Facial Cosmetic Surgeries its types, advantages and disadvantages

The facial cosmetic surgeries to get a bright and a freshness face. The face reflects the person’s psychological state; it is the mirror of the soul, as the beauty of the face is the beauty of the soul, but with aging, the facial problems start to appear with other signs of aging.

Not only age but there are also many factors lead to facial issues and defects, so the person seems an older look, which many people try to avoid, especially women because they lose their self-confidence.

The facial cosmetic surgeries are plastic surgeries that aim to remove all the defects in the face, whether wrinkles and sagging in the face, neck, and chin. If there is a problem in the nose or lips, or if the problem is related to the eyebrow, the face process will remove all of them, depending on a lot of modern cosmetic techniques, to get freshness and bright face.

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The advantages of facial cosmetic surgeries

While the patient performs the facial cosmetic operations, he will get several advantages, until reaching an ideal face, some of these advantages are:

  1. Getting rid of a deep sagging in the cheeks, neck, and chin.
  2. Getting a density and a perfect eyebrow, according to the desire of the person who will perform the facial cosmetic surgeries.
  3. Removing the deep wrinkles from the face, depending on a lot of modern cosmetic techniques and methods.
  4. Treatment of acne and its side effects, in addition to the facial cosmetic procedures, can treat the scars and the effects of burns.
  5. Lip augmentation or lip reduction, according to the patient’s condition.
  6. The patient does not need a period of recovery, and he can get to a healthy life once he completed the facial cosmetic surgery.
  7. Surgical facelift and get a fresh face, and rejuvenation the face.
  8. Get the pink lips as the patient want
  9. Removing the dark circles that located around the eyes, as eliminating the freckles and the black pimples.
  10. Treatment of the slim face, in which the doctor will fill the cheeks by face injection such filler injection or self-fat transfer.
  11. Rhinoplasty, whether nasal reduction, which means making the nose smaller, straightening the nasal bridge, enhancing the nose’s tip, or if there is a defect related with the nostrils.
  12. Eliminating dark and deep area that located in several places in the face.
  13. Restoring the person’s self-confidence, to get the perfect and bright face.
  14. Treatment of facial pallor, so the face will appear more freshness and clarity.
  15. The facial cosmetic surgeries are done for any types of facial and skin.
  16. Long lasting results up to fifteen years or more.

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The disadvantages of facial cosmetic surgeries

The patient who performs the facial cosmetic operations may expose to some risks; these are side effects and complications after cosmetic surgery, such as:

  • Feeling pain in the face and it can dispose of when you take painkillers drugs dictated by the doctor.
  • Swelling might occur and lasts for a week so that you can put a cold compress on the swelling areas.
  • The bandages must be placed, for two weeks to three weeks; it is an extended period, and this is very hard for a person.
  • Infection is rare.
  • If the doctor does not has a great experience, the sagging might occur after a surgical facelift.
  • Inflammation might happen, then, you can take the necessary anti-inflammatory drugs dictated by the doctor.
  • Bruises arise on the face and last for three days so that you can take antibiotics.
  • Feeling itchy in the areas where the cosmetic surgery has been done and continues for a period varies from two days to four days.
  • The results appear after several months, and this is a very long period.

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Types of Facial cosmetic surgeries

Facial cosmetics procedure has several cosmetic surgeries, which can be done on the face, to facial rejuvenation, some of these surgeries are:

  • Botox injection: Botox is being injected in a specific area in the face, where surfing from wrinkles, such as; forehead, around eyes, between eyebrow, around the mouth, and neck. Botox injection aims to stretch the muscles.
  • How to get a pink lip: the patient will get the pink lips by the laser known as laser Q-switch, in which laser can get rid of the dark color of lips, and the dead tissues cells on the lips, which occur the dark color on lips. When the laser beam sheds on the lips, the original pink color of lips will appear.
  • Rhinoplasty: rhinoplasty is one of the facial cosmetic surgeries, and aims to reshape the nose consistent with the shape of the face, whether enhance the nasal septum, increasing the size of the nostrils, making the nose smaller, improve the nose’s tip, or improve the nasal bridge. It can be done by surgical or non-surgical using filler injection.
  • Surgical facelift: a facelift is a surgical cosmetic procedure, known as Rhytidectomy, it can be done for deep wrinkles and sagging, and aims to

rejuvenation the face, it has several stages, such as:

  1. Up facelift: the small incision will be done in the upper of the face, then, pull it to remove the wrinkles.
  2. Low facelift: using specific devices that help to surgical facelift from the bottom.
  3. Remove from the upper and the lower eyelid, above and below the eyes: the doctor removes the excess skin and fat from the face, without affecting the shape of the nose or mouth.

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  • Filler injection: filler has many advantages leads to rejuvenation the face, in which filler can fill the face under the skin, which leads to removing of wrinkles from many several areas, especially cheeks area, in addition to it is used for lip augmentation and reshape the nose.
  • Lip augmentation: there are a lot of methods to enlarge the lips, such as; filler injection, self-fat transfer, and silicone implants, to improve the shape of the lip to match with the shape of the face, and to get an attractive face.
  • Facial hair transplantation: the procedure of hair transplantation one of the facial cosmetic surgeries, which do in many several areas, such as; beard, mustache, and eyebrows to fill the baldness areas, for getting a natural density and natural appearance for the face.
  • Golden threads for a facelift: golden threads are used for solve several problems which the face suffer, such as; wrinkles and sagging in the neck and chin, and the sagging of the eyebrow, in addition to it can be used for lip augmentation and lift the upper lip.

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Published on: Jun 21, 2018 at 10:46

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries its types, advantages and disadvantages