Facelift Surgery, causes of wrinkles and treatment in a week

A lot of biological factors and chemicals reactions occur within the human’s body, although they cannot be seen, they negatively affect beautiful qualities, and one of the most significant effects is facial wrinkles, which considered something annoying, exhausted, and needs facelift surgery to removes those wrinkles.

The human body is fascinating; it has a lot of cells that contain different characteristics, shapes, and functions of each cell. The functions for each cell varies, wither food transfer, giving orders to other cells to carry out digestion, distribution of food, etc. all this number of cells increases the processes and interactions in the body, causing some effects that change the shape of the human directly.

Many people believe that the youth is the youth of the soul and that no matter how fast the time passes, the beauty remains in the content of the love. In the past, it was said the more aging and wrinkles you earn the more beauty you gain, but we are now in the 21st century and have technologies that make us beautiful, whether rhinoplasty, Otoplasty, facelift surgery, etc.

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Facelift surgery

The surgical facelift is a procedure in plastic surgery aimed at removing facial wrinkles, sagging, and lines, which both men and women suffered, especially with aging, in the 50s. At this age, the skin layer starts to sag.

The facelift surgery is done by make a small incision in the skin tissue, then pull it out, to removes the sagging and lines, and get a face without any defects and has its freshness.

This procedure is the best-guaranteed solution, which helps for facial rejuvenation. The researchers who operate on 10000 people have been approved that 87% are satisfied with the results, in addition to more than 95% were ensure that their face became younger, leading to increases self-confidence and self-esteem.

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The reasons why facial wrinkles

  1. Some genetic factors are directly related to genes, leading to early aging. This is one of the cases affect some young people at the age of forty, and its effects are more harmful because it comes early.
  2. The thin and light skin, the light people are more vulnerable to wrinkles, in which the wrinkles of light skin are more than dark skin.
  3. Too much smoking is the most harmful factor of the skin because the nicotine is entered into the skin layer and reduce the collagen, which increases the freshness of the skin cells.
  4. Exposure to the sun for several hours is one of causes wrinkles and sagging.
  5. Lose weight or gain weight, leading to the needs for a surgical facelift.
  6. After performing the sleeve gastrectomy, in which the person performs this surgery to further up the weight loss, and this is the most effects that need the facelift surgery.

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Surgical facelift

The facelift surgery aims to rejuvenate and lift the tissue layers of skin, leading to reduce the appearance of aging, especially for those people who take a high position or work as actors.

The wrinkles appear in many areas of the body, such as; cheeks area, the front area of forehead, neck, and around the mouth. The wrinkles have many types such as:

  • Mini wrinkles: mini wrinkles do not need a surgical procedure, and it is located on the neck, and it can treat with face injection such as; filler injection, chemical peeling.
  • Mid wrinkles: which is an advanced degree of wrinkles and it needs laser or golden threads for treatment.
  • Deep wrinkles: which is the last degree of wrinkles, and it needs a surgical procedure, in which anesthesia should be done.

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Factors which help to delay the appearance of wrinkles

There are many factors and processes whose help to delay aging and keep the rejuvenation of the face, and these are the most important factors to keep health and beauty.

  1. Getting a specific amount of daily water, in which the body needs regular amounts of water, and the person needs up to 3 liters of water per day, if the person does sports, he should increase the amount of water. Water affects the body’s hormones and participates in chemical reactions in the body, either positively affect or negatively affect. The positively affect give the body activity and freshness due to the regularity of the chemical reactions in the body, then, the regularity of the body’s hormonal secretions. The negatively affect creates a lack of uniformity in the internal interactions of the body.
  2. The person must eat the healthy and balanced food. We are in the 21st century, so we have many sources of food, which causes many healthily problems and beauty problems such fast food. The fast food contains chemical elements and causing health problems. The person must eat healthy food, such as vegetables and fruits, to get enough nutrients, which the body needs.
  3. Reduce exposure to the sunlight, especially in the summer, to avoid its effect on the skin.
  4. Daily sports to keep the body muscles, to avoid the muscle atrophy, in which the most important stage in facelift surgery is muscle lift. The sports helps to lift the face muscle, the neck muscle, the arm muscle, abdominal, waist, even feet muscle.

If you suffer from a deep sagging and wrinkles, the facelift surgery will be your best choice, so please share this article with your friends, to reach to everyone need facelift surgery.

Facelift Surgery, causes of wrinkles and treatment in a week