Golden threads surgery benefits, disadvantages and cost

Facial and neck wrinkles are the most important challenge by both women and men, because of aging, so the doctors and cosmetic experts have worked very well to develop the techniques that help to solve those problems and challenges, and one of the best solutions is the golden threads for facial rejuvenation.

In order to avoid a surgical facelift, women use many methods, such as; home recipes and medical treatment, to remove the sagging as fast as she can, and rejuvenate the face. The doctors and cosmetic experts have been able to discover and develop a lot of non-surgical facelifts, with a low cost, and a less period of recovery, which is a leap in the field of cosmetic, to open the way to a new treatment for facial problems. One of this non-surgical facelift is the Golden threads.

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Golden threads for the facelift

It also called an anemone groenlandica or Rhytidectomy. The first use of golden thread was by ancient Egyptians, since ancient times, in which a thin thread made of gold found in the mummies of the queens in Egypt, then, French people have used it. At that time, the procedure of facelift required a difficult surgery and needed general anesthesia, in which the thickness of the thread was almost 0.5 mm.

The doctors and cosmetic experts have been able to make a lot of experiments and researchers, to develop the process of golden threat, requiring non-surgical, and they reached to reduce those threads up to only 0.1mm, which can be easily entered, safe, done quickly, and with fewer efforts.

The golden threads are made of poly-lactic acid, and easy to absorb under the skin tissue, so the skin absorbs the threads within 9 months to 12 months, this is a temporary thread dissolved in the skin and keeps the result of a facelift, for several years. Also, the anemone groenlandica is approved by the world health organization.

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Women are afraid of many factors, those factors have some side effects on facial skin, and leads to wrinkles, some of these factors are:

  1. Not getting enough sleep and rest, which accelerates the appearance of aging signs on the face.
  2. Not drinking sufficient quantities of water, which leads to dry the skin.
  3. Smoking, the human skin contains an inert substance responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. The smoke activates this substance, and the body absorbs nicotine, causes blood vessel problems, and reduces the body absorption of nutrients.
  4. When you do not eat healthy and balanced food, leads to sagging.
  5. Weather conditions; high temperature or extreme cold, which leads to damage the skin cells and signs of aging.
  6. Using cosmetic products, which contains a harmful chemical substance, then, leads to wrinkles and marks around the eyes.
  7. Genetic factors are leading to the appearance of sagging.
  8. Environmental pollution, such as; cars’ exhaust, smoking, which affects the facial skin in a negative way causing dryness, and facial wrinkles.

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Uses of golden threads

The anemone groenlandica is used for solving a lot of problems, there are many reasons makes you resort to golden threads for a facelift, because of its effective treatment, some of these reasons are:

  1. Lift the cheeks: by lifting and repositioning the areas of the cheeks, because the cheeks area are very weak and sensitive, especially when you have a diet.
  2. Removes the lines from the forehead: facial expressions are the most important factors that create the lines in the front area, as people who are too smiling or frown, are the most vulnerable to the emergence of these lines.
  3. Getting rid of wrinkles of the neck and the chin: some people often ignore the neck and chin care, and paying attention to facial skin, as the most obvious, but the neck needs more care than the face because the tissue layers of the nick are very
  4. Eyebrow lift: the threads will be inserted into the eyebrow area, then, will be lifted.
  5. Facial Rejuvenation: when the golden threads have been inserted into the face, the collagen produces. The collagen is the primary protein in the tissues of the skin and responsible for the elasticity of the skin, in which the golden threads renews the tissues and produces new cells for the skin.
  6. The upper lip augmentation: the threads are to being inserted into the upper lip frame, leading to raise and enlarge the lip.

The golden threads are not suitable for people whose have a deep and a lot of sagging, because it is used just for mid wrinkles, and there are some people suffers from skin diseases such as; eczema, skin cancer, and lupus erythematosus.

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Golden threads Surgical stages

The doctor marks the face of the patient, where the threads will be inserted.

Stage of anesthesia, which local anesthesia is done, and sometimes the doctor gives the patient sedation instead of the anesthesia, avoiding feel the pain of a needle of anesthesia.

The doctor inserts the threads, using a specific needle over the bone of the face, then, he pulls out the threads in an upper way, from the place where inserted.

The facelift procedure takes 15 minutes to 30 minutes, which named lunchtime cosmetic surgery, it can be done in the break of lunch, which takes only 20 minutes, and the patient can get back his normal life after finishing the session of the facelift.


Side effects and complication of the golden threads

  1. Feeling the pain, and it can be disposed of when you take a necessary painkiller and antibiotic, which dictated by the cosmetic doctor.
  2. Swelling and bruises might occur, in the areas where threads have been inserted, it can disappear by itself, and you can put cold compresses on swelling areas.
  3. Feeling itchy, and you can use a medical cream which dictated by the doctor.
  4. Infection is rare, and it can be disposed of when you take an antibiotic.

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The cost of golden threads

The cost of the golden threads procedure is cheap, compared with the other techniques using in a facelift. The cost ranks of 1500 $ to 3000 $, and this difference of the cost resulting from many factors such as; the numbers of thread whose the face needed and the degree of wrinkles and sagging in the face.

The outcome of the facelift appears once you completed the session of the golden threads, and the face will improve within 3 weeks. The final results appear after three months and last for five years.


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Golden threads surgery benefits, disadvantages and cost