Facial Hair Transplantation Disadvantage, and Cost

Hair transplantation is a highly spread, especially facial hair transplantation; wither beard and eyebrow. The most important thing men look for is attractive and shiny look, to have a thick beard and a harmonious face.

The beard of men is their adornment, which gives them a brilliant smile, and no one feels the importance of beard except the people who are deprived of hair growth of beard. There are a lot of men are not satisfied with the shape of their beard, so they resort to beard hair transplantation, as the fastest solution, and safe, to get a dense beard. The number of men who perform facial hair transplantation is increasing.

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Women are looking for the intensity of the eyebrows, which is giving them beauty. The consistency of eyebrows with the shape of the eye leads to highlighting the beauty of the eye and give it more beautiful than the beauty of the whole face. The women’s charm lies in her eyes and a window that reflects her feelings. The eye is not beautiful without an eyebrow.

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The beauty of an eyebrow is the crown of the eye, so the attention to eyebrows becomes in the first place of the daily women’s interests. Now, all women are looking for various medical and natural ways, to get decent eyebrows, until the eyebrows hair transplantation has appeared, which the ideal solution to obtain an Attractive natural appearance.


Types of hair transplantation in the face

The hair transplantation means filling the blanks areas which affected by baldness, or a lack of hair, through transfer of follicles from the back of the scalp, called donor area, then, transplanted in areas to be treated of baldness, whether beard, mustache, or eyebrows, by using several techniques in the field of hair transplantation.

Eyebrow hair transplantation: eyebrow hair transplantation has been emerged to get a natural density in an eyebrow. It is no longer confined to women; it also has done for men; when the brow is very thin and ultimately lost, the eyebrow hair can be lost for several factors, such as:

  1. Genetic factors: the person has some genes from parents, which prevent the natural growth of eyebrow hair.
  2. Non-balanced hormones. Hormonal disorders.
  3. Removal of the hair by laser, or over-remove the eyebrow in a wrong way.
  4. Thyroid disorders, which is lead to hair loss from eyebrow, and other areas in the human body.
  5. Burns, wounds, and injury, or any types of external accident else.
  6. Taking medical drugs, which leads to hair loss occurrence, as one of its side effects.
  7. When the person is under pressure such as; stress, worry, and permanent depression, which the women suffer, leading to some bald spots areas prevents the growth of the hair.

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The eyebrow hair transplantation needs a high precision from the cosmetic doctor because this is a bright area in the face. The doctor has to implant the hair in the direction of the natural hair, in addition to reduces of scars, or does severe damage to the natural hair.

Fifty to 350 follicles are being transplanted in one of the eyebrows, according to each patient and density that he wants. The extracted grafts should contain one hair, in which the eyebrows hair transplantation takes a period from two hours to three hours, the patient will be under local anesthesia, so he can get back to healthy life once he goes out from the hospital or the medical center.

During the first two days to four days after the operation, the small crusts around each hair are appeared but gradually fade after five days. The hair falls within two weeks after hair transplantation surgery, then, grows within three months.

Bread and mustache hair transplantation: most of the men are perform beard and mustache hair transplantation, to fill the baldness area that ugly the appearance of the face, to get a density, and to get rid of some problems leading to non-growth of the hair. Several factors that influence a baldness area in the beard, such as:

  1. Genetic factors: such alopecia, which make the shape of the beard incomplete, in which the beard has a baldness circle where the hair completely disappears.
  2. The Birth defect leads to a non-growth hair in the beard area.
  3. The incidence of certain skin diseases: when having the skin disease that leads to baldness in the areas of hair growth.
  4. External accident: such as; scars, injury, and wounds, which appeared because of an incorrect manual shaving of beard, or exposure to an accident.
  5. Non-balanced hormones: such testosterone hormone, which leads to hair loss from the beard.
  6. Distortion of facial hair growth, especially beard due to a wrong cosmetic surgery performing.

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The doctor should transplant the hair carefully so that it is angled at a particular angle in the right direction of the natural hair. The beard hair transplantation takes a period from six to eight hours, and it can be done in one session, or two sessions, depending on the patient’s condition, according to the size of the baldness and the required hair density.


The facial hair transplantation techniques

There are a lot of methods used in facial hair transplantation, which developed with the development of time, starts from a surgical procedure, which needs local anesthesia and a lot of time and effort, to non-surgical hair transplantation, needing general anesthesia.

The doctor will choose the technique according to patient condition, the baldness area, and required hair density.

  • FUE hair transplantation: known as follicular unit extraction, which means hair transplant by extraction of the follicular. The FUE technique depends on extract the follicular from donor area located in the back of the scalp, using a particular device called micro motor, then, transplanted in the baldness areas known as the recipient areas.
  • DHI hair transplantation: known as direct hair implantation, which means a direct hair transplantation, this is technique is a newer than FUE technique, it depends on extract the follicular form the donor area, using micro motor, then, transplanted the follicular by directly inserted in the scalp with a one click, using a device look like a pen. This device has a diameter of 1mm, called CHOI implant. DHI hair transplantation is a very accurate in the field of hair transplantation, in which the doctor controls the direction of the implanted follicular so the patient will get the same direction as the natural hair.

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Benefits of facial hair transplantation

The patient will have a lot of benefits after he has performed the facial hair transplantation, such as:

  • Getting a permanent treatment for a baldness problem, which difficult to treat through other chemical treatments.
  • Getting an attractive and a natural appearance of hair, whether in a beard area, mustache, or eyebrow.
  • Increasing self-confidence, to having a density hair.
  • The recovery period is too short, in which the patient can get back to healthy life once completed the facial hair transplantation surgery.
  • The facial hair transplantation is a non-surgical procedure; it is an entirely safe and natural.
  • Getting a required natural density, whether in the beard, mustache, or eyebrow.


The disadvantages of facial hair transplantation

Side effects and complications occur, which quickly disappear in a period of two days to a week, and there are some disadvantages and risks due to the lack of experience and skill of the doctor in the field of facial hair transplantation, such as:

  • Feeling pain in the implanted areas and it can be disposed of when you take painkiller drugs dictated by the doctor.
  • Bruises occur in the areas where the hair has been transplanted, and it quickly disappears when you take antibiotics.
  • Feeling headache lasts for two days after facial hair transplantation, and it can be disposed of when you make a necessary painkiller.
  • Baldness area occurs, due to the lack of doctor’s experience in the field of hair transplantation.
  • Sometimes the new hair is thin and easily fall according to each patient.
  • Infection is rare, due to the weakness of the patient’s immune, and it can be disposed of when you take necessary antibiotic drugs dictated by the doctor.
  • Scars occur in the face, because of the lack of the doctor’s experience.
  • Feeling itchy in the areas where the hair has been transplanted and lasts for at least two or three days.
  • Bleeding occurs, and lasts for three days, according to patient’s condition and the doctor’s experience.
  • Blisters and acne appear in the area where the hair has been transplanted and disappears within at least eight days.

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The cost of facial hair transplantation

The technique used in hair transplantation is the significant factor in the variety of price, whenever the method is new whenever the rate is high. The cost also depends on the medical cares and efforts, which the medical center provide before and after the facial hair transplantation, to get the best results.
The cost of beard hair transplantation varies from 1500 $ to 1700 $, and the eyebrows hair transplantation is 1500 $.


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Published on: Jun 18, 2014 at 11:44

Facial Hair Transplantation Disadvantage, and Cost