Self-fat injections benefit, disadvantage and its cost

The ideal body and body texture is the desire of many people, whether men or women, to achieve a balanced body free from the imperfections of extreme thinness and obesity is a dream sought by all.

Harmonious moderate strength has a unique appeal, and according to this; some people turn to many of different ways and methods, to get rid of the fat accumulated in different regions of the body, and to obtain this attractive text appeared the process of self-injection of fat to distribute fat in the body in a balanced manner.

Fat is associated with a bad reputation due to many diseases, but in fact, fat is a great necessity for the body, in promoting the health of the skin, when appropriately distributed, as the injection of fat gives the body a more vibrant appearance and freshness.

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Self-fat Injection

Is an entirely safe cosmetic process, leading to the redistribution of fat in the body, where the fat from specific areas in the body is extracted from those specific areas in the body, which contains many fats, or suffering from local obesity, and then re-injected it in other areas suffering from fat, or thinness, or suffer from wrinkles and sagging.

They are called self-sufficiency, because they are extracted from the body of the person such as the abdomen, and re-injected and distributed in other areas of the person’s body himself.

Fat-Injection has appeared for hundreds of decades, and then, it was used to treat facial defects and deformities caused by accidents. As time progresses, doctors and cosmeticians have come to treat many of the body’s problems, such as wrinkling, flabbiness, thinning, or to improve the defects caused by cosmetic operations and previous surgeries, and the injection of fat in many areas of the body, both areas of lack of fat, or atrophy in the muscle tissue, and these areas are:

  • Under the eye: The injection of self-fat is operated to treat many of the problems, experienced by the region around the eye, the most important are black circles and wrinkles produced in the vicinity of the eye, as the area under the eye is a fragile layer, and is the most easily exposed layer, whether from stress and exhaustion, or frequent use of harmful cosmetics, resulting in the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles and sagging under and around the eye.
  • Facial, Cheeks Especially: self-fat injection, has proven to be useful in the treatment of most of the problems that face suffers from, such as; thinness, wrinkles, and flabbiness, which comes as a natural result of aging. It works to fill the cheeks with self-fatty cells, and then restore the purity and beauty of the face. It is a non-surgical procedure, there are no marks or scars on the face, and the results are entirely natural.
  • Breast enlargement: There are women who want to increase and enlarge the size of the chest, as well as reduce fat from other areas in the body, where self-fat works on breast enlargement, without the need for surgical incision to inject, or the occurrence of evident scars, which was caused by other techniques, such as; artificial fillings injection, or silicone fillings, as well as brine fillings, while self-fat is injected into the breast by extracting the normal fat cells from the woman herself, to be injected again into the breast, after separating them from the blood and fluids.
  • Buttock surgery: The doctor injects fat in the buttocks area to remodel or increase the size of the area, to obtain a perfect shape and firmness. Some women are fat-deficient, or sagging in this area and need a natural way to increase their size.

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Stages of self-fat injection

Some people suffer from the accumulation of fat in specific areas of the body, as well as suffering from lack of fat in other areas.

The doctor does a full body examination to the patient to identify the areas of fat density, and areas to be self-fat injected, which suffer from thinness or wrinkles, then he determines which areas will have liposuction, as the donor area, and discusses it with the patient, so he operates upon the patient’s desire, whether the abdomen, thighs, or back.

The medical center performs the necessary tests for the patient, which includes blood tests, to know the rates of blood pressure and blood sugar, and other blood problems, in case, cause, there are people with specific diseases, they cannot perform liposuction, such as atrophy in fat or HIV, known as AIDS.

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The patient is anesthetized, then the doctor removes the fat from the identified areas, such as the abdomen or thighs, often, using the latest techniques in liposuction, such as VASER, or Micro-Lipo, then the doctor works on purifying the extracted fat, using a particular device,; it works to expel blood and fluids, separating them from fat, to obtain pure fat that is suitable for re-injection.

The assistant staff put the fat in fine needles, to be injected where the fat injection is needed, and then the doctor injected fat gradually in the area to be injected, till he gets the required amount, the process takes between 45 minutes to 90 minutes, It is an easy and straightforward process.

Sometimes platelet-rich plasma is added to the injected fat, because it helps to prolong the survival of fat cells in the body, in addition to that, it gives freshness to the skin.

The patient can go back to his normal life within three days after the fat-injection procedure, however, alongside with following the instructions required by the doctor. Such as; avoid touching the area that was injected, for six hours after the procedure, avoid direct exposure to the sun, for at least three days. The results of fat injection process are permanent results, due to the use of natural fat cells, rather than filler fillings.

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Risks and damages of self-injected fat

There are some risks, damages, and minor side effects, resulting from fat injection process, which quickly disappears with the use of painkillers and antibiotics described by the doctor, including:

  • Redness in the fat-injected areas often disappears after two days of the operation.
  • Simple bruising and swelling as a result of the injection, and remains for about seven days after the procedure. It can be eliminated by taking the doctor’s anti-bruising and swelling drugs.
  • Infection rarely occurs due to non-sterilization of instruments used in suction and fat injection.
  • Complications of anesthesia, susceptibility to allergies, according to each patient’s skin, if his skin is sensitive to anesthetics.
  • The incidence of uncomplicated infections in the fat-injection areas, as a result of injecting a significant amount of fat, it disappears on its own after a week at most.
  • Fat unbalanced distribution, which occurs as a result of physician’s lack of expertise and sufficient efficiency, in the field of fat injection.
  • Fat cells can dissolve after the first month of fat injection, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Liposuction takes much time, as liposuction is performed before the fat cells are injected.
  • Not suitable for very slim people, because they require liposuction from the same person requiring fat injection.
  • Pain after the injection procedure, and it can be eliminated by taking the necessary analgesics, dictated by the doctor.

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The cost of fat injection

The cost of fat injecting is meager, compared to other filler techniques such as; Filler or Botox, as well as its guaranteed results. The cost varies according to the number of areas where the fat is injected and the amount of fat extracted from the body, ranging from $2000 to $5,000.


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Self-fat injections benefit, disadvantage and its cost