Hair Transplant and Diabetes patient


What is Diabetes?

It is increasing in glucose blood level in different way according to diabetes type:

What is types of Diabetes?

There is two basic types of Diabetes:

Diabetes type 1:

In diabetes type 1 the body cannot produce insulin from pancreas, which lead to increasing glucose blood level. It can be treated using appropriate dosage of insulin.

Diabetes Type 2:

It is the type of diabetes that the body can produce insulin from pancreas, but there is a resistance from body cell toward insulin which lead to accumulation of glucose in the blood leading to diabetes. The treatment of diabetes 2 is based on medication that increase the sensitivity of body cell toward insulin.

 To which diabetes patients can the operation performed?

The operation can performed to both diabetes types (Type 1 and Type 2) in a condition of that the patient glucose blood level is in the normal level without any other complication. In other words, the patient health stability toward diabetes or any other complication that is prevent the hair transplant operation.

What are the risks?

As long as the patient medical condition is stable and glucose blood level in a normal level, there are no special risks to be concern. You should consult your diabetes doctor before doing a hair transplant procedure.

Data EntryHair Transplant and Diabetes patient


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