hair transplant center turkey, what you need to know

hair transplant center turkey. Some people have a wrong belief that the history of the surgeries, which have done in hair transplant center Turkey, is starting right now, due to the spread of cosmetic centers all over the world, the interest by the baldness patient, or people who have a hair loss problem.

The facts ensure that the interest in hair loss and baldness problems have appeared since the 18th century, the history of hair transplant is to return to the first successful operation in 1822 in Wurzburg, when Divenbash the student of medical college has been tried for the first time to do hair transplant on animals and some volunteers of people. Their experience was based on the process of hair transfer from scalp area to the baldness areas, in the end; Divenbash published a report of his experience and his teacher’s dreams of eliminating the problems of hair loss and baldness.

The increasing interest that those centers receive is due to the huge technological development in the modern techniques using in the cosmetic world and hair transplant.

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Hair transplant center turkey

Although Turkey did not give high attention to hair transplant in the past as in other countries, it followed the latest methods and techniques of hair transplant. Sync with the beginning of the Turkish economy’s revival and prosperity in 2001, the hair transplant center turkey starts to grow step by step, in which began with a few operations, then, the numbers exceed expectations. The medical centers began to increase and absorb the high turnout of customers, using the most popular and the modern techniques.

Turkey has started to enter the cosmetic world, especially hair loss and baldness treatment by one or two cosmetic centers, hair transplant specialist but now there are more than 1000 cosmetic centers contains modern techniques, which is a leap in cosmetic and hair transplant field, so that Turkey become one of the first countries to have the most significant numbers of hair transplant centers in the world, in which the estimated of 80.000 people coming to Turkey as part of medical tourism in 2017.

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Getting the best results Understanding the natural hair appearance and a destiny for the baldness areas is the most important thing for people who perform hair transplant, so that let us tell you some of the essential instructions, which help you to get the best results:

  • The patient must know the modern techniques, which used in hair transplant center Turkey, and how it has done, by searching and asking the medical centers. The background on the subject will help to prepare you psychologically, to undergo the process with a sense of comfort and mental calm, which is an essential factor helps the success of the process and get satisfactory results and excellent.

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  • There are some medical drugs must be stopped to take for two weeks before hair transplant because they have negative effects on the operation, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, which are blood thinning and increase the chance of bleeding during the operation.
  • The patient must stop smoking and nicotine products for a week before and after the surgery.
  • The patient must tell his doctor about his diseases such as; heart problems, blood problems, genetics problems, diabetic disease, and pressure disease.
  • The patient must stop doing sports and hard efforts after the operation for up to three months.
  • At the first visit to hair transplant centers, the doctor must checkup you to ensure that you are able to perform the operation.
  • The patient must follow the doctor instructions after a hair transplant.
  • You must trust doctor decision and choices when he marks the frontline and the distance of front head. The doctor decides this according to a specific standard appropriates to your face and age.

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The best hair transplant center

Turkeyana center is one of the biggest cosmetic medical centers, we are a licensed center recognized by Turkish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. Your operation will perform by specialized doctors who lectures at the Istanbul University, distinguished by a high skill, and certified by Turkish Health Organization. Turkeyana has established a distinguished position among hair transplant center Turkey for its excellent service, starting from the free consultation and all the necessary tests to ensure that the patient can perform the operation, to providing all information and instructions needed by the patient. In addition to the free medical bag containing all the medicines, which the patient will need after a hair transplant.

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Turkeyana follows its clients for a year after the operation to ensure that they get the best results, which make you feel comfortable, as well as Turkeyana guarantees for its patients a quality value, which has people trusts. Turkeyana perform more than 300 hair transplant per month, in addition to performing a lot of cosmetic surgeries and teeth implant, what are you waiting for!




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Published on: Nov 15, 2013 at 17:18

hair transplant center turkey, what you need to know