exercising, and avoiding harmful habits such as; smoking and drinking alcohol are a help to get the desired result and keep your healthy hair for a long term.

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Hair Transplant Results