Hair Loss, Case Study and Innovative Solutions

It is a regular hair fall to lose a hundred hair daily; it does not indicate problems, as the hair follicles return to grow and compensate what’s been lost in a new life cycle, however the person can notice hair loss massively that leads to empty spaces in the scalp, and therefore, it becomes a sign of baldness onset, where the patients start to wetness hair fall falling from a specific places in the scalp, and that’s mean having Alopecia.

Hair follicles weaken, as the hair falls enormously, affected by multiple factors in the body, most of these factors are a sign of a health issue exists in the body such as; diabetes, or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) in women.

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Hair Loss Effects on People’s Lives

Some might think that hair loss problems and baldness have no impact on people, psychology wise, professional wise, and in life as general, which is not correct, hair loss problems and baldness have a significant impact on people’s life.

  • Psychologically: hair loss leads to low self-esteem, especially if the patient was a woman; it is the outstanding beauty icon for women, and losing it leads the patient to include himself /herself from the society, as a case study was done on several people in Europe indicated that the outlook of a person has enormous impact, and that’s the hair fall is one of the most critical factors in determining a person’s confidence in him/herself.
  • Practical and professional: hair loss problems cause in losing many chances for many people, who are seeking to have a prestigious type of jobs, where the outlook is very important such as; media and television Jobs.
  • As for life in general: simply because obtaining a healthy and a strong hair, as well as having an appealing look, is one of the most things that people care for, I mean; who does not care to be the center of charm and attention among his friends and all people around?

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Hair Loss and The Internet

The rapid technology development that we have come to, has many risks in spreading the wrong information, where we find articles talking about hair treatments by garlic, or hair loss treatment using Ginger, which some people think they’re medically healthy to use, however, these pieces of information are nothing but a personal opinions and are not correct, also it can be myths and legends, where people trade and believe them like drinking camel’s urine to treat liver problems. Scientifically these myths were spread out of laziness visiting the doctor, or a misconception of the Internet and the full belief that this electronic world contains just the right information.

If we talked about hair loss or baldness, we’ll find massive amount of wrong information about it, on the internet there are many of homemade description, like the treatments made of herbs and plants, that some of who believe in, are claiming that they are the solution for hair loss treatment, on the other hand, if these treatments are indeed effective then why there are this much medical treatments, and why hair transplantation, as well as the treatments of Mesotherapy and plasma, used in treating baldness in both men and women.

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Hair Loss Between The Past and the Present

Hair loss problems are not new, and it was there since old days; nevertheless, there are many changes for ways to solve and treat the problem of hair loss and baldness, between back then and today.

In the old days, hair loss was treated by homemade recipes, using herbs and plants such as; natural oil recipes, as the medical issue was taken as malnutrition in the hair, therefore, they were trying to treat hair loss by feeding hair, which was suggesting a simple medical part of baldness or hair loss, but these methods have not been very useful.

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Then, the doctors have reached to a newest ways to treat the hair loss, like; PRP, a completely natural method; specific amount of blood is taken from the patient, it is placed in a dedicated device that separates the red and white blood cells from the plasma and then the doctor re-injected the plasma extracted from the blood in the scalp again, which in turn helps to feed the grafts from which the hair grows, and that reduces the number of hair follicles that lose its strength and then fall off, or the treatment using Mesotherapy, or even hair transplantation to treat full baldness.


Nowadays, there are many chemical treatments such as treatment shampoo for hair loss and serum that helps nourish hair follicles as well as vitamins, which used for hair care.

Hair Loss, Case Study and Innovative Solutions