Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2020

Nowadays, how much does hair transplant in Turkey cost 2019 ; is considered one of the most trend questions for many people, owing to the countless benefits that Turkey offers. That’s why Turkey has deemed the best country for hair transplant compared with the other European and American countries.

Factors for Different Hair Transplant cost in Turkey

  • Hair transplant cost varies due to the existing of innumerable hair transplant centers that compete among each other to provide the most luxurious medical services.

The followings are the different factors between each medical center and the other

  • Techniques

The type of techniques considered to be one of the main factors that affect the cost difference. Some medical centers still carry out an old techniques like; FUT technique. On the other hand, some other medical centers are keeping up with the new technology and holding the most innovative and latest techniques. Such as;

  • FUE Technique: it depends on an accurate device for the harvesting phase, known as Micro Motor. Then comes opening channels phase, where small channels are made into the baldness areas to implant the hair follicles, depending on a fine medical forceps. In case of large baldness area, the patient can implant up to 7.000 hair follicles over two sessions.

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  • DHI Technique: DHI technique depends on CHOI Pen Implanter to implant hair follicles. CHOI Implanter is a device that looks like a pen, the doctor uses it to open the channels and implant the hair follicles at the same time by one press. Thus, it minimizes the time and provides maximum hair density.

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  • Robotic Technique: this technique helps the doctor performs the hair transplant by defining the baldness areas, examining the donor area, and choose the strongest follicles, best eligible for implantation. It also offers pre- operational 3D pictures for hair transplant results.  
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  • Qualified Doctors

Qualified and accredited surgeons and doctors deemed to be one of the most affecting factors for hair transplant cost difference in Turkey. The cost of hair transplant will likely increase, in case a doctor has a vast of experience, accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, in addition to, performing many hair transplant procedures and has a successful record of procedures.

Most of hair transplant centers relay on hair transplant specialists, instead of doctors; therefore, you’ll find out that their cost is meager comparing to other centers. Also, as a result, their implantation results will be doubtful, therefore, you have to pick up, carefully, one of the cosmetic centers that take into consideration obtaining certified and qualified doctors, even if it was more expensive, at the end, it will give you the best guaranteed result.

  • Accredited Hair Transplant Centers

One of the most important factors for cost difference is the medical credibility of the cosmetic center, which is accredited, and certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. However, there are many cosmetic centers are not certified in Turkey, nor accredited by the Turkish Ministry of health, which is why, there are many low-cost cosmetic centers, with no guaranteed results, of course.

  • Services

Almost a great number of medical centers in Turkey provid all the great features offering a full medical package, in terms of; interpretation, luxury accommodation, private transportation, in addition to, one-year follow-up. Other medical centers offer flight tickets, and touristic trips around Turkey. Thus, the hair transplant cost is a little bit going up; according to what the medical centers offer.

The Reason why Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey Goes up  

Recently, along with the outstanding medical and technological progress, new technologies have been discovered regarding the field of hair transplant, which had the greatest impact to raising the cost of hair transplant. Now, hair transplant procedure is done devoid of pain, and as fast as possible, in addition to, providing maximum hair density.

Here, we’ve rounded up the latest techniques to take into consideration;

  • Sapphire Technique: it’s a device holding a head that looks like a fine blade made of sapphire. It is utilized for opening channels through the scalp to implant the follicles. Sapphire is one of the precious stones and the most solid stone following diamond. Additionally, it’s characterized by its smooth antibacterial surface, as well as, minimizes the damage rate of the scalp tissues while opening the channels, which accelerates the healing process.  
  • Sedation: it’s a sedative causing temporary fainting. Normally, people under sedation are unaware of their surroundings, therefore; the doctor may give it to the patient to prevent any pain by injecting the local anesthesia into the scalp during the hair transplant procedure. You can take sedation by intravenous injection or medications, known as “oral sedation”.

Prior Hair Transplant Instructions

You must follow some instructions before hair transplant procedure to guarantee the perfect results;

  1. Stop smoking for two weeks before a hair transplant procedure. Smoking affects blood oxygen levels, which is considered essential for an accelerant recovery.
  2. Avoid Arabic coffee and all other caffeine stimulants for at least 4 days before hair transplant. As they all affect the anesthesia procedure, which makes it difficult to anesthetic people who drink stimulants daily.
  3. Stop drinking alcohol and green tea; they cause blood diluting, leading to an excessive bleeding during the transplantation, which will make your doctor postpone your surgery for you own good, otherwise; it will lead to a certain failure.
  4. It is preferable to adopt a healthy diet to avoid complications.
  5. Stop taking medications, which lead to blood diluting, like Aspirin.

Instruction after Hair transplant in Turkey  

  1. You must sleep almost vertically, depending on two pillows to lift the head to prevent swelling, and help the sedation fluid exit through the donor area.
  2. You shouldn’t bend over to avert swelling around your eyes, for at least three days after the hair transplant procedure.
  3. You should adhere to the hair washing instructions.
  4. You should refrain from doing sports and weightlifting for 60 days. Such a hard activity might lead to bleeding or the possibility of losing the new follicles.
  5. You must abstain from intercourse for a week after the hair transplant procedure.
  6. You should commit to using the medical shampoo, in addition to, avoiding chemical shampoo.
  7. Avoid the expossure to the direct sunlight, heat, and humidity for a month as sunlight contains UV rays that might damage your new hair follicles. Accordingly, you should wear the medical hat once you are going out.  
  8. You must keep away from smoking after a hair transplant for two months.
  9. Swimming is forbidden, whether in the sea, for three months, or a swimming pool for two months. Furthermore, do not try a Turkish bath or a sauna for at least a month after.

Women Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey

DHI technique is the best technology used for women hair transplant in Turkey. It does not need a total hair shaving; its best results show remarkably for implanting small baldness spots. Moreover, it provides maximum hair density. As it depends on an accurate device looks like a pen, known as the “Choi Pen Implanter”.

And as we mentioned before, this device opens channels and implant the follicles by one click at the same time. Therefore, hair follicles are implanted so close to each other to provide maximum hair density. The average women hair transplant cost in Turkey varies between 2000 $ to 2500 $.

Hair Transplant Cost in U.S Dollars 2019

Hair Transplant Cost in U.S Dollars 2019

Hair Transplant Cost in U.S Dollars 2019

At the initiation of 2019, hair transplant cost in Turkey might vary between 1.200 $ to 3.500 $. In concurrence of medical innovation, high technology, and new techniques that ease the hair transplant performing.

Truthfully, the variance of hair transplant cost stands on patient condition, in term of; baldness case along with hair transplant technique type; whether FUE technique, DHI technique, or ROBOT technique. On the other hand, hair transplant cost in Turkey is considered reasonable and quite low when we compare it to the other European, American, or even Arabic countries included fue hair transplant cost in turkey and dhi hair transplant cost in turkey

Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia Riyals “SAR”

Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia Riyals

Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia Riyals


Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia Riyals “SAR”Hair transplant cost in Turkey in Saudi Arabia Riyals varies between 4.500 SAR to 7.500 SAR, which is considered a low price, comparing to performing hair transplant in Saudi Arabia.

Conversely, hair transplant cost in Saudi Arabia will not be less than 20.000 Saudi Riyals. Furthermore, hair transplant centers in Saudi Arabia does not provide such a remarkable high-quality and full package services as Turkey’s centers are providing.

In Turkey, you can combine all advantages in a single interface. In which, Turkey’s medical centers offer full medical package and ultimate medical care, on top of taking upon their shoulders your responsibility to meet your needs.



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Published on: Jun 18, 2020 at 11:44

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2020