FUE What is FUE and FUE Technique

Many of the chemical treatments, medical drugs, and various chemical shampoos, have been used to treat baldness, however, most of them did not prove as useful until today, where doctors and cosmeticians have established hair treatments, which have become the best treatment for baldness, especially hair transplantation through follicles unit extraction, known as “FUE for hair transplantation”.

Hair transplantation proved to be the best and the most natural solution, whether to treat baldness or to have more density, for both, men and women, FUE has started to spread throughout the years, although, it did start first in the 1980s, where people turn to it as an effective, and fast therapy whether for having more density, or for treating baldness.

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FUE Terminology

Follicles unite extraction a technique known as FUE technique, which depends on harvesting the grafts units from the donor area to be implanted into the baldness spots in the scalp, FUE technique is one of the most advanced technology in the world of cosmetics.

This technique represented an essential shift in baldness treatment, mainly because it did solve the problem of its previous method “FUT,” which has no post-operative scars, and that’s what made the FUE technology a dream came true for many people.

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FUE technique

The FUE technique is based on compensating the missing follicles in the scalp, in which it transfers the follicles from the back of the scalp, called the donor area, to the city needed to be treated from baldness, called the receiving space, the doctor examines the donor area where the grafts are extracted from, and determines the number of hair follicles to be picked.

In case the donor area was weak, it is recommended to take some vitamins and treatments necessary, as determined by the doctor, after the operation, in a way you give your donor area the nurture it needs to recover well.


Advantages of FUE Technique for hair Transplantation:

FUE technique has provided many benefits, for the patients, compared with the previous technologies; some of these advantages are:

  • Unlike the earlier technologies, FUE technique does not leave any post-operative scars, since it is none- surgical procedure.
  • The FUE technique enables the doctor to implant more hair grafts.
  • The FUE procedure takes only six to eight hours, which is less time than the previous technologies.
  • Simple side effects, not more than a regular headache, and a pure pain around the scalp, which quickly go away fast just by having painkillers.
  • The FUE procedure gives natural looks, and you can see its results in a six months’ time.
  • FUE technique success rate is very high.

When the recovery period passes, the hair will appear, as the implanted grafts begin to grow naturally, covering the scalp within ten days, however, after two weeks, the hair starts to fall off, but there is no need to worry about that, because the implanted hair will begin to grow again in a time between 3 to 6 months.

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By the end of the eighth month, the hair will grow to its average length, especially if the patient was committed to the healthy daily routine recommended by the doctor, whether nurturing himself or following the instructions regarding the method of washing the scalp and hair care.


FUE Hair Transplantation Stages

  • The patient will go through some blood tests and examinations to ensure that he is eligible to go through the operation.
  • The patient must have a healthy and balanced diet before the operation date in a while to prevent any complications after the surgery.
  • The patient must stop smoking because it affects the Oxygen level in the body, which is necessary to new grafts’ well growth.
  • The patient must stay drinking Alcohol and medicines such as Aspirin, at least one week before the operation.
  • Both the doctor and the patient will discuss the options and determine the final look.
  • The medical team prepare the patient for the surgery, where they shave the head, sterilize the scalp, and mark the donor area.
  • The patient will have local anesthetic, where the doctor numbs the donor area first to harvest the grafts.
  • The doctor accurately collects the grafts, using a very advanced device called –Micro Motor- where one graft is picked out of ten grafts, then the technicians classify the follicular, and put them in individual containers which contain a liquid call -Hypothermathol- to extend the grafts life cycle as long as possible.
  • Using the very nice device, the doctor opens channels in the recipient areas, in a specific depth and direction, and this is a sensitive stage, which requires a very well experienced doctor.
  • The surgeon begins to implant the follicles in the scalp, manually and very accurately, inside the channel, to allow the bulb to grow naturally in the direction of the original hair, to get the patient a beautiful Cost of hair transplantation using FUE


The FUE Technique disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to the FUE technique. However, its side effects are straightforward, just like any other cosmetic operations, no matter how simple they may be, they all have side effects, such:

  1. Feeling itchy, because of the new-planted grafts, which disappears when taking the necessary antibiotics dictated by the doctor.
  2. A slight redness occurs in the head and lasts for at least two days.
  3. Having some headaches, which fads away within 24 hours after the procedure, and you can take the necessary painkillers?
  4. Swelling might occur in the donor area, where the hair has been removed, and it can be disposed of when you take anti-swelling drugs.
  5. Swelling also occurs around the eyes, if the patient put his head down, especially the first 48 hours.
  6. The need of shaving the entire head to do this technology.
  7. Complications of local anesthesia; sometimes the patient is allergic to anesthetics, and that is according to each patient.

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The cost of hair transplantation using FUE

Hair transplantation varies from $ 1200 to $ 2,000. This difference in cost is due to the number of follicles taken, depending on the grafts’ number and the implanted areas, also, the well-experienced doctor counts, which is best to choose a doctor with high efficiency, to obtain guaranteed results.


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FUE What is FUE and FUE Technique