Genetic Baldness Treatment

Genetic baldness treatment, hair loss, and baldness are considered one of the biggest problem anyone can face in their lifetime; they represent fear and concern for men and women alike. For the bad feelings, it stands for, at the psychological, professional and social level. When hair loss starts, the person begins to isolate himself/ herself socially, and gradually if the problem of hair loss is not addressed, the patient’s occupational issues will also start to appear.

Hair loss is an illness, just like any other illness, it has its reasons that can be followed and treated before the situation gets worse, also hair loss, like other diseases, has different types and therefore different treatment methods. Genetic baldness is the worst of all kinds of baldness because it is an unavoidable disease to avoid, a person who carries genes of genetic baldness will face one of his most significant concerns, the face of being bald and dealing with it. Whether to accept the genetic baldness he/she suffers from or to search for the best treatment for experienced genetic baldness, and try to treat it.

Today, with the massive progress achieved by cosmetic medicine, it is no longer acceptable for people to experience hair loss of all kinds. Today, the therapeutic and pharmacological methods for solving and treating baldness are available and accessible to everyone. Therefore, we will discuss in this article the treatment of genetic baldness.

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Causes of Baldness

The reasons for baldness are known to everyone, and in order to treat baldness, we need to address the resource causing the hair loss problem, to choose the right treatment for each case, some of the causes of hair loss that lead consequently, to baldness are multiple, such as; diet changes and a severe diet, leading to protein and iron deficiencies. If the person suffers from anemia, moreover, taking painkillers, and hormone-regulating drugs, such as contraceptive drugs, in addition to taking hormones that work to inflate muscles in the athletes’ body. Also some of the things that cause hair loss are also the diseases affecting the patient with illnesses that will directly affect the hair such as; thyroid disorders, Malaria and Typhoid infection, scalp infection in any of the various skin diseases, moreover; the exposure to acute psychological factors, in addition to cancer and the exposure to chemotherapy. As well as other factors such as hormonal changes in the body and genetic factors which are among the most present.


The Best Treatment for Genetic Baldness

When we talk about Treating genetic Baldness, we are not talking about just one treatment, as we mentioned before, Baldness and hair loss have different types, and various therapeutic methods, therefore, each case of hair loss, has its own treatment, and every kind of baldness has its own treatment, above all that, the nature of the patient’s own body, let’s be more accurate; baldness is a partial or total hair loss. It may occur gradually over a long period, or it may be the result of psychological trauma, or sudden illness, which has a direct impact on the hair, causing hair to fall hair heavily leading to sudden baldness.

As we mentioned before, baldness affects men and women alike. Nevertheless, it is not the same; men baldness starts by gradual hair loss until a group of bald areas emerges, it usually starts from the frontal hairline moving back to the middle area of the scalp, it can gradually reach the donor area. And here when the person reaches the stage of total baldness. As for women; it starts in the form of hair thinning, and a severe lack of density, causing obvious empty spaces in the scalp, mostly in the vertex area, although; women baldness is not complete baldness, as in men baldness.

If we want to talk about the best treatment for genetic baldness, we need to clarify that the best treatment for genetic baldness is specifically through hair transplant operations, whether it is a natural hair transplant or the artificial hair transplant, the therapeutic and pharmacological methods used to treat other types of baldness, is not as beneficial in treating genetic baldness. In this article, we dedicated enough information about the best treatment for genetic baldness.

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The Different Techniques for Genetic Baldness Treatment

Hair transplantation operations, the natural hair transplant, or the artificial hair transplant, are the perfect solution to who suffers from genetic baldness. It worth mentioning that the genetic baldness’s stage and degree the patient suffers from is what the doctor depends on in choosing the best method for genetic baldness treatment. Here are some details;

  • Genetic Baldness Treatment by Natural Hair Transplant.

If the patient is suffering from partial genetic baldness and not total baldness, where the baldness did not exceed the central area of the scalp, the vertex area, In addition to the safety of the donor region, which means; the absence of any scars or burns, or the presence of any skin disease that may make it inappropriate,  and be characterized by a specific hair density, and the quality of grafts are appropriate for the processes of extraction and transplantation. The doctor examines the entire scalp, if the natural hair transplant is the most suitable for the patient, then the medical staff prepare the patient to undergo the transplant operation. The natural hair transplant depends on transferring the follicles, which have specific characteristics, from the donor area, to be implanted in the affected areas in the scalp, These follicles are naturally resistant to the hormone baldness and are not affected by it, and therefore when they are implanted in the area affected by baldness, it takes its nutrients and oxygen from the blood inside the scalp without being affected by the baldness hormone, in a way it grows healthy and stable. During the period from eight months to one year, the patient will obtain remarkable results utterly free from baldness.

  • Genetic Baldness Treatment by Artificial Hair Transplant.

Artificial hair transplant is the best treatment for who suffers from complete baldness, that affected the entire scalp, including the donor area, from which the follicles are harvested from to perform a nature hair transplant. With the complete baldness, the doctor chooses the best suits the patient, in this case, it will be the artificial hair transplant, it is the perfect, most successful solution ever. It depends on implanting hair made of fine fibers, characterized by its texture and shape, which is very close to natural hair. The patient chooses the nature and color of the hair he wants. The medical team prepares the artificial fibers to become similar to the natural hair. The doctor then implants the hair. Immediately after the transplant process, the patient gets immediate results, and usually, the total healing happens within days. Where the suffering from genetic baldness and all its impacts end.

The techniques used in the treatment of genetic baldness vary. If natural hair transplantation is the most suitable for the patient’s condition, then today, the development of technology has put in our hands, different techniques for treating baldness of various types including; FUE technique, DHI technique, and robotics. When the doctor addresses the nature of the scalp, he lays the appropriate methods in the patient’s hands and let him choose between them.

If artificial hair transplantation is the most suitable for the patient’s condition, then the modern technology has developed very accurate tools that implant artificial hair fibers and make Knots to hold the hair inside the scalp, in a very precise way to provide stability and consistency of hair within the scalp and to add a natural look to the hair in general.


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Genetic Baldness Treatment