Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey Compared to Other Countries

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You should not be looking for hair transplant cost in Turkey before you know what Turkey’s global level is. Turkey is one of the world’s leading countries for years in cosmetic surgery.

The International Society has ranked the company for Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) as one of the most advanced countries in the field of medical procedures. Turkey has distinguished itself as a leader in hair transplant operations in recent years, has become the most important destinations for those wishing to perform this medical procedure at an estimated rate of about five thousand customers per month.

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The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the main factors contributing to the growth in this field, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is very low, compared to the average prices in other European and the United States countries, although the clinics in Turkey provide high-quality medical services to the level of those, offered by European countries and the United States at reasonable prices, for those who are interested in knowing the cost of hair transplant in Turkey before deciding to implant hair.

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The cost of hair transplantation or the cost of hair transplantation, varies in terms of the general concept linking the high quality, and the medical services provided at hair transplant price, so many people wondering about the hair transplant cost in Turkey, or about the cheaper hair transplant, but wait, this does not sound good, just because the cheapest is the less quality, as we all know, so who could possibly be looking for the most affordable hair transplant?

However, Turkey has managed to reconcile the two sides, where the prices of hair transplantation, in Turkey, is much lower than the average prices recognized by counterparts in this area, whether from European countries or the US or Arab countries within the regional scope, The average hair transplant costs between $ 1,000 and $ 3,700.

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The cost of the required medical analysis and a range of other services that differ in the centers and compete in providing it for customers. This relative difference in the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey to the price affected by many factors, such as the experience of the doctor and the type of technology used in the process and the level of well-being provided by the Center Medical, in addition to that the average prices may vary relatively from one city to another within the state of Turkey.


The cost of Hair Transplant

  • Britain: which links its prices to the doctor, the medical center, the implanted follicular number, and the inquired time for transplant, for example; Harley Street Clinic for hair transplant in London, has defined its prices average up to the number of the harvested grafts, if the follicles are between 500 up to 1.200 graft, the price average will be 3.000 up to 7.000 Euro, if the follicles number is between 1.200-2.880 grafts, the cost will be 6.000 up to 9.000 Euro.
  • Germany: also, sets its standers upon several factors, for example; the German Giono Medical, in Hamburg and Berlin, where the minimum price for FUE technology is 2.000 Euro, for a specific number of follicles implanted in the head.

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  • United State of America: most its medical centers define their pricing according to the implantation time, the number of the implanted follicles, the technology used, in addition to the experience of the doctor doing the implantation. The cost starts from 4.000 up to 15.000 USA dollar.
  • As for some Arab countries: such as Saudi Arabia, where it provides medical services in the area of hair transplant for men at a price exceeding 20000 Saudi riyals.
  • Egypt: considers as one of the Arab countries, advanced in the field of natural eyebrow transplantation, based on several factors in determining the cost of hair transplantation, the most important factors are the type of technology used in implanting and the doctor doing the transplantation, and the average price of hair transplantation in Egypt is between 2000 and 3000 USD.

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Hair transplantation in Turkey is one of the fastest growing areas in Turkey. In recent years, Turkey has become the most important destination for general medical tourism. The most straightforward guide is the search for the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey. According to Mr. Chakmak, The development of tourism in Turkey in an article in the newspaper Alharriat that nearly 750,000 tourists came to Turkey last year for medical tourism only. Of whom about 60,000 tourists only to perform hair transplantation.

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Mr. Hoissen Kirk, head of the Middle East Travel and Tourism Agency, estimates that between 150 and 500 hair transplant operations are performed every week. Hair transplantation in Turkey is not just a process, but a full treatment trip, in which medical centers compete to provide excellent services that give priority to some centers out of other.

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There are many strong and good centers in the hair transplant operations in most Turkish cities; therefore, the competition between them is tens, to provide the best services at the best prices. The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is the cheapest and one of the most professional and high quality among developed countries such as Germany, Britain, and others.

Some centers focus on offering the lowest price. Nevertheless, when you search for the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey, you find that if the price is less than normal, it has to be suspicious.

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Some centers sacrifice what is more important; they will use trained medical staff instead of Doctors with extensive experience in this field and so, reduce the quality of the results sought by the patients to obtain, while some of the centers are characterized by maintaining quality and providing excellent medical services at the best prices.

Most people go to medical centers located in Europe or America in order to get the best results at prices exceeding $5,000 on average, while others think that the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is cheaper, nevertheless, the quality is not at the required level; however, some centers in Turkey improve their quality and services, which are offered by European and American countries, at a competitive price.

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