Hair Transplantation For Women

Hair Transplant

Trust the experts and restore the beauty and density of your hair to make it more radiant

Techniques Used In Hair Transplantation For Women

  • DHI Technology: The follicles are picked up in a very simple way from the donor area, to be implanted directly one by one, through a device called Choi Pen Implanter, Choi pen helps give high intensity as the follicles are grown close together.
  • Robot Technology: One of the latest techniques used in hair transplantation, where the robot helps the doctor in hair transplantation, by providing a proactive three-dimensional image of hair transplantation, where the donor area is identified and the best follicles selected for transplanting, they are then transplanted into the area that suffers of hair loss or baldness, using a double-cavity needle.

Candidates For Hair Transplantation

  • Women who suffer of severe hair loss of partial baldness.
  • Women who have a strong donor area.
  • Women over 22 years of age.
  • Women who do not suffer of hormonal disorders and diseases, such as; hypertension, hepatitis C disease, as well as acute anemia, leukemia, heart diseases, diabetes, beside thyroid diseases and immunodeficiency disease (HIV).

Pre- Hair Transplantation Tips

  • Avoid smoking for a month, as it affects blood oxygen levels.
  • Avoid having blood thinners, such as; green tea or multivitamins, for they contain vitamin E.
  • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and Arabic coffee, as they cause difficulty in responding to anesthesia.
  • Have a healthy and balanced food, to avoid complications.
  • Avoid having medications that cause blood thinning, such as aspirin and ibuprofen combinations.

Post- Hair Transplantation Tips For Women

  1. Adhere to wearing a headband for 48 hours, to prevent fluids drop and to avoid swelling.
  2. Water must never touch the hair for 72 hours, to prevent the occurrence of any inflammations.
  3. Avoid smoking for at least two months, to maintain the oxygen rate in blood, which is necessary for the growth of transplanted follicles.
  4. Avoid intercourse “marital relationship” for a week.
  5. Do not bend your head forward, keep your head high and in parallel line for at least three days.
  6. You must sleep vertically for five days using two medical pillows to lift your head, in order to avoid swelling.
  7. Comply with the given instructions of how to wash your hair.
  8. Keep away from rain or dust, so as not to cause harm to implanted follicles.
  9. Avoid swimming in the sea for three months and in the swimming pool for two months.
  10. Avoid harmful sunlight, heat and high humidity for a month and be sure to wear a medical cap when you are out.
  11. Keep away from high temperatures for a month, such as; Turkish bath or sauna.
  12. You must use a medical shampoo washing the transplanted hair.
  13. Avoid great effort or any hard work, as well as avoid exercises for 15 days.
  14. Be careful when putting on and taking off clothes and avoid contact with implanted follicles.
  15. Commit to having the necessary medications and treatments prescribed by the doctor, which help to heal wounds.

Certain treatments are recommended after hair transplantation, which will strengthen the implanted follicles and help to increase the growth of the new implanted follicles in a relatively faster manner, such as;

    • Plasma needles PRP.
    • Get cold laser sessions that send frequencies within the scalp that will stimulate blood circulation and thus strengthen the roots of new the hair.
    • Rely on the necessary vitamins.
    • Use of medical serum.

Stages Of Hair Transplantation

First stage: Clinical examination

The doctor examines the areas affected with baldness or hair loss, as well as examining the donor area and determine the number of follicles needed for implantation.

Second Stage: Conducting the Necessary Tests

Blood tests are done to identify blood sugar levels, In addition to skin tests to see if something hinders the process of hair transplantation.

Third Stage: Picking Out the Follicles

At first the donor area is shaved, the hair is shortened, the doctor then picks out the follicles from the area using either the Micro Motor in the case of relying on DHI technology, or the robot device in the case of relying on robot technology.

Fourth Stage: Hair Transplantation

In the case of relying on DHI technology: The doctor implants the follicles using Choi Pens, where the channels are opened and the follicles are implanted simultaneously with one click.

In the case of relying on robot technology: The robot helps the doctor determine how the follicles are distributed in the area of baldness or hair loss, then the extracted follicles are implanted using micro needles with double-cavity.

Once the hair transplantation is completed, a band is worn around the head, to prevent the fluids from falling into the face and reduces swelling.



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Hair Transplantation For Women in Turkey